Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Republic Is Dead

If Ron Paul gets any closer to the White House, the people who run Amerikwa will simply have the man killed. He'll be in a light plane crash or have a heart attack and in six months few people will ever remember his name - they'll be left to vote for the animatronics candidates created by the mediawitz.

Ron Paul is the Last American

... that's why we predict that Ron Paul will be eliminated with discretion if he persists. The country is dead in the water. It ain't coming back. The illusion of demockrassy is just a candlelight shadow show run on the wall by the media to keep the rubes smilin' while they get reamed six ways to Sunday. The Amerikwan sheeple have not been permitted to elect their own leaders since JFK was assassinated.

In the real Amerikwa, nobody can hear you scream

The State doesn't give a rat's arse about the citizens. Any crisis, real or manufactured, is just an excuse to tighten the screws. Luckily most of the kwans remaining don't know the Constitution from a hole in the ground so they scarcely realize they are being herded up the ramp to the inside of the slaughterhouse. Heck, I doubt if there are even many left in the 'kwa who can read and write above the level of a child.

Dey bee edjumifacated, homes

It's time to consider an alternative to the usual corruption and special interests pandering on Capitol Hill. That's why my remote ballout this year will nominate the candidate who I think really has a chance at governing America back to some semblance of sanity - General Zod.


CadorBolin said...

Go to and search for 'Ron Paul' diaries, there seems to be a rabid bunch who are denouncing him and trying to dig up all kinds of dirt on him (his newsletter supposedly had Ron Paul saying that Blacks are natural born socialists or something to that effect). You would think that a 'leftist' website would praise an anti-war Republican. Well, looking a little deeper into it, those 'leftists' posting rabid anti-Ron Paul comments are staunch supporters of Israel.

A Hillary VS Ron Paul matchup would scare the living SH*T out of the neo-cons and with good reason. Leftist zogbots would have a candidate that they can't fight against on their terms. The want a neocon running against Hillary who will be less credible on the war than her, so she can sail into the White House, and in a worst-case scenario--well, it's another R neocon who gets in.

ZOG tolerates 'rightist' candidates just as long as they toe the line in regards to 100% support for Israel.

Candidates who profess neutrality for the Israel/Palestine problem are a threat to ZOG simply because it reverses 100% support for Israel that has been going on for the past 40 years.

mad dog said...

I would like to say that you rule for talking about Ron Paul, and not in a crybaby bitch manner like over at Daily Floss or Dumbascrap Underground, or speak a plethora of lies and prejudices about him like over at Faux News.