Friday, January 29, 2016

Reporting Solution Found For Vault-OS

The HTML-to-PDF solution produces the most brilliant looking reports imaginable. Custom styles, formatting and layout are all faithful to the original. Sample output style above as example. It can be output with plain black and white or high contrast applied in the stylesheet.

I tried sending some of my inventory grids from the old VOS I had saved as HTML files except paginated lists to the PDF converter and they came out in the browser window correctly paginated for printing. I had always theorised this was possible and it is a fantastic way to generate a myriad of reports for the inventory manager, the shopping list, duty roster, radio contacts, inspection lists ... all as PDFs that can be viewed in the browser or sent to a printer. My 10 year old Compaq T5710 thin client that I purchased for $2 on EBay displays all of VOS correctly, including JQuery controls, Raphael vectors and has a built-in PDF viewer that comes installed. If the VOS server is running somewhere it is just plug-n-play and this box becomes a distributed terminal to control or monitor anything else in the shelter. My whole system is based on a few dollars for the lot if you can't find half of it thrown out somewhere.

There's a drawback and it is that you need a 20 megabyte open source PDF converter and accompanying 22 MB .DLL in the "bin" directory for all this to come off correctly. The Lua script that generates the reports as HTML calls the converter when it is done. It is easy to disable this feature and instead pop up the HTML in a new browser window which the user can then arrange to send to a freeware PDF printer or even send it directly to the printer if he thinks it will turn out looking okay.

The thing that bugs me about this approach is that it breaks my all-in-one .EXE superserver architecture by requiring a platform specific utility in the "bin" directory as well. It also adds a physical cache that needs automated management. (To delete old files on a regular basis and keep it from growing too big) This isn't too hard to implement, however. Most web servers do this. This open source converter comes with executable binaries compiled for almost all major OSes as well as all source code. It is totally portable.

Of course, I could just add a configuration flag that turns this process off and launches the HTML report in a browser window and leave it to the user to output the document however their local setup permits.

The reason I am telling Vault-Co readers all these details is that I am hoping somebody out there knows an even better way. For example ...

1. A much smaller HTML-to-PDF converter that either comes as a library or with source under a megabyte. Or a portable renderer that is an executable that takes up less space than 40+ MB.

2. Another way altogether to approach the problem ... like a report formatting tool that would plug into my former solution, LibHaru, with commands to draw tables, grids and layouts and then dump it into a PDF.

3. Another alternative like a way to build rich text files from a Lua script with tables or a Lua plug-in with some C code to render to some other document type that would be smaller and more efficient than what I am using, mostly important to compile it right in with what I have and return to my all-in-one total solution server that can do everything.

I may be making a fool out of myself but I just wonder if I throw a net out there somebody might have a better paradigm. Forty megabytes in the 'bin' directory is a little heavyweight compared with all the other code I have now.

ICBMs Are So Last Tuesday

The real power in the Third World War will come from hypersonic nuclear glider drones.

A cloud of red mercury nuclear cluster bomblets and then spray plutonium out the back for a couple of years until it finally crashes.

A proper vault is required for this war.

America continues to prepare for nuclear war in the 1960's. My former nation doesn't stand a ghost of a chance.

Zika Is Not Made By Nature

Outbreak occurred precisely where genetically engineered mosquitoes were released. 

Brilliant stuff by the NWO. It doesn't kill you. That might cause a panic. It effectively kills your kids. Extraordinary and subtle. These guys know how to fly under radar without being seen until it is right on top of you.

Fantastically stealthy ... most don't know they have it. Most won't until they have children. A pandemic that is so furtive it does not broadcast it's presence until everybody has got it.

If the next generation is all microcephalics, there won't be a generation after that. Very clever stuff.

The plague that creeps in and produces nasties like continuous fever and Guillain-Barre. Forever.

Kwanstainia, Land Of A Thousand ButtHurts

To know them is to despise them. If a Kwanstainian tells you it is raining outside, don't bother with your umbrella going to work today. Everything they say is the opposite of the truth. Good is evil. Bitter is sweet. Up is down. Truth is lies.

Give them kids more dope because it makes them better. Permanently. Now they are good yanks. Wait, what is the reason we giving them this crap again? I forgot.

I am sure if all that was true they would tell us about it. Needs more green screen. It's not trustworthy until it is photoshopped and contrast reversed. Everything.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

LibHaru is a Wash

When push came to shove, embedded libharu with lua binding was a wash. I could not generate decent reports for it despite hours of work writing utility routines in Lua for it. I tried everything until I realised the library is just nothing but a collection of crude primitives that you can create a .PDF file with as a server stream. An impressive toy but under real use at work it fell apart.

My original idea for reporting was printing a report as a block formatted HTML paginated browser view and then figuring out how to send this to the printer or PDF. This means on thin clients it has to have a printer server connected or at least some kind of PDF server. There is a really good open source PDF server I switched to but it complicates reporting in Vault-OS which ideally was intended to be an all-in-one. The PDF has to run as a utility which the Lua executes with the HTML as an argument and then dumps it into a cache. This is my solution at work but I think I am going to hatch something else for Vault-OS. I may keep looking for a compact embeddable library that can stream to a web page but mainly converts HTML on the fly to .PDF where possible.

Any ideas from anyone else, seriously, much appreciated. Reporting in Vault-OS is a biggie. You have to be able to print out a shopping list to go the supermarket and top up your wishlist and expired or rotated list. It is really important functionality in a survivalist inventory manager. The barcoding solution I solved so elegantly it is beyond belief, also as an HTML trick to print barcode 39 straight from the browser. If anybody knows an embeddable solution in ANSI C I could compile directly into my code like LibHaru that outputs to .EPS, .PDF or LaTex and permits complex chart and table functionality with ease I would be really interested. Anything that once it is output can be displayed to the browser window directly or else sent to the printer. I know it sounds like a big ask and it is complicated but I have already turned so many huge problems into simple solutions with Vault-OS I know there is something out there that would work for this. The ideal solution would be to create a report as HTML and send it to .PDF like I am doing at present except this code would be compiled right into it. Incidentally I tried removing Libharu and the current build instantly shrunk from 2.1 megs to 1.28 megs, again small enough to fit on a floppy.

My solution for work requires a binary command utility to be present in the bin directory under the server, a good answer for my current requirements but a little too specific for Vault-OS. Any help from anyone will be much appreciated. Remember, ANSI C cross platform code is best. (I know this sounds ridiculously difficult to satisfy but somebody out there may know of another way of thinking about the problem of printing formatted reports altogether.)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Creepy New Depopulation Supervirus Released

I'm not sure if Kwanstainian heads became tiny that anyone would really notice.

Cooling temperatures will help keep it closer to the equator but you never know. This is very bad stuff. 3000+ microcephalics born in a year instead of 160 is apocalyptic stuff.

Georgia Guidestones program is definitely beginning. Softening them up for the nukes is a big part of the prep stages. If they are too dumb to even know what is happening most of them won't even have the foggiest idea of how to survive the recovery phase, especially fallout and famine. Seems like each week people are getting slower here in Australia. Every single week. No way am I getting smarter every week so I am certain it is them in most cases.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Thermostat Off

... just in time, too. Man I been burning up on this planet since I don't know when. There's nothing like an invigorating blast of cool air.

I feel a classic Neanderthal song coming on. Just imagine that I have used CGI to place this tune in a winter wonderland with 7 foot deep permafrost and a friendly sabre tooth tiger smiling from atop a glacier ... of course I would be singing this with a gigantic pile of furs on and a throwing disc ...

Maybe this one is way more appropriate ... "End of the interglacial? Beginning of an Ice Age? Oh, Sapiens, please don't throw me into dat permafrost! Iz gonna be a goner!"

Kwanstainian Thugs Bragging About Stealing Land

... from war veterans at a fraction of it's worth using legal manoeuvres and sophistry backed by the power of the State.

I bet their parents are really proud of them, stealing land from their fellow citizens and "little guys" who were WW2 veterans.

This is the real face of abomination that hides behind the State. It is these people who are the "little people," who like functionaries in all totalitarian societies turn into miserable tyrants, each of them a master of a little crime syndicate that seeks to prey on it's own people.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Planet With A Dead Sun

Oh no! Not the end of the Holocene! Neanderthal is affeert.

HAHAHAHAH ROFL Tee-shirt weather for the Enkidu. It's not the heat, it's the humidity. I'm afraid you may have been the victim of a cruel tourism hoax where the Northern Hemisphere was portrayed as "habitable" and "reasonably temperate." If they told you that then they lied. It's Neanderthal world above the equator and it always will be. You have been warned.