Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fake Enemies, Misdirection and Conspiracy

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Planet of the Arabs

Hate these people. Don't worry about those other guys. We will tell you who you should fear and fight. Sleep. Sleep. Think about the world the way we frame it for you and don't have any other thoughts but the thoughts we give you. We do not own you merely in body, but rather we own your soul and your very consciousness. You are our slave at a spiritual, not just an intellectual or physical level.

Meanwhile, America's real enemies operate almost without critical observation of any kind.

Each day, America grows weaker and feebler from the actions of it's internal termites. Soon she will be unable to repel any attack of any kind. Like Rome when it was first sacked and burned by the Visigoths, the military will have ceased to exist except as an abstract idea ... a sorrowful "should have" that no longer is able to fulfill it's purpose. Is this really the best time for the United States to so antagonize these nations they have no other choice but a war for their own survival? Of course not. The situation is similar to Rome ... it was when they were stretched out so thin as to be non-existent that the Roman Emperor concentrated on making enemies of everyone they encountered. The resulting apocalyptic destruction of Rome was only a surprise to the Romans themselves. Everybody else knew it was coming.

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