Sunday, May 27, 2007

Krisschans : Not Safe for Children and other Living Things

This butcherous, mad regime would have to be the most deserving of an audience at the Hague since it was established to punish lunatics who wage war on people rather than armies.

As a former soldier discharged honorably with a good conduct medal, an all-army athlete and a distinguished service record my last two years stateside, I just want to say this so everybody knows :

1. I was taught that civilian deaths are unacceptable for any reason in warfare.

2. I was taught that any targeting of inhabited areas by civilians is illegal and constitutes a war crime.

3. I was taught that torture, captivity without trial or any violation of the Geneva convention with regards to captured prisoners was a severe violation of my duties as a soldier and would be punishable by death or incarceration.

4. I was taught that any deliberate murder of non-combatants is a crime whether committed in war or peace, over there or here.

5. I was taught that fighting and killing other soldiers is the only legitimate occupation of a soldier. I was taught that fraternization with civilian populations in occupied areas or exploitation of civilians under occupation was strictly forbidden.

6. I was taught that dehumanizing any civilian for any reason, unless he was a combatant, was strictly forbidden by the rules of land warfare that governed honorable men in war.

I have no idea what happened to the American Army since I got out of it. I don't recognize it as legitimate nor do I recognize the American command as legitimate since it violates my loyalty oath, which is to the United States, not Israel. My oath recognizes the President as commander-in-chief, but if the President's cabinet is composed entirely of dual citizenship zionists I do not feel that the Presidency is legitimately held or his orders are lawful under the Constitution of the United States.

If I was in Baghdad today, I would take off my uniform, desert my unit and immediately make for the nearest safe point of egress out of that country. Since the American government has never produced a legitimate reason for the invasion or occupation of Iraq, I would not consider any of my oaths binding to the military or to the President, nor feel any more loyalty to them than had I awakened one morning to find myself mysteriously drafted into the Gestapo in 1942 and forced to salute Hitler each morning at breakfast. I don't work for the bad guys and neither would any good and decent man.

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