Saturday, May 19, 2007

Globo-Warmthers Are Reasoning-Challenged

The biggest problem in the Western world is that the average man on the street thinks he's a rocket scientist. He's actually not much better than a large naked chimpanzee with a primitive vocabulary who can be trained to do a few simple tricks. It should be illegal to show them a film like THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH because they are easily excited and when they begin emoting they believe they are thinking. The common man can't think. 90% of the people you know, personally, are biologically incapable of reasoning. It's a genetic skill which can only be cultivated through example and this generation has neither the genes nor any good examples before them.

Television is the biggest culprit because Oprah Winfrey types are constantly repeating how edjumificated and inntellamajent we all are. If we're all so intellamajent, what the hell are we doing carpet bombing 600,000 civilians to death without so much as a coherent explanation? Somebody must be working a lot of evil, because if we're all so good then who the hell is manufacturing mass quantities of stupidity? The warehouse is overstocked across the planet and we're having to dump boxes of stupid in open fields to rot because we can't unload them.

Stupidity is the universal constant for mankind and Oprah is the chief idiot in charge for the entire globe. The influence of this crazy lesbian childless bitch is greater than that of the President. It doesn't take a degree in astrophysics to postulate that the majority of the Western world is dumb as donuts. They're the perfect audience for a guy like Al Gore.


Anonymous said...

I hate Oprah. She's the dumbest rich person on the planet.

And I like what you said before about how women are incapable of reasoning; and that they only emote.

I am over a quarter century old, and I have YET to meet a woman who can utilize pure rationale and logic without emotion.

Anecdote: I took Logic and Conceptual Logic (as a precursor to C++) in college.

In Logic, half the class was women. In Conceptual Logic (the follow-up class) had 2.

Why? Because the rest didn't meet the criteria of "C or Better" to get into Conceptual Logic.

The professor got mad at me because he personally asked me after one class to be a tutor for some of the women, since they habitually have a real hard time grasping the logic of arguments.

Their problem? They look at the conditions (the circumstances of the hypothetical) of the argument before the structure of it. They let their emotions and personal beliefs cloud their reasoning.

I turned him down, saying that basically because he was failing to relate the material to BOTH sexes, why should I do supplimental work for him for free?

I'm not bragging, I've always had a knack for sniffing out invalid/unsound arguments and constructing iron-clad ones of my own.

Vault-Co. While some of the things you post are in disagreement with my viewpoints; personally... I have yet to see a blatantly Invalid argument from you.



Texas Arcane said...

I will also tell you something else about me ... I'm not wooden headed. A better argument will strike me dumb like I've been hit by a bolt of lightning, whereas ordinary men and women are incapable of altering their opinions except by being killed by them.

If you came back at me with really good counterarguments you'd have 100% of my attention. My biggest problem as I get older is I rarely meet anybody with better arguments, although I know they are out there. Most of them don't even comprehend their own arguments, much less mine. There is nothing more I hunger for than to meet the person with better wits who is better read than I am. I have a lot of questions for a person like that.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if most women aren't capable of reasoning, but I know that any sort of ability is rapidly being bred out of women through the pornified stripper ideal that passes for "culture" in the states. You can't get a good helpmeet/partner if you are selecting for good looks and tits without thinking about intelligence, stamina, quick wits. Heinlein said it best: specialization is for insect.