Saturday, June 2, 2007

An Article So Brilliant, It Must Be Read - Hitchens Vs. Hitchens

Some of the most important ideas I derived independently after being a devout atheist for sixteen years are here gathered into one place very concisely:

Once a man no longer believes in God, he is ripe to believe in anything.

There is no such thing as right and wrong without a God. There is mere expediency. The last word in expediency for a society is, the big monkey gets all the coconuts until he his killed and another monkey takes them away. If anybody took Richard Dawkins seriously, they would strike him dead in mid-speech, steal his wallet and leave his carcass in the street for the buzzards.

Religion is like a boomerang. The harder you try to throw it away, the more powerfully it will return to you, each time more perverse and radical.

If you don't worship God, you will end up worshipping power.

When you try to erase God from your consciousness, he is replaced by the State, which will come to seem all-encompassing.

Every attempt to replace God with secular values in history has resulted in the complete overthrow and destruction of the society attempting to implement this mental card trick, usually within a few short decades or less.

Of all the world's religions, only one is consistently called an impractical religion for sissies. Only one of them has God sacrificing something of his for you instead of the other way around. Only one tells you to go two miles with your brother, to give him your coat, to turn the other cheek. Christianity is also (coincidentally) the dominant religion in every nation on Earth that is a primary target for immigration from other nations with supposedly equivalent religions. People's feet tend to vote on the best religious ideas in contrary directions to their lips.


Anonymous said...

That was a good article. If God doesn't exist, then religion is man's invention. But how or why did it get "invented" ?

If humans have evolved through natural selection in the violent world of nature, then they have also evolved within the societies they have formed.

Those humans with the best physical and mental traits were much more likely to pass on their genes than those who were weak. The tribes/countries better able to organize and gather resources survived and prospered against their weaker competitors.

In the social evolution of human societies, the laws of "survival of the fittest" also apply. It probably explains why matriarchal societies have been rare historically and never survived for very long.

I once argued with an abortionist that evolution favors the anti-abortion "God believer" in the end because he or she will reproduce much more of their own kind than the pro-abortion atheists who are aborting themselves into extinction.

Texas Arcane said...

One of the things I noticed when I was an atheist is that although other atheists claimed to be creatures with higher consciousness who had dispensed with trivial ideas like consequences for actions, they seemed to have evolved themselves into sterility. None of them were happily married and almost none of them had children.

For people so obsessed with evolutionary reasoning, it occurred to me that their minds had misfired to the extent they were unable to even fulfill their natural function to reproduce.

Make no mistake, atheism ultimately is about death. It's a death kult masquerading as a boy's science adventure. It's not expressive of a higher type of thinking, it's expressive at the biological level of an animal that has crawled off to die.

In those few atheists I met with children, I could not help but notice they never really had any wisdom to pass onto their children or any understanding other than "do what thou wilt." They were failures as parents even when they had managed to spawn.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not one believes in God will not matter in light of a post-apocalyptic future.

Texas Arcane said...

Au contraire. You will find such things to be of the utmost importance outside of cappuccino mall world.

I can see you've never been hungry, afraid for your life or looking into an uncertain future.