Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Democrats Have Started To Gut The Military

What would you say if I told you that even as Amerikwa was wasting it's energies off in the Middle East fighting goatherders and falafel cooks in a completely meaningless war that served none of it's national interests, meanwhile on the other side of the planet the remaining superpowers were manufacturing an end so horrific for the United States it would be destroyed in a single day?

The Democrats have never been the brightest bulbs on the tree. They usually make policy the same way women deliberate over shoes. It's impulsive, mindless and only valid for fifteen minutes after the decision is made.

The Democrats are thick skulled leftist morons. The Republicans are pretty much the same, except they drive better cars. Both of them have directed all their attentions on the Middle East and the worldwide threat of towelheads with toebombs in their shoes. They have generally insisted the way to counter this threat is by indiscriminate bombing of the Middle East at random until they get a better idea. Rocket scientists, these kids ain't.

The catch is - both parties are clinically insane and completely focused on all the wrong things. That's the classic mark of a declining society. A society on it's way out not only alienates it's friends, it befriends it's enemies.

Russia, China, Pakistan, North Korea, South America and possibly India are preparing to hurt the United States where it don't grow back. Fini. The End. Game Over. If Amerikwa was anything resembling sober, it would withdraw from the Middle East and begin work at once on a civil defense program coupled with the biggest nuclear arms technology buildup in it's history. That would make sense. Forget about the towelheads. They won't drop 50 megaton ground busters all over the East Coast in one hour and convert it into the world's largest outdoor parking lot.

The West has lost the instincts needed to spot where the hurt can come from. It's probably the only instinct that you cannot do without.

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