Saturday, May 26, 2007

Amerikwa Whines Pathetically Before Extinction

They're too feebleminded to go on living. Nature abhors idiocracies like the United States. It's healthy, natural and normal for it to be destroyed. The pornography capital of the world is best rendered as a 3,000 mile wide radioactive glassine crater filled with rubble. It will be better for history and the entire planet if Amerikwa is remembered for it's glory days in the 1950's at the pinnacle of their society, not the current sodomite grease trap it has become. What is going to happen is simply the result of a natural process and nothing about it can be considered a bad thing.

A population with an average IQ of 97 whose only remaining export product is interracial anal double penetration flicks of it's own young women is not worth fighting for and it isn't worth saving. These things happen to civilizations that have passed their use-by date. They are destined to be destroyed by another nation with more sober heads in it and greater promise in the future.

Deep down, I firmly believe that the people of the United States subconsciously want to die. I'm not being sarcastic for effect. I really believe it's what they want in their hearts and therefore it is what they are going to get. I also believe they already know subconsciously this is going to happen. If you proceed on this assumption you'll see their actions make a lot more sense ... it lends a consistency to their speech and conduct that otherwise they wouldn't have.


Anonymous said...

In all fairness..

The America you describe sounds a lot like the PARTS of American I loathe.

Those parts are New England, Chicago, Detroit, ALL of California, Oregon, Washington DC (and State) and parts of Florida.

Those parts of this country can vaporize tommorow and I wouldn't care.

Places like Wyoming and Montana have a LOT smarter, more enlightened fram a Christian base.

Because here, there are 5 square miles for every person. And if you're dumb, well you'll wind up getting bit by a buzz-worm (Rattlesnake), frozen to your steering wheel, or crapped out of a bear in the woods somewhere.

If Montana could have its way, we'd be our own Nation. So would Wyoming. In fact, Montana is leading the charge to deny the U.S. "REAL ID" act. We were the first to say, "Ha, we don't recognize this unconstitutional BS." And our governer essentially gave D.C. the finger.

But we are few.

(By the way, I have seen every corner of this state, and have YET to see any porn shop or nudy theater or strip bars).

Just like I don't overgeneralize Australians as Gun-hating socialists, please don't generalize Americans as weak, stupid and immoral.

Some Americans here still have their balls and are sick of all the weak-minded, cultural crap coming out of California and NY; all of the BS coming out of D.C., and all of the whining coming from the rest of the sheeple.

There are exactly 5 states in the U.S. where men can TRULY be, and for the most part act, Free.

North Dakota
South Dakota

Anonymous said...

hey when are going to up date you shelter page with new photos with shelter sleeping set up withkitchen area set

Texas Arcane said...

First of all, it's okay to generalize Australians as a bunch of lamebrained, gun-hating socialists who generally talk and act as though they had taken a severe blow to the head in some kind of industrial accident and have made a complete break with reality at some point. That about nabs it in a nutshell.

Just because there are a couple thousand guys here who wouldn't fit that stereotype doesn't mean it isn't a good rule of thumb for the other 30 million.

I'm working on that kitchen and the new bunk mattresses, will be p[osting some photos soon to demonstrate progress. Been pretty busy with other stuff lately so shelter work has been building up into pretty big backlog, but this week and following will be devoting several days to it as time permits.

Anonymous said...

The only part of your post I felt any disagreement with was your comment on the type of porn being exported: porn here seems to have become entirely kiddie-porn, with the GGW/Barely Legal, pre-pubescent thing overtaking more **cough** "mainstream" **cough** porn. Such as it is. Kinda weird that DP can seem "mainstream" but at least there is the illusion of consenting adulthood.