Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Vault-Co Returns To The Web

There has been a concerted effort for three months solid to try to crash Vault-Co with denial of service attacks. Somebody out there wants me bad.

Remember, lies don't need to be refuted this way. Somebody somewhere thinks there is too much truth being posted on this obscure little blog. Otherwise they wouldn't go to the trouble. You'll notice that nobody spends a lot of time trying to hack sites that warn of alien invasion or else claim we never went to the moon.

Many sites we link to have been hit with similar attacks over the past six months and they are very hard to repel without constant maintenance and troubleshooting. This month they were able to bring the site down in just under ten days by using up all our allotted bandwidth.

We will be blogging from our new site for a while until we figure out how to bring our archive over and recover our original site design. This might also be a good excuse to upgrade a few things that were long overdue, like pages dedicated to the Vulcan Fortress or our other technical research projects at Vault-Co.

Incidentally, at least half the attacks on the site were traceable back to Tel Aviv or else Langley, Virginia servers. Just a little too specific.


Anonymous said...


Good to have you back. Never let them silence you.

Keep on truckin'!


Anonymous said...

No one can stop the Mad Prophet of Rice :)

Good to have you back!


Anonymous said...

Vault-Co forever!

- Harry Tuttle

Bad Dad said...

Congrats on the new page !
Glad you kept the color scheme, it has the same visual impact as the old one.

Non Illegitimi Carborundum !

Anonymous said...

I was getting real peeved that your other site was being attacked. I couldn't believe how quickly they shut it down last time.

So I'm pleased I've found your new site

Ice Cream Soldier said...

Damn, I'm glad you're back.