Friday, December 31, 2010

Solar Max 2012 : This is ITZ Coming

The magnetic poles are already teetering on instability. All it's going to take is one more deuce on this geomagnetic stack of cards. The first large solar eruption is going to flip the magnetic field.

When that happens, you better be inside a Vault somewhere.

A temporary cold snap caused by warm air over McDonald's colliding with jet aircraft exhaust expelled over a swimming pool that sank into the ocean and made a tsunami of discarded plastic bags that blocked a temperature front from Greenland that gabba blabba YABBA blather blither blibbity blibba jabba mumble ...

IDIOCRACY : THE Constitution Is Hard To Read And Is Really Old And Is For Fags And Sounds All Retarded


I know a great American leader who once expressed these sentiments far better in a more eloquent speech.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Is It Possible To Have Both A Grand Minima and Record Solar Flares At The Same Time?

Some people have written me recently suggesting that I am contradicting myself. I actually am so well versed in the science behind solar cycles that I often unconsciously omit information that seems so drab and obvious to me there is no reason to ever rehash it again. To people who have never been exposed to any of the fundamentals, I sound like a lunatic who is simultaneously warning of unprecedented solar flares at the same time I am telling them the sun is ebbing into a long term state change in which total output will be much lower. (An Ice Age, the normal condition for our planet)

During a Grand Minima and a shift from the interglacial to a historically low cycle of solar activity, you will see the same pattern over and over again. Fewer sunspots than ever, but when sunspots or electromagnetic flareups occur, they will be gigantic monsters which will cover half the sun and expend all the stored up energy in violent, massive bursts of activity ... before returning to a placid surface. It's almost as if the solar output never really changes ... but instead of radiating energy in an even distributed fashion that is the case during the Holocene (interglacial period) you have these long unbroken phases of quiet interrupted by sudden blasts which release all that energy in one sudden flare, maintaining the Sun's internal store at the same sum level all the time. It's not really a change in total output, it's a change in output as measured over time that brings an end to the interglacial period. Quiet suns are a lot like a crazy person who sits in the corner for days on end barely making a sound, then suddenly leaps to his feet and runs around screaming at the top of his lungs for ten minutes before meekly returning to his corner and going silent again.

The interglacial is a period of greater stability and far more even distribution of solar energy.

When it ends, everything becomes far more savage, extreme and contrasting. Not just the Sun, but the weather, volcanic activity, cosmic radiation and a million other factors that are intimately related to these causational attributes.

It is considered daring to suggest that the Grand Minima we are entering now may last at least a century. What they don't tell you is that the facts say it's going to be a lot longer and a lot colder. Humans normally take a long time to absorb new ideas and they can only do it in tiny doses, like they were sipping at arsenic. The average person doesn't have a brain that can turn on a dime the way mine can. Don't expect anybody to confirm what Tex just told you for a long, long time. Chances are when they do concede, you'll be more concerned about where your next meal is coming from if you have not taken my prediction to heart.

Understanding Wikileaks

This is a genuinely leaked document. Read it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The New Kwanzania - Post Apocalyptic Wasteland By Hieronymous Bosch

Read these accounts to get a feel for what this country has changed into.

Horrible, nightmarish place. You wouldn't kennel a dog there.

The three branches of government have failed to enforce the Constitution, therefore the "government" in the Kwanstain is illegal. The people are to be secure in their persons against unreasonable searches. Since they have all failed to perform their duties as outlined in the Constitution, they have no authority and should be regarded as an occupational force of subversives.

The destruction of the education system is what made all of this possible. Everything else is just epilogue, including the invasion that followed. It was made possible by dumbing the population down until they didn't even know where they were.

Watch Who Defends WikiLeaks When You Say It Is Fraudulent Cointel

Watch and see.

There's a reason certain people have come out of the woodwork to promote, defend and disseminate Wikileaks. The reason is that Wikileaks is a false flag operation to try to co-opt the natural distribution of information on the internet, which is increasingly annoying to the elites.

Monday, December 27, 2010

WW3 Approaches : Kwanzania Will Be Destroyed

It's all about keeping the rubes busy with straw men until the missile contrails are coming in.

Wikileaks Busted Wide Open As Cointel

Julian Assange is an asset. He has been part of the inner circle since the time he was old enough to walk.

Assange connected intimately to Murdoch, Soros, Zionist front organizations. Wikileaks is strenuously filtered to prevent any compromise of information concerning Israel. Wikileaks is being called a "brand name" of the NTY and Murdoch being funded and set up by same.

This whole business is a joke for the 'tards in the middle of the Bell Curve, who will suffer any regime other than their own. It's through their vanity they are destroyed.