Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Russians Test New Multiple Warhead ICBM

A direct response to the United States of America and their ballistic missile defense program.

Ten years ago on Vault-Co we predicted BMD would never work well enough to merit such lavish attention and press. We had ballistic missile defense fifty years ago, anybody who would start speaking of it as a guaranteed space shield would have to be an incredible moron. If you've got a missile defense program, you don't start throwing it around like an ace-in-the-hole. Combined with no civil defense program of any kind this makes Amerikwa look like the little kid swaggering around the international community who doesn't realize he has the lightest ass on the block. If Amerikwa is counting on this dicey wowzer tech to protect it in WW3 it is obviously losing its grip on reality.

Vault-Co simply reaffirms out prediction in December 1997. America is going to be ground into radioactive dust in the upcoming third world war. They are going to lose hard. Surviving nations around the world will laugh at their memory and their ruined nation will exist as an object lesson to everyone else on the planet. They will probably never regain the living standards of the old west in the 1850's. It is unlikely they will ever have plentiful clean running water again even thousands of years from now. America will be labeled a third world hellhole which lost both the genetic stock and the boots on the ground to ever recover from the war it created for itself.

I believe the real future of Western civilization lies elsewhere. I do not believe the pornography capital of the world has a future.

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