Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Mostly Civilians

It is always civilians.

They do these things because they can and nobody holds them accountable since they killed John F. Kennedy.

Same old game with a different name.

Some people you can fool all of the time.

I gotta give it to this down-low brother, he has got nerve. Trying to go to war without Congress and still cutting pay to the military. That is moxie.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The War Prayer By Mark Twain

I never get tired of reading it.

The beginning of all wisdom is the fear of God.

Only God knows men's hearts and that is where the truth of real repentance is found. If you pray for your enemy to die choking on his own blood, ask yourself what you could expect from a God who would grant a prayer like that? Do you really think he would treat you any better than your enemy?

Rather, we should pray for our enemies and wish good on those who have done us evil. We should pray that our worst enemies never suffer any of our malice but only the wages of their deeds. Pray for them who despise you, you may be the only person who ever beseeches God on their behalf. In doing so you will be heaping hot coals over their heads, because you have left their judgement entirely up to God.


Did an experiment last night.

Tried compiling Vault-OS with gcc and it sailed through no problems.

Ran under a 2 meg installation of MuLinux which itself was installed on UMSDOS in a FreeDOS partition.

Ran good, too. Ran amazingly well. Lightning fast.

My biggest heartache is that I never got PHP to run as CGI under DOS. I spent a good two weeks back in 2009 trying to compile it with Causeway-32 and could not get several libraries adapted to that environment.

So if I could get PHP to run as CGI on MuLinux, "technically" I would have a DOS based version of PHP. In fact, if I could get FastCGI to run PHP on MuLinux, I would have a modern CGI scripting tool running with similar speed to all my hardcoded in-memory CGI that runs now. That means I would spend a lot less time hardcoding web pages for things like inventory and other complex web apps and could do them in the far more dev friendly PHP. PHP even supports front-end client apps with PHP-GTK add-on package.

The reason this would be fantastic is that I use PHP all the time and have been coding with it for years. It is a powerful language embedded for a lot of reasons, including libraries available that put Lua to shame. I was never able to get it running on DOS but MuLinux is almost DOS with a Unix OS.

I have spent quite a bit of time making all my code cross-platform with batch files targeting x86, Win-32 and Linux environments and it looks like that will work out good because I may start developing this primarily on the machine with gcc from now on.

One really cool thing I noticed on Mu-Linux are truly retro looking interfaces for X-Windows, including monochrome. If you plugged this 16 color VGA into one of my black&white monitors (I bought several of these powered by 12 volt, 0.5 amps) it would look pretty awesome and definitely have a Fallout-flavor to it. Looks decent even at 320x240 resolution. Nobody else worries about these things but I often ask ... would this look okay if all you had was an analog television or 12 volt CCD monitor to run it on? I'm just trying to think of all the situations you might need to use it with the most barebones equipment imaginable you might scavenge from somewhere. I try to imagine how even people with not much experience at installation or configuration could still keep Vault-OS running no matter what and have it be very, very useful to them.

One of the reasons I am trying to remove emphasis on the Windows port is that I now have enough experience with Windows since 1989 to know there is no way in hell I want that running my system post-apocalypse. I would describe it as the OS destined to fail you when you need it most.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Consonant Diarrhea Melonhead Calls For A "Situation"

That will be "created."

Here, mangoo smoothie guzzler Anderson Cooper is caught out staging sound effects and visual tricks to promote intervention in Syria.

I think this one was more professional than his green screen interviews in Sandy Hook where he pretended to get choked up talking to a woman's lapel button while the front part of his nose was bleeding in and out.

Melonheads count on Sapiens being really, really stupid. They are rarely disappointed.