Friday, July 20, 2007

Harvest Begins In Israel

I didn't mean to, but I started weeping with happiness while watching this, for the first time in many years.

(Link to Video of Messianic Jewish movement exploding in Israel)

Yada yada yada secular explanation from many of you no doubt ... you don't really seek to lecture me on this, do you? Remember, I was the atheist for sixteen years, I could probably make your argument for you a lot better than you could do it yourself.

The fact is, this is rapidly becoming the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. Sorry guy, but part of you knows it is true. Two old atheists like you and I always have some handy bit of sophistry, don't we? And yet ... the fulfillment of prophecy, still. There is no wisdom and no counsel before the Lord.


Anonymous said...

Considering the type of people living in the middle east as well as the fact that it had a fast spreading religion at the time it is only logical they thought the mother of all battles would happen in the middle east.

Not prophesy but a logical conclusion.

I'll convert when the killer locusts come.

BTW is there anything in the Bible about the Ice Age that's supposed to come?


its the end of the world as we know it said...

"BTW is there anything in the Bible about the Ice Age that's suposed to come?"

Uh..well, yeah, actually there is. Go read revelation and see if the trumpet judgements don't sound like a super valcano firing off? What produces fire and ice combined? and causes the sun to become dark and the days to shorten and the vegetation to die off. God of course, but He generally uses the natural laws He created to exhibit is awesome power.

Anonymous said...

Trumpets = supervolcano? Bit of a reach there.