Sunday, May 27, 2007

Amerikwa Throws Hissy Fit Over New Chinese Sub Fleet

Ever wonder why they don't have people as bright as those at Vault-Co working for the Pentagon or it's assorted think-tanks?

That's because in times like these, good men tend their own private gardens.

"If China puts these systems in place effectively on the scale reported in sea-basing and land-basing, it will now have a robust second strike capability," said Lyle Goldstein, director of the China Maritime Studies Institute at the US Naval War College. "What was grey before now is becoming clear. China now can effectively fight a nuclear war."


Mike Pillsbury, a Pentagon consultant on the Chinese military, argues that the Chinese are miscalculating by deploying the Jin.

"President Hu Jintao probably does not appreciate the effect on the US that his military leaders' new deployments will have," he said. "These Chinese steps only play into the hands of our hardliners and push the US towards worst case scenarios. The Chinese have an apt proverb: 'Don't pick up a rock and drop it on your own feet'. President Hu needs to cut back this development and head
off a cold-war style arms race."

You fellows are starting to get the hang of this game!

This isn't about the issues. Or the path we take on our life journeys. Or about effective management of stress and careers. Or how to learn to spend quality time with other countries.

Forget about Oprah. She's a forty year old childless lesbian. She is useless the instant she moves out of that lounge chair on her studio set. This situation requires real people with good judgement, not pretend televitz imitation humans.

You can think. Or you can die screaming like a dumb animal caught in a hedge while the fox approaches to capture his lunch. Those are your options.

You can think. Or you can die. No idiocracy for you. Nations that can't think don't last very long, at all. Amerikwa's time is short.

The scariest and most damning knowledge of all is how little awareness the average person in the United States has about what is going on out there in the real world. The lead story today on Fox News on cable was about a new massage technique developed for people with Blackberry device related strain injuries in their fingers. A new cold war has exploded onto the international arena and the Amerikwans are still plied with stories about the fight over Anna Nicole's baby. We're talking about nuclear war, fellows. It's a kinda hurt that don't grow back, ever.


Anonymous said...

"The 'kwa" sure likes to whine a lot. Here, Ahmadinejad tells it like it is:,7340,L-3404364,00.html

'sanctions will hurt Western countries more than they will hurt us'

20 years ago, I would be shocked to find out that my opinion of the US has turned 180 degrees around. My patriotism was based on my love of European culture and it's traditions.

Any real patriot today will look at the downfall and destruction of the US as a positive.

Anonymous said...

"China has surprised the Pentagon with the pace of development of a new class of submarine that threatens the nuclear balance by providing Beijing with a more robust nuclear deterrent."

"tips the nuclear balance" (in Beijings favour)

"providing Beijing with a more robust nuclear deterrent" - (is the key word "deterrent"? Were you crazy Neocons planning on nuking them? If not then why the tears?)

FFS - the Yanks have some real crazies at the helm.