Wednesday, July 25, 2007

... but everything is relative

One thing to remember is that an IQ of 106 means you are just about bright enough to walk and chew gum at the same time - and maybe live synergistically in an industrial culture. Below this, we're talking critters about the same level of chimpanzees, with a few perks like the ability to walk erect and perhaps mumble a few coherent words.

European Western civilization makes it all seem so easy, you'd barely guess that most of the population was just hovering around the barest minimal level to function peacefully without committing a violent and horrific crime on a daily basis. The truth is, our civilization has seemed so superior it begs to be regarded as inherently self-sustaining. It wasn't and now it is starting to show. The real story lay in the production of genius, which is higher in Europeans than any other race of men on earth. Between a handy population of savants coupled with a middle class just bright enough to be relatively law abiding and function according to the division of labor, observers got the impression this whole thing practically runs itself. It isn't as stable as Oprah gives the impression to her viewers, not a tenth.

Leftwing idiots are always describing how they are going to tamper with the basic formula, pull out the tablecloth without tipping the silverware, mix and match all kind of demographics and change the essential relationship between genders and do away with families.

Do you think if these morons (an IQ of 112 is more dangerous to a man than an IQ of 100) realized they are playing with matches in a football field filled with damp dynamite, they'd be so nonchalant? It all looks so robust and unassailable from their moronic point of view.

I favor using Sarajevo as an example. A few short years after the "Paris of the East" hosted the Olympics, it was an apocalyptic wasteland where starving wretches huddled in the ruins eating rat meat and cursing God. Another example of the natural trajectory of diversity.


andyboots37 said...

I like how hard-hitting this website is. The bashing of the western intellect ad nauseum is becoming very redundant though. We get it, there's alot of idiots in the west. Now, let's move on....or can we? Pointing out the short-comings of the west can sure foster a sense of superiority. Michael Hutchence popping his cork while dangling from a door isn't exactly a glowing endorsement for Aussie civilization. Quit padding your blog with regurgitated drivel. Get on with it.

tiki said...

Also, it's based on an IQ test. There are different measures of IQ and often based on various situations. Jared Diamond gives an example concerning New Yorkers and New Guineans in his book.

Texas Arcane said...

Jared Diamond is the latest replacement for Franz Boaz, followed by Stephen Jay Gould (the American Lysenko) as the most highly promoted and advertised fake anthropologist in the rogue's gallery of academia.

I've read everything he ever wrote.

If Diamond is right about even a single thing, he has invalidated 2000 years of Western science. I don't think Diamond has done that. I believe he is a charlatan who is heavily sold to the peasant classes as an original thinker. Diamond needs to retire to Israel with the money made from his bogus books and stop teasing the lower ranks with delusions they too can be reasoning manimals.

There's only one IQ test. There's only one measure of IQ. There's nothing wrong with that measure. It has worked for 100 years and will continue to be a very accurate way to measure human intelligence. There are plenty of people who hate the IQ test, because people who hate truth call the truth hate. There was never anything "wrong" with the IQ test.

Erwin said...

I have always wondered about IQ test. Personally I think they are faulty. Well that is based on my assumption that IQ test are supposed to test the ability to learn and not prior knowledge. So you get what I mean think about this. You take an IQ test and there is a question on there about the Pythagorean theorem. That is a question testing something you are supposed to know. If they didn't teach it to you in school for some reason (demographics, time, etc) you will get it wrong. That doesn't mean you lack the ability to understand it. In order for an IQ test to test a persons ability to learn, they would have to be completely restructured