Saturday, June 23, 2007

Why post any more news at Vault-Co?

Why bother? Everything we have ever predicted since 1997 has come true, with the exception of a nuclear war starting in the Middle East in late 2006. Otherwise, our batting average has made us redundant.

Remember when Vault-Co ranted about WW3 being fought by killer robots? Way, way back in 2002, in fact, we started harping on this theme. We repeatedly said that Skynet would be up and running very shortly. In what sounded like the wild ravings of schizophrenia, we claimed new technology would soon give birth to the real innovation in "mechanized" warfare.

Terminator was a prophetic film

Gotta love them security killbots

What about the new arms race? A Vault-Co perennial since 1998 or thereabouts, ad nauseum. We were beating those drums back when it was the equivalent of believing in hollow earth theories. Remember how we used to skewer Francis Fukiyama and his dreamboat parade featuring "the end of history?" It is the majority held meme which sounds ludicrous now.

Germany Fears New Atomic Age

A whole new generation of nuclear escalation begins ... but not for long

Yawn. We bore ourselves. There's prophetic, predictive and anticipatory ideas on Vault-Co going back ten years when the highest paid pundits at CNN weren't within a country mile of the way the real future was shaping up. Vault-Co alone got it even 50% right.


Anonymous said...

They're calling it Skynet??

That's fucked up beyond words...


Anonymous said...

why post any more?
Because when carefully considered your crazy rants make a hell of a lot more sense than most of the other clutter that is fed to the common man.
In short - a voice of reason.