Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Evil Arabs" - Now in High Resolution Digital Widescreen!

The "American Al-Qaeda" strikes again!

His real name is Adam Gadahn (born legally as Adam Pearlman), a Jewish california native who had a very expensive Mitzvah. Since he hasn't returned the presents yet, I'm wondering whether his Imam should question if his "conversion" is authentic. Adam had a brief stint in Hollyweird where he was attempting to break into show business and obviously the guy's headshots landed on the right desk.

His family tree reads like a tax return for the ADL and AIPAC. There isn't a single influential Israeli-firster in the United States that Adam hasn't done lunch with. Apparently he continues to evade the U.S. as he travels freely to and from Pakistan, Israel and California at liberty any time he wants to, as well as obviously having such cushy connections with the mass media that the tape travels direct from the quality production studio where it is shot to the newsdesk without anybody being able to trace Gadadn. Such a luck, itz! The last word in the Luftmenschen! Like magic, itz!

It should be noted that the first tapes released by the "American Al-Qaeda" to the public were not accompanied by the identity of Adam at all by those sharp intelligence hawks at the State Department. Initial broadcasts featured a journalist telling consumer units this man was an Arab living somewhere in the United States. It was only later when internet sites identified this deforeskinned Gefilte-fish eater correctly that the mass media conceded quietly that this guy in fact was a Jewish California actor.

Truth isn't just stranger than fiction. It's stranger than non-fiction, too.

How about this? Vault-Co says there is no Al-Qaeda. There never was. If there was even a radical Arabic cell in the United States, why would Amerikwa be reduced to broadcasting this tripe? Couldn't they find a real "terrorist" to scare people with instead? The best State enemies, as observed by Orwell, are those you manufacture, produce and cast yourself.

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