Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Is the Magnetic Reversal Imminent?

A lot of people bright enough to notice but too dumb to realize the implications think so.

The way these people talk about it, you'd think we were expecting a couple days of unusual thunderstorms.

This is the reversal of the earth's magnetic field we're talking about. These people do not realize they are talking about an indefinite lapse of the cosmic shield. The protective mantle of the planet will peel back and expose it to the naked radiation of outer space. The surface of the planet will bake in ten thousand rads aboveground for weeks, months, perhaps years. They will die. Everybody they know will die. Humankind will be reduced to a tiny fraction of surviving representatives. Of course, at Vault-Co we'll be under 16 feet of rock toasting Pop-Tarts and playing Galaga Deluxe. We're not the ones who should be worrying.

The reversal of the earth's magnetic field is tied so closely to grand extinctions they could be described as joined at the hip. We have not even mentioned the expected volcanic activity this will result in. It's pretty certain one of the Earth's suddenly active supervolcanos (all nearly overdue and tottering at the brink of eruption) will blow and introduce thirty years of sulphuric acid laced snow and perpetual darkness. It might even inconvenience us down in the shelter.

Mind you, this is the upbeat feelgood hit of the summer scenario. It will probably be a lot worse.

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Anonymous said...

This is something I've been saying for about 4 years now;

I remember the day when I lived in Illinois, and saw the Aurora Bourealis directly overhead.

It had never been that far south in my, my father's or his father's lifetimes. We all grew in up Illinois.

I agree with every comment you said here, Vault... except for one thing.

Galaga Deluxe?

dude grab a sega genesis; uses the same amount of power as an Atari 2600 and has way better games (Golden Axe!). Lots of stuff on Ebay.