Thursday, May 24, 2007

Globowarmthink Kult Proves Majority of Mankind Easily Convinced of Damn Near Anything

There is no consensus. There never was. All of these things have been created out of thin air by the media and the media alone. There is no large group of respected climatologists frightened of human-caused climate change. It's a result of the CO2 gases expired by Al Gore and other sideshow hucksters who make their living by creating false economies off the back of fear.

There is certainty amongst legitimate scientists that the climate is changing. Nobody thinks it's because of human beings unless they make their living off the televitz and it's eternal lies.

Look up Antonio Gramsci on the internet. He's the most influential marxist thinker this century and is revered by academics and other assorted gene pool trash almost as a god.

Gramsci had three basic premises:

1. Communism is an economic failure and it always will be. Therefore, Communism as a tool to world government has to be advanced as a prophylactic against another imaginary ill besides poverty, which Communism creates. This fabricated ill will be the environment, which we will claim to be protecting. Gramsci suggested this manufactured ill by it's very nature could be so abstract it is almost metaphysical. An accusation of crime can be constructed without evidence when it's the "environment" we are speaking of, saith Gramsci.

2. Children must be isolated from their parents and drilled in this madness at a young age during their formative years. They must be convinced only a world government can save us from an angry earth in rebellion against man. They will be coerced into abandoning traditional religion and adopt pagan catechisms in place of their former beliefs.

3. Anybody who opposes us will be deconstructed and critiqued with post-modernist ambiguity as an enemy of all mankind. We will invalidate their arguments not with reason but by using a mythical "consensus" we will create in people's minds when they are too young too resist.

Read the three points above, compare them with the present agenda and ask yourself if this is really about the threat posed by farting cows ... or something else. You'll understand then why these idiots are so passionate about screaming down their opponents, who are primarily numbered amongst career climatologists and legitimate scientists. They don't give a damn about the planet. They want to rule the world through committees and collect rent-seeking revenues from the human race for existing. An imaginary threat, with a very real payoff in cold hard cash for them at the end of the tunnel. It beats a day job.

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