Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Collapse of The United States Into Ethnic Civil War

It's beginning, as described by Vault-Co in 1994. We posted detailed descriptions of the collapse and how it would occur on the original Vault-Co site in late 1998.

It will begin with the southwestern border of America becoming indistinguishable from the chaos and violence that reigns in Mexico all the time. Loca law enforcement will be paralyzed and helpless because they do not have the resources for this kind of war - which requires an army to fight what is effectively an invasion by a foreign country.

It's really started now. It won't get better. Like the Western frontier of Imperial Rome, expect this degradation of their territorial borders to proceed on a daily basis until the establishment of Aztlan, the new Mexican nation on the former soil of the United States.

War comes to Tucson

"It's like living in a war zone"

Violence in Mexico now straddles the border

Mad Max style apocalyptic anarchy at the U.S. border with Mexico


Anonymous said...

Something a lot of you may not be aware of - the Mexican govt gets most of it's funds from Pemex - the state oil company - which in turn relies primarily on a giant oil field called Cantarell.

The thing is see - Cantarell just went into decline a few years ago - dropping production from over 2 MBD in 2004 to 1.5 MBD projected for this year. Decline rates are expected to run about 15 percent each year.

This means the Mexican govt is going to slowly implode over the next 5 to 10 years. And when you have a 100 million starving Mexicans just south of a whole lot of smilin gringos I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to predict the future.

Futhermore - 8 of the 10 largest oil fields ever found are now in serious decline.

Think we'll all play happy and nice as the oil goes away ?


Texas Arcane said...

I didn't know anything about any of this. That's very interesting information that ties into cascading events caused by resource conflicts and shortages.

Whenever I hear something like this, my instinctive impression is that when it rains here on Earth, it pours. When society stops innovating and producing solutions to their problems, even for a few months, you can see the huge freakin' tidal wave of causality knocking down all the tenpins in a row.

The U.S. didn't really do anything about the immigration invasion.

The U.S. didn't really do anything about the energy crisis.

The U.S. didn't really do anything about the educational system that was producing citizens who didn't seem to be really capable of doing anything, unlike their parents.

So now these failure points begin to feed into one another and before you know it you have apocalyptic collapses that actually escalate one another, producing even bigger problems that all in turn go unsolved as well.

This is why I believe we are not going into a slow decay tailspin like Rome and coasting back into a comfy rural agrarian lifestyle. It's not gonna happen. The problems we see now are going to culminate in a hellish finale that we currently probably cannot even comprehend the magnitude of. Time will tell if I am right or wrong about this but I think itz coming big time, not small 'c' collapse or small 'd' dark age.