Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How Africa Was Lost To The Bastards

The biggest difference between Africans and Whites is that whites bought and paid for the land they settled on in gold with legal transactions and treaties - whereas previously in Africa before the White Man arrived, the customary way you acquired anything was by killing the person who owned it and then stealing it for yourself.

The second biggest difference is that Africans could not be made to feel guilty about this or anything else they had ever done, but Whites were shamed into ending apartheid with lousy arguments and a thousand accusations which were largely unfounded.

When you hear the terrible stories of wars by Whites in Africa, they usually neglect the most important parts, like the fact the Whites were fighting blacks (like the Zulus) who were killing and oppressing everybody they encountered in their migration outside their own territory, irregardless of race. The Zulus wiped out legions of black villages until they finally met their match when they attacked the severely outnumbered white guys.

When you hear the terrible stories of African slavery, they tell you the White man was the chief villain, neglecting to inform you that every single African slave sold into bondage was first captured by another African tribe and made into a slave first. Technically, no white man ever participated in the slave trade in Africa, which was almost entirely dominated by Dutch Jews for centuries who tolerated no competition in the field. It was Dutch Jews who purchased slaves from African tribes, transported them across the oceans of the world and then offered them as cheap labor at distant ports.

When you hear about the terrible conditions of the black man under apartheid, remember you are talking about cradle-to-grave free housing, food, medical care and education for blacks in Africa based solely on their skin color. Being born black under apartheid meant never again having to worry about a single thing in life, unlike the poor white Afrikaners who received no such largesse from the State. Apartheid meant survival rates and increase in total population of blacks in South Africa unlike any seen in their entire history going as far back as records were kept. It has been said that no black man ever went hungry under the apartheid system, unlike today as famine grips one sector after another of Africa in a ceaseless march southward.

What the end of apartheid really meant for Africa was free reign for the Chinese to colonize it themselves, which they doing superbly - and reaping all the benefits of resource extraction from that once prosperous land.

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Anonymous said...

You forgot about the Rhodesians, who fought for their legit property ownership rights, and were sold out by their own government.

F*&# Mugabe. F*&# Zimbabwe.

We need to liberate Rhodesia and bring it back.

When it was settled by European Colonists, there were NO (ZERO) Native Tribes anywhere to be seen. They were North and West living there.

South Africa and Rhodesia were unpopulated when the Europeans arrived; which is a main reason for the initial colonization.