Saturday, June 9, 2007

Amerikwa : 3000 Mile Wide Flaming Balkans

What stuns me is when you get Amerikwans blurting something out on the verge of tears, "Yeah, but it's not about race! It's about the gangs, man!" Even until the bloody end, they won't break with their indoctrination.

Well, whatever, you poor bastards. Either way, you are going to find you are targeted and killed in the future because you are white. If you need to tell yourself as you hit the sidewalk in a pool of your own blood, "It's a gang-related problem, not a race-related problem!" I hope it gives you some cold comfort.

Are these the same gangs we are talking about that have dominated Latin America for the past three hundred years? The history of Latin America is the history of organized criminal gangs. Latin American "culture" and organized "gang crime" are indivisible - you can't talk about one without mentioning the other. It's like trying to discuss professional basketball without referring to any black players. Are you aware the most popular music in Latin America is "mariachi" music? Songs about gangsters and criminals and their exploits? Okay, in America we did have a pop song called "Mack the Knife" that made the top forty. In Latin America, all top forty songs are always about criminals. The music is sympathetic to them and portrays the rule of law as the real persecution. In Latin American music, the machete choppers are the victims. Of course, if we had law enforcement as crooked as South America, we might sympathize with the criminal class as well. Do you know how utterly insane it all really is down there? If you did, would you really be as nonchalant about the southern border being wide open to a complete demographic change for North America?

Can elected officials actually replace those who elected them with an imported class of foreigners? Our ancestors would not have believed the question could be asked seriously of anyone, anywhere, at any time. Only in televitz world does it even qualify as anything but satire.

Can you blame me for thinking 99% of the Western world is stark, bug-eyed, raving, slavering, drooling, clinically, incurably nuts?


Solsys said...

There is an article about youth violence I find interesting, scroll down the page until you find
Criminals' Passions and the Progressive's Dilemma"

Interesting read about the fascistic / aristocratic views of these gangs.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to share something with you but couldn't find your contact info.