Sunday, June 3, 2007

Putin : Vault-Co Was Right, Pack Your Rice Yankee Dogs

That's the President of Russia.

Talking in clear, unambiguous terms about ... global thermonuclear war.

Meanwhile the United States is obsessed with killing people in the Middle East for moving-while-Muslim and staunching the threat posed by taxi drivers and falafel stand owners. They've got people so focused on Israel's problems that the Amerikwan people forgot they have problems of their own. Sure, Israel has problems. I just thought of somebody who should cope with those problems ... Israel.

As for the United States, they've got real problems with the potential for copping a hurtin' that don't grow back. Iraq is about perceptions, publicity and misdirection. That's not even a real war because mostly all they are killing is non-combatants and other innocent people. If the U.S. wants to see what a real war looks like they should just keep brushing Russia off when she gives them fair warning.

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