Friday, June 29, 2007

Multikult Bolshevist Finally Finds the Strength To Do The Right Thing

Decades of lies about the horror in Africa before and after apartheid. Decades of deliberately keeping the public from finding out any real news from Africa. "It doesn't exist, it escaped into happy fairy land" was her job ever since apartheid ended, making sure the common man never found out the truth about the world and about himself and his nation. "They're all dancing with the Smurfs in a wonderful cotton candy garden built by the teletubbies!"

Actually, they were making flaming tire necklaces for one another and eating human flesh in a nightmarish landscape that might have stepped out of a Hieronymous Bosch painting.

She probably just couldn't take the lies anymore. She sought to silence her own corruption by drowning it with seawater. Likely the noblest thing she ever did in her miserable life.

She was paid her thirty pieces of silver when she was alive and now she has her reward in the outer darkness of hell. Thus always to traitors to their own nations.

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