Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Planetary Recantation : Robert Felix Was Right

Ice Age II : Itz Coming, like we have been telling you for seven years at Vault-Co!!

Climate cooling is a million times scarier than anything the sheeple could humanly imagine. Warming trends are a girl scout bake sale in comparison.

Now do the math. Think about the way such developments will impact on all the other roiling geopolitical changes going on right now.



Anonymous said...

Cooling? Odd, I must be imaginging the record high temperatures in Europe.

Untill penguins walk in Amsterdam, Vault-co :)....


Cador Bolin said...

When UK and Northern Europe become colder in the next 40 year cooling period (we are coming off a peak in the last warming period), prices for natural gas (for which the world is running out) will go unbelievably high.

I _wish_ there was such a thing as man-made global warming. But that's the same thing as wishing for a perpetual motion machine -- it will never happen. There is no such thing as free energy.

Anonymous said...