Thursday, May 17, 2007

YAAA (Yet Another Amnesty Abdication)

This country is utterly doomed. It's the most doomed out of all the failed states that now comprise the West. The Roman empire tried the same thing, over and over again. Pretty soon it didn't matter what laws they passed they had so utterly relinquished control over their borders. People came and went as they pleased and Rome lost all it's ability to defend itself, it's military becoming an abstraction that consisted of whatever lot of drunken mercenaries they could rustle up at a given hour. It didn't work then. It won't work now.

Amnesty for invaders

Australia is a satellite colony of the United States, although it never elected to be. When the mother country falls over, Australia will be at the mercy of 300 million radical Islamic militants on three sides. Imagine being dumb enough to have disarmed your own population beforehand.

The conditions are now laid for the ugliest ethnic civil war in all of recorded history

... and that's saying a lot. Almost all ethnic civil wars usually end in horrific slaughters. They'll be girl scout jamborees compared with what is going to happen in Amerikwa.

All failing empires turn into police states. They have no other choice.

What about mULtiKOOLtuRAlisM? Won't that save us? By the way, just what does that f**king word mean, anyway? Nobody knows, they just play along because they're scared. As in all failing empires, segregation becomes more pronounced despite the waste gases expelled from talking heads to the contrary. No really, people, if we just stick with this, you'll see, it will all work out just fine in the end.

Actually, you'll die screaming Zimbabwe styled broiled on a stick over an open fire

You cannot maintain a free republic with 100 million hostile invaders inside your borders. It's impossible. All dying empires become draconian hellholes. History says it's the next natural step in the progression towards complete collapse and dissolution.

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