Monday, June 30, 2008

Foreknowledge Means Collusion

Tell me how many Arab owned companies moved out of the WTC the week prior to 9-11 and surrendered a $50,000 deposit to do so. A thousand? One hundred? Ten? One? Zero?

Canada : Orwellian, Fascist, Marxist State

I could post stuff all day about Canada. I could do the same for Britain or most of the Western world. This was particularly lunatic in scope and warrants reading.

Think of the Apocalypse as God's way of saying : You're a drag and I don't like you. The only way I am going to get any relief from this hideous monotony is to bring the smack down.

I honestly can say that I agree. The most important thing to know about the Children of the Devil is that they are drags.

New Appreciation for the Elderly

Nobody dead is safe down south of the border. They will harvest their hair, clothing, whatever they can dig up and sell. Strangely enough, diversifiers do not metamorphosize upon entry into proper citizens and continue their macabre ways even on the special cosmically charmed soil of the 'Kwa. Whatta shocker.

Remember when they drag your papa from his coffin and pull out his gold teeth, we are a nation of immigrants. They are coming here for a better life, acquired by any means necessary.

'Kwan Versus Darwin : FAIL

Leeshawn bee gate-jumpin n'sheeeeeeeeeiiiit yassum. Because of the nature of the injury, there were fortunately no fatalities at the scene. Respekt BRRRAAAPPPPP dats what'im'talkin' bout yo whaddap widdat racist cracker forward inertial mass n'sheeeiiiitt? Date bee dey trip, homes, no'whadd'im'sayin yassum brudda bee trippin'n sheeeiiiittt.


Russian-supplied Shahab Missile System Moved To Border

'Kwa Implosion Imminent - Total Financial Meltdown

Oh my. Babies, the other white meat. Itz here.

5 Psy Experiments That Prove Mankind Is Absolutely Doomed

All there in simple black-and-white. Extrapolate and smell the fallout.

Tyrants At EU Proclaim All Democracy Is Now Banned

What the EU needs is a French Revolutionary style uprising that ends with wagon carts of heads being towed away still blinking. Punt'yer favorites through the streets, collect'em like pogs and scare your friends. Look, I've got both party secretaries! I just need to get the Executive Treasurer and I'll have the entire front row!

This made me laugh so hard I had tears coming to my eyes. Love this guy ...

Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, was so annoyed not to have been punished that he rose on a point of order in the manner of Kirk Douglas, shouting: “I’m Spartacus!”

U.S. Economy Grinding To Total Standstill

No food gets in. No worthless dollars out. That's worse than a depression. That's a gated genocide camp.

Banks say the 'Kwa is about to leave a crater a mile deep

Man is not a learning animal - Fiat Currency Leads To War

World War III Is A No-Brainer and is being planned now

Working on a rationale to attack Iran

Resource Wars - Klausewitzian Total Unlimited Warfare
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