Thursday, May 24, 2007

China Intends To Drop ZOGBux For War Chest Capital

Yes, this unprecedented arms race is all just for show to get better booth sponsors at the 2008 Olympics. Sure it is. You just keep telling yourself that.


Anonymous said...

China is a far more masculine society now that it has fewer females. Although it is not democratic, I'm certain that with a higher male population, that it's leadership has a view of the world where one should be assertive.

China creates for itself a favorable trade surplus VS the rest of the world. If they must suffer a trade deficit with a certain country, it is most likely for something that they need.

Every multinational in the US wanted access to the Chinese labor market where they can pay everyone 20 cents an hour. All their incessant talk about bringing 'freedom and demockracy' to China by giving them a taste of capitalism is hilarious. But that kind of talk can be used to win over a feminized electorate. China does not suffer from this self-destructive illusion.

China needed access to capital -- and they got it. Rather than watch their investments go down the toilet, they're going to get something that is actually physically tangible for their patience and hard work.

Texas Arcane said...

The reason I say repeatedly that China is going to win WW3 is simple.

You have two sides. One side consists of a largely masculine homogeneous culture of guys with an average IQ of 104 who number 1.5 billion and have the world's second most impressive civil defense program.

On the other side, you have a ethnically fragmented civilization composed mostly of effeminate morons with an average IQ of 97 who are the world's largest producer of sodomy porn ... with no civil defense program.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how this will end.