Thursday, May 24, 2007

Oceans a stew of PVC plastic

That stuff is an endocrine disrupter that will turn you into a man-goo smoothie guzzler in nothing flat. There's a reason the entire marine food chain is crowded with gender bending frogs, trannie queen salamanders and fag fish. If that's what it is doing to those critters way down at the bottom, what is happening to the predators at the top, like mankind?

Now you know what makes gun control possible over the past two decades. The males are dead, there are no men left, just he-she hermaphrodites. It's all that PVC in the water supply worldwide. Taking their arms away is like taking candy from a baby, all the hummers can do is squeal and whine as they hand'em over at the ends of their feeble wrists.

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