Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Global Warmthink Roundup

Remember when Vault-Co was a lone voice in the wilderness with a few other nuts like Robert Felix (no nobel prize yet for Bob, where the hell is it?) telling you we are entering a new Ice Age? All those monkeys in manpants chattering with goony eyes about the planet heating up.

There is no such thing as global warming. It doesn't exist. It's a social construct, a mass hysteria created by people who frankly, just aren't very clever. They think themselves to be real wits. I guarantee you, there were Cro-Magnons some 35,000 years ago who also thought they must be some real whiz kids. "Clearly climate change is caused by our camp fires. We shall have to start only lighting fires at prescribed times to control our carbon emissions." That sort of gibberish didn't do them any good and our modern sort of gibberish won't do us any good either.

As usual, the regularly scheduled Ice Age is coming, perfectly on time every 11,500 years like clockwork. So rug up and pack your rice.

Nepal hit by freak snow storm, dozens feared dead, hundreds snow blind

Remember Vault-Co saying an Ice Age returning at the same time that heating fuel is going to be hitting record prices is a recipe for resource conflicts?

Unprecedented cold wave prompts emergency rationing of fuel in Argentina

Sudden storm drops four inches of hail on Denver in May?!?

Unexplained freak snow falls in Western Dakota in May?!?

Spring snowfall in Calgary sets all-time record

Pike's Peak summit path is buried in snow ... in May?!?

Chillest spring on record in Pennsylvania

They neglected to mention that accurate readings started 32 years ago in Pennsylvania.

Second coldest May Day on record for UK

Meteorologists agree - Britain's unbelievable cold could only be from Arctic winds

... but by all means, you concentrate your efforts on separating your plastics and paper on garbage pickup day, paying for carbon sin certificates and trying to control farting cow emissions. That'll stop the coming Ice Age for sure.


Anonymous said...

It snowed here a few days ago, although it quickly melted the next day.

I point this out to those who believe in global warming--that shouldn't this undeniable phenomenon of man-made global warming mean less snow, especially in May? They are quick to dismiss my "anecdotal evidence" and some even use verbal gymnastics to explain that unusual snowfalls are caused by global warming. A rather convenient talking point.

The globo-warmers use anecdotal evidence at every opportunity of course. They're intellectual hypocrites. There is no sense in arguing with them. Better to agree with them and ask them to sign your petition to ban the REAL global warming gas, dihydroxy monoxide.

Anonymous said...

A few temperature drops doesnt make an iceage.

Here in Europe it has consistantly been WARMER than normal almost every month. Pas winter the Alps were GREEN.

Ice age? I'll believe it when I start seeing penguins in Amsterdam.


Anonymous said...

speaking of...check out this weird weather phenomenon...freaky.

Anonymous said...

farmers almanac predictable climate change

Anonymous said...

To Vault and others, Go to

It is run by climate scientists who challenge all of your claims. See if you can answer back.

Texas Arcane said...

That board is full of semi-religious gibberish that is the opposite of science. Sounds like a cro-magnon shaman tent.