Sunday, May 20, 2007

Last Message From 106 Year Old Rabbi : You killed Christ, You Idiots

Respected rabbi in Jewish circles reveals the truth upon his death, filling his sealed notes with the sign of the cross. The Jewish people killed their own messiah 2000 years ago. They are going to get a second chance. If they blow it this time, they're going into the hole for good.

Even if you don't believe in Christian theology, you should keep your eyes out for fakes and phoneys pretending to be Christ to leverage increasingly apocalyptic feelings in Israel. Don't be fooled by false prophets and teachers.

Although to be perfectly honest, I don't think Jews are the ones who should be worried most about hell. Krisschans themselves are first in the queue at present, there may be no room left in hell after God finishes sending the last Krisschan there.


Some dude said...

First off, I saw the letter, there are no crosses in it. Not unless you have decided that a kuf - ק is a cross.

anyway, I see from this post that you jump to conclusions too fast. I like your writings in general, but I've suspected for a while now that what you say is not necessarily the reality. You tend to pronounce opinions as iron clad fact, and I happen to know that this opinion of yours is bullshit.

How do I know this? Because I know who the Yehoshua is that he is referring to. And btw, it is not ישו that Rav Kaduri referred to, it is יהושוע, there's a major difference in the two names. One refers to the fictional dead Jew that you people worship. The other one refers to the name of the disciple of Moshe.

In any case, I know the man Rav Kaduri was referring to. He's the most real human being I know, and probably the bravest, he also has to put up with more mindless bullshit than I ever thought imaginable. And that's about as much as I am probably allowed to say on the subject.

Texas Arcane said...

It was too much.