Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Smearing The Murphys

The media is trying a little too hard. You have to wonder if they have a dog in this fight. It seems critical to dismiss both poison victims as delusional to the general public.

Simon Monjack did not have delusions of grandeur. In fact, he claimed he was a minor courier for various agencies between continents who routinely carried messages. He claimed prior to 9-11 he carried numerous messages to Tony Blair advising him in advance of the attack in the United States. He didn't claim to be James Bond or a key figure or anybody of importance. Just somebody who made money on the side personally delivering envelopes with private contents. Since he regularly was photographed with these people it is not too big a stretch of the imagination to say his story had evidence and some credibility.

The mass media seems to be targeting this story for the memory hole. They are hurling accusations from every side and hoping something they will stick. They were drug addicts. They were crazy people. Yet no real evidence for any of this, just hearsay from anonymous sources.

Just last week they were making up enormous amounts of blather about Philip Hoffman because they had no real access to anybody who knew much about what had happened. They made a lot of stuff up before more information became available. It is not like they have a code of honor about slandering the dead. The contrary, in fact.

The Murphys are not around to defend themselves because they are both dead of poison. Nobody is arguing they were poisoned to death but everybody is rushing to argue these poisons came from something they willingly took. I don't see that as being self-evident at all.

Before they died they were telling anyone who would listen that Simon had become a liability precisely for the fact that he was a minor player who had revealed information that was critical to exposing what really happened on 9-11. They told their friends that cleanup teams had been assigned to silence Simon and then Brittany because she was his wife. This is what they were telling people before they died. I just think that is a bit odd and any honest reporter would welcome the opportunity to look deeper. Instead the media appears to be working at burying this story so it vanishes..

Nonchalantly buried in the story at the link above we discover that a neighbor who simply shot footage of a helicopter over their house was themselves promptly found dead immediately afterwards. That's a pretty big footnote right there. This story stinks with footnotes like that.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More On Clearly Emerging Alliance Between Russia And China

Hey, rube, they are going to win. Everything.

These are nations with leadership. What does the West have? Former male teen prostitute junkies from Kenya with "community organiser" on their resumes.

To the winners go the spoils. To the losers goes nothing.

The reason we originally created this blog 16 years ago is because we foresaw all of this in advance.

Vault-Co was predicated on the assumption that the losers are going to be sore losers.

"The earth is degenerating these days. Bribery and corruption abound. Every man wishes to write a book of his own foolishness. Children are scornful and no longer mind parents. It is evident that the end of the world approaches quickly."

Engraved on an Assyrian Tablet Circa 2800 B.C.

The difference being, they didn't have nuclear weapons for their ragnarok. Our generation does … and that anonymous Assyrian was absolutely right, his civilisation was crumbling to pieces before his eyes.

More on the clairvoyance of Stanley Kubrick.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Treating SADD in Long Term Shelter Inhabitants

The headset sounds pretty promising.

Low voltage UV LED lighting with full spectrum radiation is just now getting down to affordable price ranges. It is good for the plants in the hydroponics lab as well. LED lighting will last 25 years or more continuous use without burning out, so you buy a couple rolls and your shelter should be good for a century or more. After that you may have to find some replacements.

A while back we blogged about a heating device on a wristband that seemed to warm the entire body's blood flow through a single low voltage element. These would be mandatory in my next generation of vault suits. I will also use silver impregnated industrial hemp fabric in the next version because my old vault suits literally rotted away from mold inside a bag. When I entered Firehold Bravo for the last time to do my salvage run, I took one look at them and left them behind. They are interred beneath tons of sand now.

Steve Jobs Is Dead

Obviously, because the company is now run by the usual hipsters and career failures.

Knew It. Told You It Would Be Like This.

China Backing Up Russia On Ukraine

China is full of smart people. They know which way the future is blowing and it is bringing a cobalt death shroud for some nations on the wind.

Kwanzania causing trouble again, as usual

Dying empires always want to start trouble everywhere else like they are angry about the fact they are in decline. Standard behaviour by the book according to history.

You can tell when the Kwa is involved because the smart money flees

The Real Story In The Ukraine

Here is what is really happening in the Ukraine.

I don't always have time to blog as much as I'd like in depth about these subjects.

I agree with Dr. Roberts. This is another 5 billion dollar social engineering fiasco that has destabilized a democratic government on purpose in order to gain a strategic foothold on the border of Russia. This is planned as pursuant to putting "missile defense" installations on the very perimeter of Russian territory.

Increasingly the United States in 2014 has taken on the role of the Soviet Union in 1960. They just go around the world making people unhappy, fomenting revolution, war and misery wherever they alight. They are like Satan described in the Book of Job, traveling up and down in the earth spreading wickedness and evil for its own sake.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dr. Strangelove Planet

Stanley Kubrick was a wonderful, honest human being and a brilliant film maker

Everybody thought he was a nasty subversive trying to make America look ridiculous. His goal was to portray the reality of nuclear weapons ownership by mankind. He wasn't targeting any particular ethnic group or trying to overthrow the existing power structure or conspiring to undermine national defense. The reason I always had so much respect for Kubrick is that he showed the world with his film that civil defense is extremely important to the people who have their fingers on the button. It is extremely important - for them. The civilians are not even a footnote in their calculations. People thought Kubrick was exaggerating what madmen, clowns and idiots are in charge of these weapons. Guess what? The most incredible thing is that he wasn't. If anything, he probably made them all look a lot more sober than they usually are.

Shortly before they shot Kennedy he was getting ready to change all of this. He intended to introduce a civil defense program in America similar to the one in Switzerland. Lyndon Johnson canned that program as soon as he was installed. Many years later, Lawrence McDonald, a U.S. Congressman, was on the verge of announcing the revival of Kennedy's original program for civil defense when his plane was shot down by the Soviet Union on Korean Flight 007 claiming it had violated their airspace on a spy mission. Later evidence emerged that the transponder had been tampered with in the plane to drive it off course and into Soviet air space deliberately by persons unknown.

The problem with Homo Sapiens having nuclear weapons is that he is Homo Sapiens. A bear of little brain. About as bright as a shiny red button. He is sure to use them sooner than most people visiting this blog realize. Sapiens has never had a weapon he didn't use in warfare and nuclear weapons will be no different.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Good Corrugated Atlas Design

Good corrugated design here but unfinished.

Excellent technical detail on Atlas shelters above and below ground. The general layout and architecture of everything is superb within the cost limits they operate inside of. I prefer steel bracing in the underflooring and stainless steel struts in the uprights because it lasts forever unlike wood. I also want to avoid treated wood and laminates because the offgassed products over the years can create a very toxic environment. It is worth noting that if your shelter already uses these materials you can neutralize most of these poisons through ozonation of the shelter when not occupied. 

My next one is going to incorporate everything I have learned and then some from the previous two corrugated shelters I have constructed. I've made mistakes but the next one is going to get it right.

My next shelter is going to be 3.6 meters in diameter for headspace and is going to consist of an "H" shape (design to be posted here in the near future.) It is going to have it's own well dug in-situ and all four corners of the "H" will be sealed rooms dedicated to various functions with the environmental manager, generators, toilets and permaculture room all with their own ventilation arrangements.

Each hallway in the "H" is going to be fitted out for liveability and comfort and the entire complex underground is going to be so appealing it will be a nice place for my family to just take a vacation for the weekend in. I have already picked out the 50's style restaurant tables and padded seats I intend to install in the dining area. I am going to strive for a wide open feel with enormous room to swing your arms and a paint scheme that is pleasant and calming. I will have a Vault-OS terminal at your fingertips anywhere in the shelter for instant monitoring and control of anything at any time.

I have learned not only from my own mistakes but from the mistakes of others. I know a lot of the problems this guy in the video has had that are not mentioned but I am well acquainted with them. I won't be making them again.

The number one priority in shelter design should be liveability long term. I was heavily influenced by my hero worship of Oak Ridge laboratories when I built my last shelter to the detriment of functionality. This time I am going to be concentrating on the engineering for human beings who inhabit it above all other things. Just like the bright orange civil defense color I was using on this site the past ten years, I was more influenced by my preferences than I was by good judgement. I am changing that from now on and I am going to operate on what I have learned rather than what I necessarily prefer aesthetically.

Despite what may afford the most protection from radiation, the design of the entrances and exits are key to the usefulness of the shelter. The entrances should be designed to be convenient and accommodating as possible and then measures can be taken to increase their radiation protection. The truth is once you are 3 meters belowground all you need to do is properly shield against reflected neutrons and your shelter will be just as safe as my former design. This is best accomplished with water and metallic styrofoam to block incoming radiation from something as deadly as the neutron bomb which is guaranteed to be used in the next World War. China paid a lot of campaign money to Clinton and Gore through their Buddhist temple in California to get access to the neutron bomb. You can be certain they won't be putting conventional nuclear warheads on the tips of all those cruise missiles they are manufacturing like sausages over there. Why waste all that R&D expertise they got from research the Americans did for them over the past forty years?

Don't Panic!

Many of you may be shocked at our first major style change since 1998.

Frankly, that civil defense yellow was hard to read text on. It only took me 14 years to figure out.

At this rate I will soon have a first class web site.

No seriously, it was hard to read.

I used the color because I wanted the web site to always be bright and shocking when it loaded up in the browser but after 14 years I decided I'd rather make it more readable.

Apologies to all who preferred the previous color scheme, obviously the product of somebody with severe Aspergers.