Wednesday, June 6, 2007

World War III : The Atomic War ... ITZ COMING

It's like firing a flare gun into a gasoline lake.

You shouldn't take any options off the table," said the leader in the Republican pack, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, when asked whether a tactical nuclear strike might be necessary.

A second-tier candidate, California Rep. Duncan Hunter, was more direct, saying the United States reserved the right to dissuade Iran militarily.

"I would authorize the use of tactical nuclear weapons if there was no other way to preempt those particular centrifuges," he said, while noting it could probably be done with conventional weapons.

But Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a candidate drawing about 2 percent in opinion polls, opposed a nuclear strike on moral grounds and because he believed Iran was no threat to U.S. national security. "We, in the past, have always declared war in defense of our liberties or go to aid somebody," Paul said. "But now we have accepted the principle of preemptive war. We have rejected the just war theory of Christianity."

(see how Ron Paul is first discredited by reporting he only has 2% support. Right. As if it mattered. Ron Paul has about 90% popular support, anyhow. It's not like he's going to ever be permitted to get near the White House, anyway)

Are you starting to comprehend how Christianity provides great leverage in keeping nations sane? It doesn't matter if Christ was the Son of God or not. (He was, as a matter of fact) Even if he wasn't, the basic tenets of Christianity have served Western civilization well for 2,000 years in keeping it's peoples playing inside the sanity flags. That's all over with now.

Turning nuclear weapons from deterrents to warfare into instruments of warfare is the fundamental turning point in the intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical decline of the United States. That's the last mistake this crazy bitch is going to make.

Let nuclear weapons be used even once anywhere in the world as a tactical tool and you will see a nuclear arms race worldwide that is beyond the imagination of comic book writers in the 1950's, when they depicted common foot soldiers firing mini-nuke grenades and bullets. Not only will every nation get'em as soon as possible, they'll incorporate them into their standard military tactics for WW3 like any other munitions and they will no longer be delivered by missiles, they'll replace all standard ammo and shells on the battlefield. This is truly a Vault-Co vision of what is in store for our planet in the very near future.

As soon as this premise becomes acceptable, the notion of nukes for deterrence will be obsolete. Everybody who owns them will realize that in terms of the survival of the fittest, those who nuke first and nuke well will be the winning horse in any conflict.


Anonymous said...

Starship Trooper" handgrenade"nukes, atomic artillery? Now thats some scary shit. Next up; mass-production of the neutronbomb.


Anonymous said...

Why do some people get 'good press' when they run for President? It's basically a bidding war -- the media masters simply look at who will be their best advocate for Israel and push public opinion towards their chosen candidate.

Bush won because he was the Likudniks' favored candidate. They gave the Clinton/Barak thing a chance and so, Dubya got good press and squeaked past Gore.

There are two major jewish policy positions in regards to Israel -- one is hardline (Likud/AIPAC/Republicans) and the other is more diplomatic and pragmatic (Labor/Oslo/Democrats). Both groups are socially liberal marxists who want to cram multiculturalism down the West's throat. The Likudniks are wary of the Republicans' symbolic social conservative agenda, but jews allow for one step backwards to placate the country bumpkin patriotic base (who provide good cannon fodder) so that they can aggressively push for two steps forward later on.

US elections comes down to this: a candidate representing Right-wing jewish foreign policy interests running against a candidate who represents Left-wing jewish foreign policy interests.

May the best shabbas goy win.

Fred Thompson coming to Israel

Fred Thompson, US presidential hopeful and former star of the hit television series “Law & Order,” is scheduled to make his first visit to Israel in the coming days.

Thompson, who is said to have a fair chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination, will meet with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and various other senior officials during his tour of Israel.

Of the dozen or so candidates contesting the nomination, Thompson is among the most supportive of Israel.

The former actor, who has also served as a US senator, bucked popular international sentiment by insisting in a hard-hitting editorial column that Israel has been almost too careful in its war on Palestinian terrorism.

Anonymous said...

thought you might find this an interesting read...