Friday, February 18, 2011

Fox News : The Best Fake Conservatives That Money Can Buy

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I cannot believe that anyone would still be unable to realize that Fox News was created, funded, staffed and produced by Israeli-First Zionists who do not give a damn about the United States and happily celebrate it's ongoing implosion.

I have not watched Fox in about a month or so, I turned it on today while I was updating this blog and I gotta tell ya. Wow. It's gotten even worse.

It is such a caricature it seems like a Simpsons Episode.

At the start of the century, the elites realized that the country would swing back to "conservative" values. They knew they needed to be waiting, to steer them right along into the Kosher-approved political expression of these ideas. Like sheep, like cattle in a stockyard, the beast-men flowed right into the arms of the Fox News monolith and have held it to be a source of reliable information ever since. This has allowed them to channel every single uprising into harmless straw men issues and formed the basis of their complete capture of the Tea Party movement before it could become anything like a reasonable alternative. The Koch brothers spent a lot of money replacing unruly steer with their puppet herd point Brahmin stock so that the Tea Party would only meet and discuss correctly circumcised political issues that they would establish the parameters of.

Halfway through this decade, they knew the filthy beasts were trying to jump their pen walls and move towards more radical expressions like those found on the Internet. They realized that animatronics Hannity and Reilly might not capture this opposition so they then went and recruited Glenn Beck to lullabye those goyish hooved bipeds. It has worked spectacularly to keep them in a pleasant daze as their nation has been stripped of all remaining assets and preparations for it's burial are beginning.

There was a brief flurry of independent thought in the blogs and the Wikileaks false flag was manufactured to corral these Krisschan chimpmanzees into another tight little holding cage where they could be dispatched for rendering and melting down into tallow products, all the while believing they were fighting with "the opposition." In fact, all "attacks" on Wikileaks turned out to be funded by the same people who were in fact funding Wikileaks itself, Murdoch and his entire crew. This gang produces and promotes documentaries which are staged with fake front staff to conceal who is making the actual film before it is released in Kwanzanian theaters. They were just hawking "IRANIUM" on Hannity & Colmes when I turned on Fox.

The new Bolshevists are way more clever than the old Bolshevists if you look at this new media they created. Their control over the cattle hominids is correspondingly more complete than it ever was under Bolshevism.

The manboon will never be free. Itz incapable of thinking. If you can't think, you can never be free given the manboon genetic makeup. It will always be a slave, the only question is whose slave it will be.

The truth is, the gentiles fall for this crap because of their vanity, their desire of something for nothing, their lack of respect for their ancestors and their ideas, their failure to love their children enough to teach them contrary and their failure to fear God, which is the beginning of all wisdom.

If you're wondering which group I side with in this dichotomy, the answer is neither. The only Jew I am afraid of is Jesus Christ. The rest can go to hell and I hope they take all those gentile morons with them when they leave. They are children of Jacob, some of them wicked and cunning, others wicked and stupid. All of them are wicked. I am a child of Esau, I ultimately am never much interested in all this gibberish and only want one thing from my father and that's his blessing. Jacob can take his herds and his riches and his inheritance, those things are what is important to him. They will never be important to my kind. In order to be swindled, you yourself must be something of a swindler. Jacob means "swindler" in Hebrew. I hope all these swindlers (penises snipped or otherwise) end up with the wages they deserve for their labors here on Earth.

THINK about it (If your brain still works)

Click on it and read it. What's going on with modern people? What part of this story do they find so challenging?

Shock : Sapiens Economics Are Idiocracy

No seriously, everything will work out.

Having destroyed all classic fundmentals of our civilization including big abstract stuff like products and actual goods, we should be back to profitability by next year. We intend to start a new Ponzi scheme with even more investors in the pyramid who will pay for the privilege to join our nothing enterprise making and creating nothing and selling nothing at markup and exporting nothing to countries in desperate need of nothing. This nothing will pile up until it has made us all fabulously wealthy in our empire of nothing.

If you believe this is going to happen, you deserve what is actually going to happen.

If There Is No God, Then All Mankind Is Merely Meat Either Twitching or Silent and Will Be Treated Accordingly

Decline era classic, routine news. Boring decline is boring.

Once the secular view takes hold, nothing means anything anymore. If you can get away with grinding up human remains to use in dog food and you don't get caught, there is no reason to think it right or wrong. After all, the secular viewpoint is that it's just discarded meat like that of a horse or cow that has died.

Atheists make me laugh when they talk about "being good for good's sake." It makes me laugh hard. They are less than childlike and do not have any understanding of what sort of animal human beings are. If you tell them, "Do what comes naturally," they will crush your skull and eat your brain.

All my life I have watched as my principles, (my frontal lobes at least twice the size of those of ordinary people) based on absolutes, have been modified by mass media such that ordinary people can be easily trained to think any behavior normal, no matter how outrageous. During this entire time, ordinary people have claimed they are made in the same fashion as I am, that they have an internal compass needle that tells them if something is right or wrong and that this sense is independent of principles with religious fundamental assumptions.

The truth is, how could people ever be like me? They could never be like me. They have frontal lobes the size of chickpeas and brains no more sophisticated than those of housecats. For them, any code of behavior will always be relative, dynamic, rootless and ultimately almost infinitely flexible.

The average man has no innate sense of right and wrong. Their actions betray them. They are blank slates upon which any adaptable and convenient moral code can be erased and inscribed as simply as one modifies a blackboard.

Speaking as an atheist (I can do that any time I wish) I have to tell you that any atheist who promotes a popular ethic of atheism as a culture for his civilization is sicker and crazier than any Christian who has ever lived. These people think Christians are out of touch with reality. They themselves are working towards a civilization with no religious foundation. Are they smart enough to know how that exercise turns out? Like most Christians, they just fake it and pretend to know what they are doing.

It's like those old Roadrunner cartoons where Wil E. Coyote snickers as he cuts a circle with a chainsaw around his own feet.

You'll end up with a society where anybody found dead without means to afford a burial will be piled eight deep in common graves and interred maybe with bone scraps from animal science labs. God help us all.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Entire Planet And Surrounding Solar System Going To Hell In A Handbasket At Breakneck Speed On A Greased Slope

First thing it does is blow out comms in Commieland.

No commentary. Just a rundown on the disintegration this week alone. I'm really pressed for time, actually getting a bit of meaningful work done on Vault-OS at home.

Israel considers action by other a provocation - shocking development
It will be okay. It's not like it's going to kick off WW3 or anything.

Chief Crackhead of the Kwa trying to invigorate his reelection odds, still a trillion to one but inching up there ....Obama betrays the interests that made him President with a double-double-double-cross. This dude would pimp out his own mom except she beat him to it before he was born. As Jerry Seinfeld says about infidelity on your mistress, it's like turning to your accomplice during a bank robbery and saying "Okay, gimme everything you've got as well."

A lovely supervolcano starting up in Germany. At least I think so. So many of them are firing up at the same time I can't keep track of them all anymore.

Nothing to see here, sheeple. Just your routine colossal doomsday megafamine seed vault as an international effort accelerating preparations at unforeseen rapidly approaching ... what? According to the media, "nothing."

The vulgar hordes within the city gates are starting the bongo party early. I heard the reason news doesn't emerge from Miami anymore is that it's not even part of the United States any longer, just another HYAR BE DRAGONES on the maps. When a place achieves true enrichment, it is forbidden to mention it ever again and we behave as though such a place never existed.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Left Wing Female Reporter Gets Diversified At Both Ends By Enrichmentators

For me, this is what diversity really means.

These reporters, raised on Oprah, they figure crowds like this to be the same sort of people you might meet in Indiana protesting taxes. Fundamentally reasonable people, civil but outspoken.

Wrong. She might as well have been getting reactions on the streets from Martians.

Her ideas about the real world were not synchronized with the real world and she suffered accordingly. A macrocosm of the entire West right now. Basically, completely out to lunch.

A blond female in downtown Cairo during a riot without an armed escort, just a bunch of metrosexual camera crew quasi-males? Bad idea.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things Getting Weird Worldwide

Quake swarm in Italy near dormant supervolcanos.

"Frostquakes" (?) in the northern states. You couldn't make this stuff up. The mass media is obviously grasping at straws.

No food in North or South Korea this year.

No food in Mexico this year.

Brazil is entering the Ice Age.

China is entering the Ice Age.

You can just barely trust the media to report the facts where they fit their agenda. Don't ever trust their conclusions, which they insert right after the facts. The truth is that they are the last people you would ever go to for anything in the way of conclusions.

The media does not understand why this is happening.

Tens years ago, a lot of people did not understand why it was so important to me to build my shelter on top of the largest solid plate of rock in the Southern Hemisphere. Brisbane is not built on earth. The entire region sits on a shelf of rock that has been rarely disturbed in the past 30 million years.

Kwanzania Is Doomed

This is it. Last call for what was the greatest nation we know of in recorded history only a few years ago when I was born. None dare call it treason.

At some point, certain kinds of optimism are evidence of insanity. If you can hang in there, the U.S. housing market will never recover. Ever. Forget about it. Never. The U.S. is finished. The majority of their homes will become shelters for wild animals for the next century.

Globalists promote this fiat currency collapse as a perfect way to introduce another kind of funny money which they will issue worldwide. Where you or I might wince at the suffering and raw human pain, they simply denote a business opportunity.

People were told. They just didn't listen.

Here the helpful mass media tells you that California's problems were due to too many restraints on politicians. You can fool most of the people most of the time. The British you can always fool, all of the time.

China is not far behind

Remember, this is all collapsing just as the next Ice Age arrives. See the implications. Think of the consequences.

Things are going to be tough all over. For the United States, they are going to be impossible for anyone who is not completely self-sufficient.

This nightmare was constructed while the inhabitants of that country slept over the past forty years. They didn't even know their nation was being strangled that entire time until it was all over.
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