Sunday, May 20, 2007

China Prepares To Drop the Smack

America's entire strategy for Taiwan is divided between naval carriers and submarines.

The naval carriers will last about ten seconds in WW3 from what I've seen. The submarines will last long enough for the Chinese to destroy the hub in Australia. If this is followed by a strike on the East Coast, the war will be over and China will have won.

What about the return volley, you ask?

China has the most superior civil defense program in the world. 75% of it's population is less than two minutes away from a hardened shelter. I don't think America has considered what use it's nukes are against a nation with solid civil defense. Not exactly an easy target. It might be better to forego the counterattack altogether for fear of what the Chinese will do in return. Remember, America has no civil defense program and therefore not much in the way of options.

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Anonymous said...

Whenever WW3 pops up in a discussion the sheeple have this stubborn idea that both russia and china are backwards nations with outdated armies. It irritates me to no end.

The west has no chance to win the next world war.