Thursday, May 17, 2007

Support Gun Control? You also support rape, robbery, assault and murder

Australia's carefully doctored crime reports show a dramatic increase since the 1997 "amnesty"

Worst overall crime rates in the Western developed world, but Britain still leads the planet in homicides, which is what you'd expect from a country with the most draconian gun laws in human history.

Many people believe that extremely tricky mathematical manipulation is being done to make it appear the homicide rate has decreased. The Australian government is embarrassed of these figures and massages them a great deal before they are finally accumulated and published. If the murder rate was conceded to have increased along with all other crime, they'd truly have their noses rubbed in it. The majority of mankind never learns anything from history.

Anybody who supports keeping guns out of the hands of women is definitely a repressed homosexual. No doubt about it. The rape rate has soared through the roof. I'd like to see these Aussie rapists try that crap in Texas. They'd be dead before they hit the ground.

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