Thursday, May 31, 2007

China Speaks of Peace, Prepares For All-Out Nuclear War

China isn't kidding. It wants Taiwan back. It is willing to sacrifice whatever it costs to reunite Taiwan with the mainland.

America isn't kidding. America isn't serious about anything, either. They're always kidding to some degree because their ragtag army and masturbator nation don't have the remaining resources, civil defense shelter or homogenous culture to weather a war with China over anything.

China is going to move on Taiwan. America will do exactly what is expected of it and allow it's entire naval fleet to be vaporized in one minute. It will then clumsily initiate WW3. China will hit Australia particularly hard, then the East Coast, then accept the terms of the American surrender and withdrawal from the area. Immediate casualties for America will be about 10%+ of the population, about 1% or less for China. The war over Taiwan will conclude with Taiwan being annexed to the mainland.

I was glad to see JERICHO go off the air because it represented an incredibly unrealistic portrayal of the aftermath and horror of even a limited nuclear strike in the United States. People who believe they will run inside a cellar as it starts to rain and emerge the next morning without suffering radiation exposure probably also believe in witches, bottle imps and magic fairies. If the Americans think that's what a nuclear war with China will be like they've got some big surprises in their future.

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