Thursday, May 31, 2007

Treason Most Heinous and Foul

Essentially a dissolution of State power as guaranteed by the Constitution without any representation at all, imposed by fiat. If this doesn't represent treason against the United States I don't think there is such a thing as treason. The truth is, with an average IQ of 97, there aren't many Amerikwans left who can even walk and chew gum at the same time.

China Speaks of Peace, Prepares For All-Out Nuclear War

China isn't kidding. It wants Taiwan back. It is willing to sacrifice whatever it costs to reunite Taiwan with the mainland.

America isn't kidding. America isn't serious about anything, either. They're always kidding to some degree because their ragtag army and masturbator nation don't have the remaining resources, civil defense shelter or homogenous culture to weather a war with China over anything.

China is going to move on Taiwan. America will do exactly what is expected of it and allow it's entire naval fleet to be vaporized in one minute. It will then clumsily initiate WW3. China will hit Australia particularly hard, then the East Coast, then accept the terms of the American surrender and withdrawal from the area. Immediate casualties for America will be about 10%+ of the population, about 1% or less for China. The war over Taiwan will conclude with Taiwan being annexed to the mainland.

I was glad to see JERICHO go off the air because it represented an incredibly unrealistic portrayal of the aftermath and horror of even a limited nuclear strike in the United States. People who believe they will run inside a cellar as it starts to rain and emerge the next morning without suffering radiation exposure probably also believe in witches, bottle imps and magic fairies. If the Americans think that's what a nuclear war with China will be like they've got some big surprises in their future.

The Collapse of The United States Into Ethnic Civil War

It's beginning, as described by Vault-Co in 1994. We posted detailed descriptions of the collapse and how it would occur on the original Vault-Co site in late 1998.

It will begin with the southwestern border of America becoming indistinguishable from the chaos and violence that reigns in Mexico all the time. Loca law enforcement will be paralyzed and helpless because they do not have the resources for this kind of war - which requires an army to fight what is effectively an invasion by a foreign country.

It's really started now. It won't get better. Like the Western frontier of Imperial Rome, expect this degradation of their territorial borders to proceed on a daily basis until the establishment of Aztlan, the new Mexican nation on the former soil of the United States.

War comes to Tucson

"It's like living in a war zone"

Violence in Mexico now straddles the border

Mad Max style apocalyptic anarchy at the U.S. border with Mexico

Russia : Vault-Co Warned You, Imperialist Dogs

BMD deployment in Europe kicked off a new arms race. Predicted first around 1998 or thereabouts. This one won't end in a stalemate.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Global Warmthink Roundup

Remember when Vault-Co was a lone voice in the wilderness with a few other nuts like Robert Felix (no nobel prize yet for Bob, where the hell is it?) telling you we are entering a new Ice Age? All those monkeys in manpants chattering with goony eyes about the planet heating up.

There is no such thing as global warming. It doesn't exist. It's a social construct, a mass hysteria created by people who frankly, just aren't very clever. They think themselves to be real wits. I guarantee you, there were Cro-Magnons some 35,000 years ago who also thought they must be some real whiz kids. "Clearly climate change is caused by our camp fires. We shall have to start only lighting fires at prescribed times to control our carbon emissions." That sort of gibberish didn't do them any good and our modern sort of gibberish won't do us any good either.

As usual, the regularly scheduled Ice Age is coming, perfectly on time every 11,500 years like clockwork. So rug up and pack your rice.

Nepal hit by freak snow storm, dozens feared dead, hundreds snow blind

Remember Vault-Co saying an Ice Age returning at the same time that heating fuel is going to be hitting record prices is a recipe for resource conflicts?

Unprecedented cold wave prompts emergency rationing of fuel in Argentina

Sudden storm drops four inches of hail on Denver in May?!?

Unexplained freak snow falls in Western Dakota in May?!?

Spring snowfall in Calgary sets all-time record

Pike's Peak summit path is buried in snow ... in May?!?

Chillest spring on record in Pennsylvania

They neglected to mention that accurate readings started 32 years ago in Pennsylvania.

Second coldest May Day on record for UK

Meteorologists agree - Britain's unbelievable cold could only be from Arctic winds

... but by all means, you concentrate your efforts on separating your plastics and paper on garbage pickup day, paying for carbon sin certificates and trying to control farting cow emissions. That'll stop the coming Ice Age for sure.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Evil Arabs" - Now in High Resolution Digital Widescreen!

The "American Al-Qaeda" strikes again!

His real name is Adam Gadahn (born legally as Adam Pearlman), a Jewish california native who had a very expensive Mitzvah. Since he hasn't returned the presents yet, I'm wondering whether his Imam should question if his "conversion" is authentic. Adam had a brief stint in Hollyweird where he was attempting to break into show business and obviously the guy's headshots landed on the right desk.

His family tree reads like a tax return for the ADL and AIPAC. There isn't a single influential Israeli-firster in the United States that Adam hasn't done lunch with. Apparently he continues to evade the U.S. as he travels freely to and from Pakistan, Israel and California at liberty any time he wants to, as well as obviously having such cushy connections with the mass media that the tape travels direct from the quality production studio where it is shot to the newsdesk without anybody being able to trace Gadadn. Such a luck, itz! The last word in the Luftmenschen! Like magic, itz!

It should be noted that the first tapes released by the "American Al-Qaeda" to the public were not accompanied by the identity of Adam at all by those sharp intelligence hawks at the State Department. Initial broadcasts featured a journalist telling consumer units this man was an Arab living somewhere in the United States. It was only later when internet sites identified this deforeskinned Gefilte-fish eater correctly that the mass media conceded quietly that this guy in fact was a Jewish California actor.

Truth isn't just stranger than fiction. It's stranger than non-fiction, too.

How about this? Vault-Co says there is no Al-Qaeda. There never was. If there was even a radical Arabic cell in the United States, why would Amerikwa be reduced to broadcasting this tripe? Couldn't they find a real "terrorist" to scare people with instead? The best State enemies, as observed by Orwell, are those you manufacture, produce and cast yourself.

Russians Test New Multiple Warhead ICBM

A direct response to the United States of America and their ballistic missile defense program.

Ten years ago on Vault-Co we predicted BMD would never work well enough to merit such lavish attention and press. We had ballistic missile defense fifty years ago, anybody who would start speaking of it as a guaranteed space shield would have to be an incredible moron. If you've got a missile defense program, you don't start throwing it around like an ace-in-the-hole. Combined with no civil defense program of any kind this makes Amerikwa look like the little kid swaggering around the international community who doesn't realize he has the lightest ass on the block. If Amerikwa is counting on this dicey wowzer tech to protect it in WW3 it is obviously losing its grip on reality.

Vault-Co simply reaffirms out prediction in December 1997. America is going to be ground into radioactive dust in the upcoming third world war. They are going to lose hard. Surviving nations around the world will laugh at their memory and their ruined nation will exist as an object lesson to everyone else on the planet. They will probably never regain the living standards of the old west in the 1850's. It is unlikely they will ever have plentiful clean running water again even thousands of years from now. America will be labeled a third world hellhole which lost both the genetic stock and the boots on the ground to ever recover from the war it created for itself.

I believe the real future of Western civilization lies elsewhere. I do not believe the pornography capital of the world has a future.

The Coming Plague of Superstaph

Chew you up and spit you out in one hour looking like a termite-eaten bloody sponge. It will make the rage virus in 28 Days Later look like the common cold in comparison.

We've been expecting this for fifteen years since reading Laurie Garrett's incredible book THE COMING PLAGUE.

All utopian ideologies end in unspeakable horror. Globalism, multiculturalism and open borders are the most removed from reality of any of the utopian ideologies that have destroyed the world over the past 200 years. That's why we expect the accompanying horrors to these sick and ill conceived delusions will be worse than any previous reality experienced.

Bacteria are smarter than humans, if you consider their overall capacity for adaptation. Humans can't outwit them - if they could, they would not be practicing Globalism, multiculturalism and open border ideologies - they'd be smart enough to foresee the natural consequences. Ergo, man is subject to the same disease culls that all animals are on a regular basis. By delaying the onset of these plagues with vaccines, sanitary practice and isolation for the past sixty years, all we have really done is set ourselves up for the mother of all pestilent pandemics.

It's going to be a doozy. Pack your rice. Make sure you have a lot of water stored in advance, not at the last minute from suspect public supplies. A lot of people plan to fill up their bathtubs as soon as they think there may be an outbreak ... this is not a good strategy because by that time viruses and/or bacterial organisms may be in the public water supply as well.

You need a well of your own or a storage tank where you can keep a pristine uncontaminated supply of clean drinking water in isolation. Don't trust last minute preparations, it's bad practice that only becomes obvious when you put the plan into action.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Krisschans : Not Safe for Children and other Living Things

This butcherous, mad regime would have to be the most deserving of an audience at the Hague since it was established to punish lunatics who wage war on people rather than armies.

As a former soldier discharged honorably with a good conduct medal, an all-army athlete and a distinguished service record my last two years stateside, I just want to say this so everybody knows :

1. I was taught that civilian deaths are unacceptable for any reason in warfare.

2. I was taught that any targeting of inhabited areas by civilians is illegal and constitutes a war crime.

3. I was taught that torture, captivity without trial or any violation of the Geneva convention with regards to captured prisoners was a severe violation of my duties as a soldier and would be punishable by death or incarceration.

4. I was taught that any deliberate murder of non-combatants is a crime whether committed in war or peace, over there or here.

5. I was taught that fighting and killing other soldiers is the only legitimate occupation of a soldier. I was taught that fraternization with civilian populations in occupied areas or exploitation of civilians under occupation was strictly forbidden.

6. I was taught that dehumanizing any civilian for any reason, unless he was a combatant, was strictly forbidden by the rules of land warfare that governed honorable men in war.

I have no idea what happened to the American Army since I got out of it. I don't recognize it as legitimate nor do I recognize the American command as legitimate since it violates my loyalty oath, which is to the United States, not Israel. My oath recognizes the President as commander-in-chief, but if the President's cabinet is composed entirely of dual citizenship zionists I do not feel that the Presidency is legitimately held or his orders are lawful under the Constitution of the United States.

If I was in Baghdad today, I would take off my uniform, desert my unit and immediately make for the nearest safe point of egress out of that country. Since the American government has never produced a legitimate reason for the invasion or occupation of Iraq, I would not consider any of my oaths binding to the military or to the President, nor feel any more loyalty to them than had I awakened one morning to find myself mysteriously drafted into the Gestapo in 1942 and forced to salute Hitler each morning at breakfast. I don't work for the bad guys and neither would any good and decent man.

Amerikwa Throws Hissy Fit Over New Chinese Sub Fleet

Ever wonder why they don't have people as bright as those at Vault-Co working for the Pentagon or it's assorted think-tanks?

That's because in times like these, good men tend their own private gardens.

"If China puts these systems in place effectively on the scale reported in sea-basing and land-basing, it will now have a robust second strike capability," said Lyle Goldstein, director of the China Maritime Studies Institute at the US Naval War College. "What was grey before now is becoming clear. China now can effectively fight a nuclear war."


Mike Pillsbury, a Pentagon consultant on the Chinese military, argues that the Chinese are miscalculating by deploying the Jin.

"President Hu Jintao probably does not appreciate the effect on the US that his military leaders' new deployments will have," he said. "These Chinese steps only play into the hands of our hardliners and push the US towards worst case scenarios. The Chinese have an apt proverb: 'Don't pick up a rock and drop it on your own feet'. President Hu needs to cut back this development and head
off a cold-war style arms race."

You fellows are starting to get the hang of this game!

This isn't about the issues. Or the path we take on our life journeys. Or about effective management of stress and careers. Or how to learn to spend quality time with other countries.

Forget about Oprah. She's a forty year old childless lesbian. She is useless the instant she moves out of that lounge chair on her studio set. This situation requires real people with good judgement, not pretend televitz imitation humans.

You can think. Or you can die screaming like a dumb animal caught in a hedge while the fox approaches to capture his lunch. Those are your options.

You can think. Or you can die. No idiocracy for you. Nations that can't think don't last very long, at all. Amerikwa's time is short.

The scariest and most damning knowledge of all is how little awareness the average person in the United States has about what is going on out there in the real world. The lead story today on Fox News on cable was about a new massage technique developed for people with Blackberry device related strain injuries in their fingers. A new cold war has exploded onto the international arena and the Amerikwans are still plied with stories about the fight over Anna Nicole's baby. We're talking about nuclear war, fellows. It's a kinda hurt that don't grow back, ever.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Amerikwa Whines Pathetically Before Extinction

They're too feebleminded to go on living. Nature abhors idiocracies like the United States. It's healthy, natural and normal for it to be destroyed. The pornography capital of the world is best rendered as a 3,000 mile wide radioactive glassine crater filled with rubble. It will be better for history and the entire planet if Amerikwa is remembered for it's glory days in the 1950's at the pinnacle of their society, not the current sodomite grease trap it has become. What is going to happen is simply the result of a natural process and nothing about it can be considered a bad thing.

A population with an average IQ of 97 whose only remaining export product is interracial anal double penetration flicks of it's own young women is not worth fighting for and it isn't worth saving. These things happen to civilizations that have passed their use-by date. They are destined to be destroyed by another nation with more sober heads in it and greater promise in the future.

Deep down, I firmly believe that the people of the United States subconsciously want to die. I'm not being sarcastic for effect. I really believe it's what they want in their hearts and therefore it is what they are going to get. I also believe they already know subconsciously this is going to happen. If you proceed on this assumption you'll see their actions make a lot more sense ... it lends a consistency to their speech and conduct that otherwise they wouldn't have.

Friday, May 25, 2007

World War III Warmup Exercises

The best minds in America are about ten years behind Vault-Co

These dribbling idiots are just now starting to get a creepy sensation up the spine. Something is amiss. No kidding.

North Korea lobs a couple over at Japan. That's good. Will cappuccino service be interrupted?

Pentagon is worried the globalist utopia of smiling diversity friends may be delayed.

Diversity pals in outer space may drop flaming red mercury hellbombs on consumer units.

Is that bad? Will that interfere with pay-per-view reception on cable?

Pack your rice. Becuz itz coming.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Globowarmthink Kult Proves Majority of Mankind Easily Convinced of Damn Near Anything

There is no consensus. There never was. All of these things have been created out of thin air by the media and the media alone. There is no large group of respected climatologists frightened of human-caused climate change. It's a result of the CO2 gases expired by Al Gore and other sideshow hucksters who make their living by creating false economies off the back of fear.

There is certainty amongst legitimate scientists that the climate is changing. Nobody thinks it's because of human beings unless they make their living off the televitz and it's eternal lies.

Look up Antonio Gramsci on the internet. He's the most influential marxist thinker this century and is revered by academics and other assorted gene pool trash almost as a god.

Gramsci had three basic premises:

1. Communism is an economic failure and it always will be. Therefore, Communism as a tool to world government has to be advanced as a prophylactic against another imaginary ill besides poverty, which Communism creates. This fabricated ill will be the environment, which we will claim to be protecting. Gramsci suggested this manufactured ill by it's very nature could be so abstract it is almost metaphysical. An accusation of crime can be constructed without evidence when it's the "environment" we are speaking of, saith Gramsci.

2. Children must be isolated from their parents and drilled in this madness at a young age during their formative years. They must be convinced only a world government can save us from an angry earth in rebellion against man. They will be coerced into abandoning traditional religion and adopt pagan catechisms in place of their former beliefs.

3. Anybody who opposes us will be deconstructed and critiqued with post-modernist ambiguity as an enemy of all mankind. We will invalidate their arguments not with reason but by using a mythical "consensus" we will create in people's minds when they are too young too resist.

Read the three points above, compare them with the present agenda and ask yourself if this is really about the threat posed by farting cows ... or something else. You'll understand then why these idiots are so passionate about screaming down their opponents, who are primarily numbered amongst career climatologists and legitimate scientists. They don't give a damn about the planet. They want to rule the world through committees and collect rent-seeking revenues from the human race for existing. An imaginary threat, with a very real payoff in cold hard cash for them at the end of the tunnel. It beats a day job.

Blah, blah blah ... Prewar Propaganda, ITz coming

UN : Iran could get nuclear weapons someday, just like Papua New Guinea could, someday

Unstable, corrupt failed regimes should not have nukes ... besides, Iran could get them too

Iran won't do what we tell them to ... of course, we are kind of ambiguous on a good day

Iran has got three things going for it that the United States doesn't :

1. Smarter, more law abiding people in charge
2. Honest elections
3. A stabler and more homogenous culture to control it's armaments

First withdraw the beam from thine own eye, fool, before thou pluckest the splinter from thine brother's eye.

Oceans a stew of PVC plastic

That stuff is an endocrine disrupter that will turn you into a man-goo smoothie guzzler in nothing flat. There's a reason the entire marine food chain is crowded with gender bending frogs, trannie queen salamanders and fag fish. If that's what it is doing to those critters way down at the bottom, what is happening to the predators at the top, like mankind?

Now you know what makes gun control possible over the past two decades. The males are dead, there are no men left, just he-she hermaphrodites. It's all that PVC in the water supply worldwide. Taking their arms away is like taking candy from a baby, all the hummers can do is squeal and whine as they hand'em over at the ends of their feeble wrists.

China Intends To Drop ZOGBux For War Chest Capital

Yes, this unprecedented arms race is all just for show to get better booth sponsors at the 2008 Olympics. Sure it is. You just keep telling yourself that.

Britain Knows Itz Coming

Cranking our those next-generation nuclear subs as fast as they can get them off the dock. Are these submarines to be used against camel jockeys in Bungfugg, Sandistan? Vault-Co says no. Vault-Co says these weapons are being stockpiled for a real war, not a "war on terror."

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How Africa Was Lost To The Bastards

The biggest difference between Africans and Whites is that whites bought and paid for the land they settled on in gold with legal transactions and treaties - whereas previously in Africa before the White Man arrived, the customary way you acquired anything was by killing the person who owned it and then stealing it for yourself.

The second biggest difference is that Africans could not be made to feel guilty about this or anything else they had ever done, but Whites were shamed into ending apartheid with lousy arguments and a thousand accusations which were largely unfounded.

When you hear the terrible stories of wars by Whites in Africa, they usually neglect the most important parts, like the fact the Whites were fighting blacks (like the Zulus) who were killing and oppressing everybody they encountered in their migration outside their own territory, irregardless of race. The Zulus wiped out legions of black villages until they finally met their match when they attacked the severely outnumbered white guys.

When you hear the terrible stories of African slavery, they tell you the White man was the chief villain, neglecting to inform you that every single African slave sold into bondage was first captured by another African tribe and made into a slave first. Technically, no white man ever participated in the slave trade in Africa, which was almost entirely dominated by Dutch Jews for centuries who tolerated no competition in the field. It was Dutch Jews who purchased slaves from African tribes, transported them across the oceans of the world and then offered them as cheap labor at distant ports.

When you hear about the terrible conditions of the black man under apartheid, remember you are talking about cradle-to-grave free housing, food, medical care and education for blacks in Africa based solely on their skin color. Being born black under apartheid meant never again having to worry about a single thing in life, unlike the poor white Afrikaners who received no such largesse from the State. Apartheid meant survival rates and increase in total population of blacks in South Africa unlike any seen in their entire history going as far back as records were kept. It has been said that no black man ever went hungry under the apartheid system, unlike today as famine grips one sector after another of Africa in a ceaseless march southward.

What the end of apartheid really meant for Africa was free reign for the Chinese to colonize it themselves, which they doing superbly - and reaping all the benefits of resource extraction from that once prosperous land.

Nine U.S. Warships Off Coast of Iran

A new round of provocations to gin up a war. Russia more committed than ever to Iran with recent changes of tone in public, China waiting in the wings.

Itz coming, alright.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

China Prepares To Drop the Smack

America's entire strategy for Taiwan is divided between naval carriers and submarines.

The naval carriers will last about ten seconds in WW3 from what I've seen. The submarines will last long enough for the Chinese to destroy the hub in Australia. If this is followed by a strike on the East Coast, the war will be over and China will have won.

What about the return volley, you ask?

China has the most superior civil defense program in the world. 75% of it's population is less than two minutes away from a hardened shelter. I don't think America has considered what use it's nukes are against a nation with solid civil defense. Not exactly an easy target. It might be better to forego the counterattack altogether for fear of what the Chinese will do in return. Remember, America has no civil defense program and therefore not much in the way of options.

Last Message From 106 Year Old Rabbi : You killed Christ, You Idiots

Respected rabbi in Jewish circles reveals the truth upon his death, filling his sealed notes with the sign of the cross. The Jewish people killed their own messiah 2000 years ago. They are going to get a second chance. If they blow it this time, they're going into the hole for good.

Even if you don't believe in Christian theology, you should keep your eyes out for fakes and phoneys pretending to be Christ to leverage increasingly apocalyptic feelings in Israel. Don't be fooled by false prophets and teachers.

Although to be perfectly honest, I don't think Jews are the ones who should be worried most about hell. Krisschans themselves are first in the queue at present, there may be no room left in hell after God finishes sending the last Krisschan there.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Globo-Warmthers Are Reasoning-Challenged

The biggest problem in the Western world is that the average man on the street thinks he's a rocket scientist. He's actually not much better than a large naked chimpanzee with a primitive vocabulary who can be trained to do a few simple tricks. It should be illegal to show them a film like THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH because they are easily excited and when they begin emoting they believe they are thinking. The common man can't think. 90% of the people you know, personally, are biologically incapable of reasoning. It's a genetic skill which can only be cultivated through example and this generation has neither the genes nor any good examples before them.

Television is the biggest culprit because Oprah Winfrey types are constantly repeating how edjumificated and inntellamajent we all are. If we're all so intellamajent, what the hell are we doing carpet bombing 600,000 civilians to death without so much as a coherent explanation? Somebody must be working a lot of evil, because if we're all so good then who the hell is manufacturing mass quantities of stupidity? The warehouse is overstocked across the planet and we're having to dump boxes of stupid in open fields to rot because we can't unload them.

Stupidity is the universal constant for mankind and Oprah is the chief idiot in charge for the entire globe. The influence of this crazy lesbian childless bitch is greater than that of the President. It doesn't take a degree in astrophysics to postulate that the majority of the Western world is dumb as donuts. They're the perfect audience for a guy like Al Gore.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Do you know the difference between a Republic and a "Democracy?"

Don't feel bad. You're just a moron like everybody else nowadays. Nobody these days knows much of anything about anything. It's all just Oprah Winfrey gibberish, zero semantic content. Monkeys in manpants.

Nowadays, the semblance of meaning substitutes for any real meaning in speech. English has been bastardized to the point it has become almost worthless for communication.

Support Gun Control? You also support rape, robbery, assault and murder

Australia's carefully doctored crime reports show a dramatic increase since the 1997 "amnesty"

Worst overall crime rates in the Western developed world, but Britain still leads the planet in homicides, which is what you'd expect from a country with the most draconian gun laws in human history.

Many people believe that extremely tricky mathematical manipulation is being done to make it appear the homicide rate has decreased. The Australian government is embarrassed of these figures and massages them a great deal before they are finally accumulated and published. If the murder rate was conceded to have increased along with all other crime, they'd truly have their noses rubbed in it. The majority of mankind never learns anything from history.

Anybody who supports keeping guns out of the hands of women is definitely a repressed homosexual. No doubt about it. The rape rate has soared through the roof. I'd like to see these Aussie rapists try that crap in Texas. They'd be dead before they hit the ground.

YAAA (Yet Another Amnesty Abdication)

This country is utterly doomed. It's the most doomed out of all the failed states that now comprise the West. The Roman empire tried the same thing, over and over again. Pretty soon it didn't matter what laws they passed they had so utterly relinquished control over their borders. People came and went as they pleased and Rome lost all it's ability to defend itself, it's military becoming an abstraction that consisted of whatever lot of drunken mercenaries they could rustle up at a given hour. It didn't work then. It won't work now.

Amnesty for invaders

Australia is a satellite colony of the United States, although it never elected to be. When the mother country falls over, Australia will be at the mercy of 300 million radical Islamic militants on three sides. Imagine being dumb enough to have disarmed your own population beforehand.

The conditions are now laid for the ugliest ethnic civil war in all of recorded history

... and that's saying a lot. Almost all ethnic civil wars usually end in horrific slaughters. They'll be girl scout jamborees compared with what is going to happen in Amerikwa.

All failing empires turn into police states. They have no other choice.

What about mULtiKOOLtuRAlisM? Won't that save us? By the way, just what does that f**king word mean, anyway? Nobody knows, they just play along because they're scared. As in all failing empires, segregation becomes more pronounced despite the waste gases expelled from talking heads to the contrary. No really, people, if we just stick with this, you'll see, it will all work out just fine in the end.

Actually, you'll die screaming Zimbabwe styled broiled on a stick over an open fire

You cannot maintain a free republic with 100 million hostile invaders inside your borders. It's impossible. All dying empires become draconian hellholes. History says it's the next natural step in the progression towards complete collapse and dissolution.

Philip Wylie : How Females Conspired To Destroy Civilization

Philip Wylie was likely one of the greatest geniuses in the annals of American literature. Most people nowadays have never heard of him.

Wylie was sort of the reverse John The Baptist for feminism before it arrived in force in the United States. He seemed to foresee what the natural result of giving women the vote and pretending they could think would produce. It's not that men don't know better ... but because they all have mothers, they are just too polite to say it out loud to women. Momism makes European males too courteous to women to tell them the truth. They can't handle the truth. It hurts their feelings and they feel naked and foolish in it's presence.

Women can't reason. They emote. That's it. It's the same with frogs. They can't fly. They hop. Nothing can ever change this. That's just the way it is. It's not a bad thing until you give them responsibilities they cannot fulfill. If you give them suffrage, they're going to vote for shallow, charismatic demagogues with utopian ideologies who will promptly destroy your civilization. They can't help themselves, it's in their nature. It's like getting angry at them because they menstruate. They can't do anything to change that.

It doesn't mean you can't love them more than ever, they deserve to be loved. Women and children are the only things that make life worth living. Give them a say in your society's administration and leadership, however, and I promise you that shortly thereafter it will be smoking rubble burned to the ground which will slip into the oblivion of history. It's like gravity.

There is a saying in Sanskrit that is at least 5000 years old, possibly much older, maybe even 10,000 + years old going back to the last Ice Age.

"All destruction of good things begins with the corruption of the woman and her place at the hearth."

Disney Is The Premier Pornographer/Pedophile Ring in U.S.

If Walt Disney was brought forward in a time machine to see what these people have done to his company, he would call the police, set up a cordon around company headquarters and gun down anybody emerging as a rabid demonic beast in human form.

If this isn't a road marker for the Decline of the West, I don't know what is. Sometimes I can't help but wonder just how much more Amerikwa can degenerate before the merciful arrival of the nukes to put'em out of their misery.

KJV: "Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?"

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Czechs Don't Want To Die Screaming

Their sell-out leaders are willing to put the American missile shield on their nation's soil with the foreknowledge that in WW3 it will mean the Russians and Chinese will selectively target the Czechs with about ten times as many warheads as are needed to safely assure their extinction.

This is why people have democracies. The peasants are no rocket scientists but their simple horse sense is a million times more reliable than the elaborate and compromised loyalties of their traitorous elected officials. They know it's a bad idea. You can put lipstick and high heels on that old nag but the horse still won't run fast and they know it.

Accepting any part of the American BMD sites on your country's living space is tantamount to signing your own death warrant and these people feel that fact in their bones.

As demonstrated a hundred times in recent years by science, the subconscious mind knows itz coming long before it gets here. At some profoundly deep instinctive animal level, the Czechs know a global thermonuclear war is approaching. Their leaders can talk themselves blue in the face with sophistry but at the end of the day the basic judgement of the common man is better than their elegant theories and social engineering. Humans practice deception on each other in even the simplest of matters and it usually means telling others ... don't trust your gut instinct. Trust me instead. I'm edjumificated n'stuf. Look at all my certificates and qualifications and awards. That means, I'm highly intellamejent n'stuf, more anti-ignorant than thee and whatnot. At the end of the day, the diplomats are just ass-kissers who want to stay in the good graces of the Americans, whatever the long term consequences are. They know they'll probably be one of the lucky ones inside a good deep vault when the time comes.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

... Addendum to yesterday's post ....

Falwell gets his shovel at the coalface in hell.

If you should falter and fall back into sin, Christ has enormous leeway for mercy and forgiveness and you will be richly welcomed when you repudiate your ways and come back into God's grace, if you are sincere in your repentance. The individual receives great mercy from the Lord in this aspect at all times. In the end, it is truly you who are your own worst enemy in this regard and God knows it. You don't have any company in this struggle and the fate you are wrestling with is unique to you.

If, on the other hand, you present yourself as a spiritual minister and claim to be appointed to serve over a flock of men, then lead them all into error with your lies and many deceptions, you will find a whole different brand of justice waiting for you after a lifetime of vanity and pride. It ain't pretty. It's infinite darkness and gnashing of teeth, horrible whispers and agonizing burning in your soul that is never quenched.

Scripture says Falwell is burning in hell right now. He appeared before the Judgement Throne naked and still in his sin, babbling and weeping about his many honors and credentials and people who would vouch for him. He had no end of credentials but in the final moment, Jesus turned away from him shaking his head, having never spoken to this man nor counted him amongst his sheep. Falwell had his reward and respect in this world, now he's paying his debt in the next.

"I shudder to think where the country would be right now if the religious right had not evolved," he said when he stepped down as Moral Majority president in 1987.

Gosh, let's think about it. Maybe the world capital of pornography, whose primary industrial export is videos of blacks sodomizing blonde women anally? Maybe a nation that has deliberately killed more than 600,000+ Iraqi civilians with carpet bombing for the crime of moving-while-muslim? Do muslims and other civilized people along with their children get a chance to convert to Christianity if we melt them into puddles of black ooze with white phosphorus cluster bombs first? Was Jesus at the gunner's bombsight in Iraq? Was Christ like Tom Cruise in Top Gun giving the thumbs up from the cockpit at the calcified standing corpses in the business district of Baghdad? Mission accomplished! You truly liberated that bunch Krisschan-style. All we have to do now is begin targeted assassinations of people who use the wrong tone of voice when they talk about Amerikwa, as Pat Roberts suggested, we should "take'em out." Jesus soaked in blood like Rambo with a buck knife in his teeth lopping ears off dead kids and getting his photograph taken beside staged sodomy piles of cab drivers at Abu Ghraib. Yes, that's what our lord would be doing if he was here right now. Do guys like Falwell really believe this in their hearts or are they innate liars who first deceive themselves before they do everybody else?

Mat 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Mat 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Mat 7:17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. Mat 7:18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Mat 7:19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Mat 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. Mat 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

Here's an interesting addendum.

"He was one of the first to come up with ways to use television to expand his ministry," said Robert Alley, a retired University of Richmond religion professor who studied and criticized Falwell's career. Alley died last summer.

I knew Alley in college in Virginia. I believe in fact, I had several vigorous debates with him in his office after hours several months before I dropped out.

Alley conceded to me he didn't believe a word in the Bible was literally true. I asked him why he kept a cross on his office wall if it was simply a symbolic shape for a Roman punishment for prisoners then. He told me he thought it was important we all "prize Christian values" and a lot of other rambling, vague, ambiguous baloney like the quote taken from him above. This was one of the reasons at that time I assumed Christians were basically genetically inferior people with weak minds and bad character who didn't have the guts to ever develop convictions about anything. It increased my contempt for them and gave me certainty that the truly highest values were to be found in the worship of human potential and our own ability to solve problems. That's a perfect example of how false prophets and teachers like Alley and Falwell don't just have reserved parking spaces in hell for themselves, rather they tend to pull everybody they make contact with into the fire alongside them. Encountering them and experiencing the depth of their sheer hypocrisy and deceitfulness leads many other men to fall into error.

Alley is burning in hell with Falwell right now. I'd have loved to hear your defense at the Judgement Throne, professor. That must've been a real shock when you got hit with that light and heard that voice. You thought it was all just a big "allegory." I bet God was really impressed at your carriage and edjumification.

Why Did I Convert To Christianity After Sixteen Years of Atheism?

Because I was a good atheist. I managed to think my way right out of secular humanism and into something far better because my curiosity and desire to do so was sincere. I was one of those cold/hot people that Christ will not spew from his mouth. It's the lukewarm he knows will never change, they are already consigned to hell. There is still hope for a passionate fool if he will only truly search his heart for what it has known since before he was even born.

I'm a Calvinist. I don't drag God down to the level of a human being. I know he is omnipotent and outside of time. I know my brain cannot even be compared as a fraction to his, because his is infinitely wise and merciful and his intelligence cannot even be called intelligence, because it is unbounded and without limitations.

Calvinists don't believe anybody has free will or really does anything on their own. God knows before he created the universe who his children are. According to scripture, God knows everything. Some vessels he makes for the fire. Some he doesn't. If you feel true remorse at your violations of God's commandments, you are one of his children. If you don't, you aren't and never can be. Christ is there for people to find out what the Lord God already knows. Repentance is a gift of God. It doesn't come from you. Could you even change a single hair of your head white or black? Not so much as a hair.

Everybody knows who is who and what is what. Satan knows who his children are, he can see more clearly than any human being. All that remains is for human beings themselves to discover who they are and to awaken to their father - be it God in heaven or Lucifer, the angel of light. Their actions tell you who they are - it's the fruit of their tree that tells you what they really are. There is a popular pagan idea that God is competing with Satan for souls - when in fact, God isn't competing with anybody for anything. Satan kneels at the foot of God as his servant when he is told to do so and is not permitted any power beyond what he is given. It's like Willy Wonka's front man in CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. God's servant is given a commission to offer everlasting gobstoppers, even as God himself knows in advance who the good and bad children are and what their response will be. Like Gene Wilder's character in that movie, the wicked man believes Willy Wonka himself is wicked, when in fact Wonka never does anything to anybody for any reason - they do it to themselves. The bad kids get to try out whatever appeals to them and they can be counted on to ignore Mr. Wonka's pleas and instructions to them. Willy Wonka knows the bad kids are going to drink from the chocolate river and try out the forbidden blueberry gum - they're bad children. He knows that perhaps Charlie is going to disobey him and try out the fizzy drinks ... but he also knows he will forgive Charlie and welcome him into his arms at the end, because deep down Charlie is a good child, not a bastard like the others.

There are a lot of people in our civilization who don't behave all that differently from the people infected with the rage virus in 28 DAYS LATER. They lie, kill, curse, sneer, swear, destroy, steal, rape, stab, shoot and tear at anything that comes in range. They will tell you on television that it's all your fault - you made them this way. Deep down, they must not have a conscience even to say such a thing. There is no conviction of sin, no remorse, no repentance in them - just grievances and boundless evil. These people tell you what they are by their fruits. Their tree is composted in sin and has roots that go down to hell. There aren't enough Oompa Loompas in the universe sufficient to squeeze the rotten juice out of these bad kids. They were hell's property from the day they were born.

In the modern era, everything bitter is called sweet. Sweet is called bitter. The wicked say they are the standard of good and that the righteous are the sinners. There isn't a single thing in the world that isn't stood on it's head and completely inverted against all healthy value systems. Suicide is good, death is better, we are told. Childlessness is a virtue and self-loathing is a blessing. Whatsoever destroys us, we are encouraged to embrace secure in the knowledge our acts will be lauded as proof of our ethical vindication.

My conclusion - and I do have one - is that you should judge people by their fruits. Not what they say or what they claim to believe but rather according to their actions. Especially concerning Christianity, you must never condemn Christ for the multitude of the damned who profess to love him. Their actions tell a different story. They're Krisschans, not Christians.

I began to change by judging secular humanists by the fruit they bore and before I knew it I was a Christian. In order to be a good secular humanist and answer to the highest of all human values, it is necessary to become a Christian. There is no other way of fulfilling the goals that secular humanists claim to aspire to.

Kiss Grid Electricity Goodbye After WW3

Russia and Amerikwa are making strides by the hour in directed energy weapons for EMP. The first thing to go at the outset of hostilities will be the current electrical grid system worldwide. You've got to get your home and shelter on independent 12 volt current that is renewable for this reason alone.

Is the Magnetic Reversal Imminent?

A lot of people bright enough to notice but too dumb to realize the implications think so.

The way these people talk about it, you'd think we were expecting a couple days of unusual thunderstorms.

This is the reversal of the earth's magnetic field we're talking about. These people do not realize they are talking about an indefinite lapse of the cosmic shield. The protective mantle of the planet will peel back and expose it to the naked radiation of outer space. The surface of the planet will bake in ten thousand rads aboveground for weeks, months, perhaps years. They will die. Everybody they know will die. Humankind will be reduced to a tiny fraction of surviving representatives. Of course, at Vault-Co we'll be under 16 feet of rock toasting Pop-Tarts and playing Galaga Deluxe. We're not the ones who should be worrying.

The reversal of the earth's magnetic field is tied so closely to grand extinctions they could be described as joined at the hip. We have not even mentioned the expected volcanic activity this will result in. It's pretty certain one of the Earth's suddenly active supervolcanos (all nearly overdue and tottering at the brink of eruption) will blow and introduce thirty years of sulphuric acid laced snow and perpetual darkness. It might even inconvenience us down in the shelter.

Mind you, this is the upbeat feelgood hit of the summer scenario. It will probably be a lot worse.

Silverstein Gives Away All The Marbles

I'm not sure what more people need to know about this guy, short of him going around with a T-shirt that reads "YEAH, WE DID IT, SO SUE ME, SCHMUCKS!"

Watch for another month of Rosie attacks on Fox News. Yeah, she's "crazy" alright. That's "crazy" talk. I predict if Rosie keeps it up she will soon have a lovely heart attack courtesy of a neighborhood Sayanim drugstore chemist.

Amerikwans Don't Pick the Candidates

ZOG picks 'em and you get to vote on'em with magic mystery Diebold machines. Ten keystrokes overturn the will of the people without them ever having to know.

Peasants Are Not Permitted To Own Anything

Except crappy pretend munny ZOGBux, soon to be exchanged for the forthcoming Amero at a 100-to-1 ratio if you want to buy a loaf of bread with your home equity.

The Real Cold War Starts Now ... Soon To Go Hot

Bees Not Exposed To Frankenfood GM Genes Are Not Dying!

What more do you need to know?

Monsanto is waging a war on mankind. A Nuremberg-style testicle crushing followed by a public hanging is too good for the CEOs and other oxygen stealers conducting these experiments on our food chain.

Public Skrewel Is Bad For Children and other Living Things

Terror attack staged by teachers and other authority figures.

So insane I don't really need to comment. It speaks for itself.

Monday, May 14, 2007


I saw 28 WEEKS LATER last night.

I give it 7 out of 10.

It suffered from:

1. Great initial premise goes nowhere.
2. No sympathetic characters in the film to identify with. The person introduced as the protagonist is a gutless coward who is a zombie by the second act.
3. Plot didn't really have a satisfying climax.
4. A lot of gore and little humor, like WAR OF THE WORLDS.
5. Characters all do unbelievably stupid stuff.

You can make an apocalyptic movie grim as hell, (and it was) but you've got to have three elements in that movie : a likeable main character we can identify with who doesn't do stupid things for no reason, much humor to alleviate the ugliness of the situation and a good climax that resolves some of the basic dramatic conflicts set up in the film.

I wouldn't say it was a bad film, more like a close but no cigar. If you asked me halfway through I would have told you it was shaping up to be the greatest apocalyptic movie of all time ... but there is no payoff in the second half of the flick. I mean, none at all.

There are some pretty fantastic CGI effects of Britain getting firebombed by aerial strikes. I don't know if they were generated by computer or they just took these shots in France after 8 pm at night.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Dark Age IS Surrender To Barbarians

The Mother Of All SuperVolcanos Will Not Be Stilled

Overdue to blow by 100,000 years according to some estimates.

Instant Ice Age. Six billion humans will be reduced to around a quarter million worldwide within a year. This sort of thing makes global nuclear war look like a girl scout jamboree.

Bush Prepares The Shadow Government

Another one of those damn executive orders that skirts the peasants altogether and declares by fiat order the way it's gonna be. Inferior minds always believe in benevolent dictatorships and are never acute enough to realize such a thing could not exist by it's very nature.

Fake Enemies, Misdirection and Conspiracy

(Youtube link, may require broadband)

Planet of the Arabs

Hate these people. Don't worry about those other guys. We will tell you who you should fear and fight. Sleep. Sleep. Think about the world the way we frame it for you and don't have any other thoughts but the thoughts we give you. We do not own you merely in body, but rather we own your soul and your very consciousness. You are our slave at a spiritual, not just an intellectual or physical level.

Meanwhile, America's real enemies operate almost without critical observation of any kind.

Each day, America grows weaker and feebler from the actions of it's internal termites. Soon she will be unable to repel any attack of any kind. Like Rome when it was first sacked and burned by the Visigoths, the military will have ceased to exist except as an abstract idea ... a sorrowful "should have" that no longer is able to fulfill it's purpose. Is this really the best time for the United States to so antagonize these nations they have no other choice but a war for their own survival? Of course not. The situation is similar to Rome ... it was when they were stretched out so thin as to be non-existent that the Roman Emperor concentrated on making enemies of everyone they encountered. The resulting apocalyptic destruction of Rome was only a surprise to the Romans themselves. Everybody else knew it was coming.

United States Admits Previous Fifty Years Was All A Big Mistake

We have got to tell people you can survive a nuclear war, the Pentagon is whispering - and they'd better start preparing as soon as possible.

What happened to "We'll all die instantly," and "The Living Would Envy The Dead?"

Well, with the current state of civil defense in Amerikwa, the living probably would envy the dead. After they got over the initial shock of realizing a nuclear war had come and gone, they'd start to feel hungry and that's when it would hit them that their government had been filling their head with queer lies for over a half a century. Smart people think about the future - the rest don't think, period.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Democrats Have Started To Gut The Military

What would you say if I told you that even as Amerikwa was wasting it's energies off in the Middle East fighting goatherders and falafel cooks in a completely meaningless war that served none of it's national interests, meanwhile on the other side of the planet the remaining superpowers were manufacturing an end so horrific for the United States it would be destroyed in a single day?

The Democrats have never been the brightest bulbs on the tree. They usually make policy the same way women deliberate over shoes. It's impulsive, mindless and only valid for fifteen minutes after the decision is made.

The Democrats are thick skulled leftist morons. The Republicans are pretty much the same, except they drive better cars. Both of them have directed all their attentions on the Middle East and the worldwide threat of towelheads with toebombs in their shoes. They have generally insisted the way to counter this threat is by indiscriminate bombing of the Middle East at random until they get a better idea. Rocket scientists, these kids ain't.

The catch is - both parties are clinically insane and completely focused on all the wrong things. That's the classic mark of a declining society. A society on it's way out not only alienates it's friends, it befriends it's enemies.

Russia, China, Pakistan, North Korea, South America and possibly India are preparing to hurt the United States where it don't grow back. Fini. The End. Game Over. If Amerikwa was anything resembling sober, it would withdraw from the Middle East and begin work at once on a civil defense program coupled with the biggest nuclear arms technology buildup in it's history. That would make sense. Forget about the towelheads. They won't drop 50 megaton ground busters all over the East Coast in one hour and convert it into the world's largest outdoor parking lot.

The West has lost the instincts needed to spot where the hurt can come from. It's probably the only instinct that you cannot do without.

Radiation Prophylaxis That Works After Exposure

This new synthetic protein apparently protects subjects from cellular damage even after they've been exposed. Very interesting development, particularly for people exposed to immediate fallout who have sustained large radcounts before they get into the shelter.

Sounds like there is a possibility it might turn people into unkillable mutant super-zombies as well, which always spices up the post-nuclear environment.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

When the Civil Defense Program Got Terminated

John Kennedy planned to revitalize the entire civil defense program and begin a wholesale investment in security for the United States during and after a nuclear war. He had only just begun this great work when he was killed.

Lyndon Johnson immediately slashed the program to the bone and allowed the existing funding to slowly dwindle out in the hopes of starving Civil Defense to death in the United States. It took twenty years of neglect and Ronald Reagan tried briefly to resurrect it unsuccessfully.

During this whole period, the American population was trained like barking seals to sneer at the phrase "Civil Defense" and respond almost like automatons with the cliches "We'll all die instantly" and "Nobody could survive anyway." The net effect of all these measures is to make certain that Americans are the most vulnerable, helpless, ineffectual and hopeless nation of men alive on the Earth today.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Russians Know Itz Coming.

The bears are loaded for bear.

Every single day we see the two superpowers edging towards all the worst fears they harbored during the Cold War, except this time we can see they are all going to be realized.

Amerkwa and the Soviet Union are drifting inexorably towards WW3.

Vault-Co Returns To The Web

There has been a concerted effort for three months solid to try to crash Vault-Co with denial of service attacks. Somebody out there wants me bad.

Remember, lies don't need to be refuted this way. Somebody somewhere thinks there is too much truth being posted on this obscure little blog. Otherwise they wouldn't go to the trouble. You'll notice that nobody spends a lot of time trying to hack sites that warn of alien invasion or else claim we never went to the moon.

Many sites we link to have been hit with similar attacks over the past six months and they are very hard to repel without constant maintenance and troubleshooting. This month they were able to bring the site down in just under ten days by using up all our allotted bandwidth.

We will be blogging from our new site for a while until we figure out how to bring our archive over and recover our original site design. This might also be a good excuse to upgrade a few things that were long overdue, like pages dedicated to the Vulcan Fortress or our other technical research projects at Vault-Co.

Incidentally, at least half the attacks on the site were traceable back to Tel Aviv or else Langley, Virginia servers. Just a little too specific.