Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Blithering Madness - "Stealing Energy" From The Sun?

Holy cow, these nuts are so far off their gourd they can't stop drooling long enough to pull up their pants. Remember, a short time ago talk like this would make you eligible for a permanent program of electroshock and lithium syrup.

All of this pretend science is what you do when it dawns on you three years into your degree that you have no aptitude for science and probably shouldn't even be taking it as your major. It's the consolation prize for edjumificated people who will never have the actual discipline to practice real science. Get published with this crap nowadays, get another grant, goof off for four years until the money starts to run out. It beats honest work.


Anonymous said...

Naa, look up using salt water as a fuel (when exposed to an RF emission source). That's the real cool news.


Anonymous said...

What passes for journalism today is a joke.

Time for the new IR laws to be used to replace these jokers with trained monkeys tied to typewriters. LOL