Wednesday, May 9, 2007

When the Civil Defense Program Got Terminated

John Kennedy planned to revitalize the entire civil defense program and begin a wholesale investment in security for the United States during and after a nuclear war. He had only just begun this great work when he was killed.

Lyndon Johnson immediately slashed the program to the bone and allowed the existing funding to slowly dwindle out in the hopes of starving Civil Defense to death in the United States. It took twenty years of neglect and Ronald Reagan tried briefly to resurrect it unsuccessfully.

During this whole period, the American population was trained like barking seals to sneer at the phrase "Civil Defense" and respond almost like automatons with the cliches "We'll all die instantly" and "Nobody could survive anyway." The net effect of all these measures is to make certain that Americans are the most vulnerable, helpless, ineffectual and hopeless nation of men alive on the Earth today.


Anonymous said...

Fact is with all the social welfare programs 1960 and on there was no money left for something solid like civdef. So the govt said to the sheeple there is no need for it, wrap this duct tape around your head and kiss your ass goodbye. Would have been better to can the marxist social schema (failed, failed, failed) and spend the money on something that would have lasted like CD.


Anonymous said...

If people knew a nuclear war is survivable they wouldnt fear it.

No fear = no control.