Sunday, July 8, 2007

You Lose The War In Your Head First (2)

Your feet betray you, cowards, your words mean nothing to me

... we are getting all of these people here in Australia and each and every one of them, to a man, looks like that leader of the fleeing tribe in Mel Gibson's APOCALYPTO ... they SMELL OF FEAR. NOTHING LESS THAN RAW TERROR.

I nod my head politely when they explain the reason they migrated out was because of the weather or the transit system or the loss of civility.


You can see the fear in their faces. It's an animal that is being hounded by a pack of dogs intent on bringing it down.


Anonymous said...

This isn't related to the post, but it's an interesting confirmation of what you write here.

The link's a book promo for a women who helped bring down the Rhodesian government. Friggin' hilarious to hear her compare and rationalize the govt of then and now.

She actively worked to destroy Rhodesia and in return she was imprisoned, force-fed(how considerate), and then booted from the country. She then asks Mugabe why he's such a hater and gets the shaft.

It's OK though, she's got it all figured out. The problem is FEAR. Get rid of the fear and then everything is a-OK. She even seems relieved Mugabe's boys raped her instead of killing her as she assumed they would.

Texas Arcane said...

Shocking. Whatta surprise. Whooda thunkit. What about the other 40,000+ white women raped and then many killed after Rhodesia fell? Will we ever hear their stories? Or do we only get to hear about marxist done bad? Only their suffering counts. You don't hear a peep about the schoolboys who came home, interrupted thieves and were hung by the necks with piano wire in the shower. Non-people. Into the memory hole.

What she is really saying is look at me, I was a pathetic traitor to my own people and they even raped me. No kidding.

She was right. She got off lucky. For her crimes against mankind, she deserved to die.

Anonymous said...

The West is rapidly declining.

Shame really as the alternatives really suck. Either we become Police states with the government "protecting" us. Or we become crime ridden cesspools for having the temerity to oppose the police state.

Either way the puppet masters win.