Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ron Paul and Everybody Else

Do you know why you don't believe in the New World Order or the Illuminati?

Because you believe what television tells you. What if television is owned by such people? Is your information still trustworthy? Do you know that psychotics and sociopaths know perfectly well that most humans believe we're all the same deep down and that none of us really means to harm other people? You think they are restrained by normal codes of human conduct, but they aren't. They know that. That's what makes them predators and you their prey.

If you knew even 0.05% of what I knew about Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani, you'd know that there isn't a moment they're off camera they aren't bellowing in deep, satanic comic-book villain style laughter at how dumb the average human being is. Not a moment. Some of these moments have been unwittingly caught on tape, despite their being told they were on closed circuit television.

Hillary Clinton is a practicing lesbian Satanist working towards a one-world order. She doesn't even like men. Most Illuminati do not have normal sexual drives at all. She wears an occultist pendant over her heart at all times that is a phoenix emerging from fire to be reborn, an ancient freemasonry symbol. If you had heard her even once unguarded you'd realize all of this about her.

Here's a moment she didn't realize her speech might be recorded. It will probably give you a very creepy THEY LIVE vibe. Whenever I see something on tape like this it makes me wish I was Rowdy Roddy Piper and I had a pair of those sunglasses.

(Link To YouTube)


Anonymous said...

"Rule #7:

The Illuminati/NWO do not exist. Any organisation that machavellian would backstab itself to death in the first decade, let alone exist in secrecy for several centuries."

There's no NWO, Vault-Co.

But there's little difference between democrats and republicans.


CadorBolin said...

The biggest monkey wrench that stands in the way of implementing a one world govt is the US 2nd amendment.

The elites basically fall into 2 camps; social democrats (Marxists) and neoliberals/conservatives (Trotskyites), both fighting over turf and they only disagree on the methods of achieving their ends (Zionist World Government).

The latter group (neocons) make strategic alliances of convenience with social conservatives simply to give the appearance of symbolic opposition to globalism. Notice that only those 'conservative' politicians are given any good press when they present themselves as staunchly pro-Israel.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a rip if Hillary is a lesbian satanist? I know one who works in an Emergency Room. She's charge nurse. She's good. Real good. You want her to take care of you in your time of need.

And yes, I must say, as a cheerleader for the Republican Libertarian candidate and an eligible and registered voter, that even Ron Paul will be corrupted by the Torrent Of Power our POTUS assumes, unless he chops it *immediately" - and then the owners of the Federal Reserve will have him killed just like the last guy who printed Silver Certificates was killed. Ron will either serve them - or die.

The only other rational choice is to live in the cracks of the sidewalk, following your own weird religion, x-tianity or buddism or satanism...or nothing at all (my preference), and not feeding The Final Empire.

It's just a little while longer.

If you don't repent your Bushist/Fundamentalist hate (ok, your hate is of slighly different people, but the ignorance and arrogance is equivalent,) you''ll regret it post-Bomb. Maybe a little (since you're well prepared) or maybe alot (life is full of chaos theory, and I'm prepared too.)

(even after the bomb, dude)

Texas Arcane said...

Anonymous/Lesbian Satanist apologist:

Of all the strange schools of survivalism, none is farther removed from reality than the one that claims that the collapse of civilization contributes to the true appreciation of the merits of diversity.

I don't think I'm the one in for the surprise. In the 1400s in harder times, witches and non-christians were drowned in creeks as a form of public recreation. The mythology of diversity cannot even be sustained in Wally Wonder World Consumer Dreamland, much less in the ugly real world underneath it.

Part of the survival instinct itself has to do with exclusion. People rapidly sort themselves by race and cultural homogeneity under stress without an empire to force them to pretend it's swell at gunpoint. Pagans have not fared well for 1500 years or so and after the bomb they will likely go the way of the brontosaur.

Anonymous said...

So will christianity Vault-Co. If the world goes kaboom and there hasnt been a rapture or swarm of locusts then I doubt the survivors will be looking towards the judo-christian god for comfort.

I think in a post-apocalyptic world communism and fascism will be the dominant philosofies.


Anonymous said...

A world that's gone "kaboom" is precisely the sort of world in which Christianity would thrive. Most who survive will have done so by fluke - not because they prepared for any sort of doomsday scenario, but because they lived in a relatively safe geographic location and were lucky enough to scavenge enough food here and there to get by. In short, they'll be the typical Westerner: no practical skills or knowledge and nothing to look forward to but years of hard manual labor, loss of whatever family members they have left to starvation and horrible diseases and so forth. A transition from family vacations and cocktail parties in the suburbs to a life of perpetual serfdom will not be an easy one, to put it mildly. When there's nothing left, where will these people turn for comfort? Communism and fascism? Those might be the political systems that emerge to rule the new peasant class, but they won't do jack all to bolster the people's will to live.

People will turn to Christianity. Not only because of the hope that there's something less painful for them in the future, but because it'll be one of the few links left to the comfortable and safe world they knew before it went kaboom.

Anonymous said...

"What kind of god would let me survive to witness my childeren slowly die of radiation poisoning and my wife of third degree burns?".

Yeah christianity is going to be real popular..ahem.

Besides, if the USA begins WW3 then the Rapturists/Born Again Christians will be blamed. People will be running out of churches faster than they are now.