Thursday, July 19, 2007

Temperatures Plunging To Arctic Levels In Australia

I was just outside. The night sky was never clearer, colder or crisper in all of the time I have been in Australia. It was like outer space was reaching down without the mediation of an atmosphere, to lick the surface where I stood.

Temperatures records smashed all over the continent last night, all-time lows recorded all over Oz with ten degree spreads in some places. It would be snowing here in Queensland if there was any moisture in the air, but it's dry as a bone. I tried to cover up the SparkGap construction site out back. The wind has been howling at night and gusting up incredibly, blowing off the tarpaulin. I've never seen weather like this in 16 years in Australia. Never.

It's obvious why the religion of globowarmthing appeals so much to the generation raised on Oprah. It's because it is the safest form of denial. There is a Lovecraftian horror in global cooling that cannot be expressed, it has to be experienced. The inexorable indifference of an Ice Age approaching, implacable and completely dismissive of man's existence, is the ultimate humbling in biological terms. Nature doesn't care. She doesn't care about your Starbucks or setting foot on the moon or all the little accomplishments of us little hairless apes during the brief warmth of the interglacial interim for the past 11,500 years.

Nature doesn't care. She can shrug and flick our entire species off the planet like any insect that flourishes during some indian summer and then dies as winter approaches. She's seen all types come and go. It doesn't matter if we go kicking and screaming, amidst a nuclear war over resources or some other such loud fracas as the climate changes back to it's natural condition. She doesn't have any particular disdain for us, it's just that she is indifferent and lacks even the passion to hate us. That's not nature. The Earth abides. It's life that comes and goes in a myriad of everchanging forms. If we adapt, we will live, if we spend our days trading carbon credits to fight imaginary crises that don't exist, then the overwhelming majority of us will die.

I expect the human species will survive this Ice Age. Western civilization probably will not.


CadorBolin said...

The cult of global warming is based on a premise that is so vague that it can't be disproven. Anecdotal evidence of 'heat waves' are blamed on CO2. Snow storm in Johannesburg? Doesn't disprove global warming at all according to these morons--rather it's evidence of it! Global warming causes more extreme weather one way or the other.

laserguy said...

You think the weather's freaky down under? Here in the UK it's been more like a particularly nasty late autumn for the entire summer(which at best has around six weeks left to run). Even as I write there's severe weather warnings all over the place about four inches of rain coming in the next twelve hours,a repeat performance of what we had exactly one month ago. Apparently there's a risk of snow in Scotland,in mid July!! The 'experts' explain it all away by saying it's due to the jet stream being far more intense and located much further south than usual.Big sigh of relief,that's ok then. What they fail to explain(as if they'd know)is WHY this is so.
Sooner or later(much probably sooner),the gullible masses are gonna have to wake up to the fact that they've been had and that we are in fact all going to freeze,not burn.It's so convenient that the weather goes mad just as the worlds oil supplies dwindle,so we've got to be really careful with what we've got left to put a stop to this awful weather.I wonder how barbecue sales are holding up this summer? If the experts sincerely believe their own bullshit they'd be on a crusade to get us to burn all the fossil fuels we can lay our hands on in order to get as much CO2 into the atmosphere as possible to allay the inevitable ice age,as if it'd make the slightest bit of difference.
Ah,a cold and wet summer and already there's talk of severe home grown food shortages.When that one really big weather event which is waiting in the wings to hit the UK happens,the people of this country will be like the unrestrained passengers in a car doing ninety hitting a brick wall.
I can't imagine the horrors of what's just around the corner,but in a perverse kinda way I feel privileged to be around in these times to bear witness to it all,the amusing part of it being that there will still be someone somewhere telling us that we're all going to fry if we don't put that cigarette out when our houses are roof deep in ice in the middle of August.

Anonymous said...

just back to the usual weather, might even get a bit of a flood in the next 12 months.
Have not seen these cold snaps for a decade, probably have a good storm season this year.