Friday, January 31, 2014

FULL CIRCLE : Vault-Co Stamp of Approval

It's canon. Seriously, read it because it is that good.

It took me quite a while to finish reading it in starts and stops but it was worth it. I am considering beginning again at chapter one and working my way through it again.

The section on the Ionians will blow your mind.

We are all in a stage play that has a regular change of actors. Otherwise, it's the same play over and over again. Somewhere in all this banality, God is trying to reach us at the individual level.Once you start to see it from his perspective you can imagine how tough it is on God to try to communicate with such wretches. For God it must seem like he is speaking to one of the animatronic robots at Disneyland, whispering to the mechanical automaton that he is loved and treasured and has a greater destiny somewhere beyond all this scripted emptiness. How do you get this metal puppet to understand it has an immortal soul? It would be really tough.

This guy is soft on Christianity big time. I am amazed he could get a publisher for this book.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Death Watch for The Kwa

I say pull the plug now, since brain death is confirmed. Artificial respiration only prolongs the inevitable.

People always wondered why math was so important to teach to the young. This is why. Knowing when you are due to be outnumbered and then eaten is an important survival skill.

ABC Reporter describes it "as almost a kind of Ice Age." Yeah you know I was thinking the same thing. Almost a kind of. I want to see the look on this guy's face next year. I just read some recently updated survey data from the surface of the Sun. You might want to plan your diet around a no-calorie intake for the next 100 years or so if you live in North America. You notice how just a little tiny unexpected cold and they hit the resource wall on propane overnight. Imagine when it really starts to get cold. Predicted on Vault-Co over 12 years ago, verbatim.

I love it when the orthodoxy arrives. "Listen," they say, "you cranks and fringe nuts are going to have to leave this park. Take your soapboxes with you. You're not welcome here. We have some very important people coming this afternoon to give a speech about how we may be looking at a new Ice Age. They are bold, cutting edge lateral thinkers and people want to hear their take on these events because they are highly ejamafacated and whatnot and what-have-you. So you nuts and doomsday prophets will just have to shove off." The big limos roll up and all the guys who were telling us last year about global warming get out with their personal aides and stenographers. "Dammit, I'm a rebel and I am here to shake things up. People it is time we considered the worst case scenario. I will be in charge of this operation from here on."

One fool follows the other and they all stumble into a ditch.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No Way The The West Will Survive The Coming Ice Age

Modern people have trouble remembering to wash their hands leaving the restroom. No way is the western world going to be able to cope with a new Maunder Minimum.

The feedback mechanism in the human brain that tells them they need to change their approach isn't working any longer in the West. In the 1700's if they had an unexpectedly hard winter I guarantee you they would have been loaded for bear come the following year and doubled up on everything they would need when the next one hit.

They had a good warning in 2011. Atlanta is a city run by enrichers. Anybody with the lights on upstairs would have been fully prepared in 2013 and 2014. They weren't. They don't react to feedback and alter their plans accordingly.

This used to happen constantly in the civil defense programs of the 1950's. The local officials never failed to notice a pattern or to think about weaknesses in their strategy. They'd go straight in asking for appropriate resources to respond in a different way the next time an emergency hit. This is why America had an amazingly responsive civil defense system in 1963, the year I was born.

Modern day Kwanstainia specializes in dumb looks and baffled doubletakes. No amount of advance warning they need to buy more snowplows or store more rock salt ever turns on anything resembling a lightbulb in their politically correct brains. They just run around in circles squawking like chickens and blaming it (whatever it is) on global warming. This is what rushes in to fill the vacuum left by organic failure at the game of life.

The next Ice Age is going to depopulate that continent real quick, one way or another.

These are early days. It ain't even got cold yet, carpetbaggers. See if you want to still live there after a couple of years with no summers in them. We'll see. I don't think the climate is going to agree with you.

Kwanstainian Teachers Cannot Correctly Spell "Litter"

That's the most important observation I made here.

Mike Judge was visionary with IDIOCRACY. The movie got snubbed because it wasn't 500 years in the future.

Why Do You Want Your Money

Wanting it is not a valid reason for getting it.

Bank runs are coming in the 'Stain. Vault-Co has been predicting them for ten years. We'll keep predicting them for another ten. Know why? Because bank runs are coming in the 'Stain. You can talk your Keynesian rubbish until your eyeballs swell to the size of grapefruits. You know what? Fiat currency always leads to bank runs and bank runs are coming in the 'Stain.

Marcus Aurelius, The Pagan Christian

Atheists are always telling lies. I'd read MEDITATIONS one evening in the military so even when I was an atheist I knew other atheists lied like hell about Aurelius. Atheists disgusted me when I was an atheist. I realized after a while out of all these obvious idiots I must be the biggest idiot of them all to be lumped in with people of such poor character and integrity. Whatever they claimed to believe in, I didn't want any part of it after seeing what sorts they really were.

Marcus Aurelius, before Christ, believed there was something beyond the "gods" of his era, he believed there was a true God of whom all these archetypes were a feeble attempt to quantify. He believed that this ultimate God was very, very good. Better than Apollo or Mars or any of these false idols. He also thought it was the goal of this supreme being to keep all of us from harm. He deduced correctly that the Supreme Being would be just but would not have an axe to grind or a blood lust to sate. It would be the will of God that none of his creations should perish. Aurelius deduced all of these things before Christianity swept the ancient world.

"Now departure from the world of men is nothing to fear, if gods exist: because they would not involve you in any harm. If they do not exist, or if they have no care for humankind, then what is life to me in a world devoid of gods, or devoid of providence? But they do exist, and they do care for humankind: and they have put it absolutely in man's power to avoid falling into the true kinds of harm."
—Marcus Aurelius, Meditations 2.11

I always thought this guy was pretty impressive for somebody who did not have access to the New Testament.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Why Fail Is Fail No Matter What Humanatans And Chimpmanzees May Claim

I get this constantly in my profession.

I'm making sense, the other person is knowingly talking absolute semantic-free gibberish and is signaling me with their eyes "You need to reciprocate or I will expose us both as charlatans." The thing is, I am not a charlatan. They just assume everybody else is making it up as they go along as well. The point of contention is not whether or not I am some kind of village idiot who barely knows how to proceed - that's a given - it is that I really am a software developer who does not need to fabricate speech to sound confident. I never sound confident in any situation because I know enough about software development to know that people who speak with confidence and self-assurance are not qualified to work as software developers.

In software development you propose an approach to be tested by implementing it as a prototype with the assumption you may get feedback that it is not the correct way to proceed. All those guys who act like software development is paint-by-numbers? All of them according to the research are ordinary people with no aptitude (or enthusiasm) who are acting out in order to get paychecks on Friday. All of them. There are so many fakes that at some companies, everybody assumes everyone else must be faking it too.

The Sun Is Shutting Down For A Couple Millennium Or Thereabouts

Routine maintenance. No need to panic unless you are a freakish anomaly of the Holocene. Also known as Neanderthal weather. What did I do with my beach umbrella and sunning towels? This planet doesn't feel right until it hits at least 20 below.

Another phenomena the Neanderthal was very familiar with, it was like changing his underwear. Now you know why they lived in those caves. The only thing that ever killed the Neanderthal was Homo Sapiens. Everything else he was all over, all the time. No such thing as an unprepared 'Thal. Every day is jump day for 'Thals. That's the type of person it takes to live on this planet long term.

Theodore Dalrymple, Jim Penman

It has been my minor distinction over the years to introduce Vault-Co readers to many important thinkers who have been buried by the mainstream. I am proud to have brought many of them to the attention of others who might have otherwise missed them because of the efforts of the orthodoxy to make them into un-persons who never existed as in the heyday of the Soviet regime.

I discovered Theodore Dalrymple (real name Anthony Daniels) in the same year as Lewis Mumford. Theodore is a unique sort of officially dispossessed thinker in that he was formerly the toast of the ruling class before he began to make too much sense for their tastes. In the 1960's they used these writers as spearhead curmudgeons in the cultural war but as with so many bolshevists who were prominent in the early part of the revolution in Russia, they were later struck off the books as too counter-revolutionary. Theodore was replaced with far more radical militant, proselytizing atheists when he was recognized as far too conciliatory and found consistent praise for traditional Western values above other cultures.

What he has also proven to be is eerily prophetic, in contrast to the current stable of State propagandists who are never accurate at predicting anything, which is to be expected since their models of reality are the product of secular insanity. Long before the coming of the Chav in Britain, Dalrymple was warning of the ease with which Islam would appeal to the native British and easily supplant their bulwark in Christianity when the time was ripe. He also pointed out that where the muslims had failed at conquering Europe after the collapse of Byzantine Rome they would almost certainly succeed with simple fertility a millennium later under the doctrines of the multi-kult. Oh sure you're saying, all the State barrel organs play this tune now ... except Dalryrmple was warning about these things in the late 60's long before it became fashionable or career-wise. In fact, when it became obvious that Theodore could once again serve the interests of official party line it was too late - he had already been struck off as irrelevant.

I find him infinitely refreshing and as a Christian can admire a man's consistency even if he is without faith. Dalrymple is one of those people who simply built his credibility up by writing regularly about whatever struck him as important long before anyone was paying him to do so. We are told that anyone who speaks the truth on any subject is speaking with the spirit of God, who is not the author of confusion. We can contrast such men with the mainstream, who never make sense on any subject no matter what they say.

Here's Jim Penman. The most brilliant book I ever read on the human condition cost me fifty cents at a garage sale. It was called The Hungry Ape and it was by Jim Penman, the Australian who founded Jim's Mowing in Australia. Read the article and you'll see why Australia is not a meritocracy. Even if Australians have the occasional superhuman genius born in their midst (and they do, probably more frequently than most nations) they lack the temerity to even recognize these people or provide them with anything resembling a path to some livelihood. Like Jim, the smartest ones make their own opportunities. The reporter who wrote this ugly smear piece on Jim was not bright enough to realize just who he was talking to. Compared to Jim Penman he is not much more than an ape that can walk on its hind legs, trust me. Whatever Australians tell you about this guy ... believe me when I say that this guy is probably one of the ten brightest human beings currently alive on this planet. Recognizing the triggers in the mammalian brain that react to the calories in the food supply is somewhere on par with discovering that the Earth revolves around the Sun instead of the other way around. If I ran the Nobel committee this guy would have taken home at least one of them by now.

Jim, by the way, is clearly an "MT" - Melonhead front, Thal back, a product of interbreeding between the original Melonheads and Neanderthals. You can see facial features like the retreating periorbital socket of his eye combined with the large, long forehead to contain a pretty big brain. Jim looks remarkably like my father, who looks remarkably like Colin Wilson, who looks remarkably like Wernher Von Braun, who looks remarkably like me and I look remarkably like Koanic Soul. A coincidence all around to be sure. Either that or we are all descended from a very narrow group of people in Europe with a different shoulders-to-hip ratio, wavy hair, extraordinarily high native intelligence, surprising genetic symmetry and a propensity to nosebleeds when under stress, also known as hematochromia. Or else, Occam's Razor ... we are all slight genetic variations from the Amud Neanderthal tribe that merged its survivors into the Basque.

There is something black-and-white in the way Penman views the world. He comes across as a literal person, with few social graces. He does not do small talk. He does not try to lighten an interview with laughter. People around him say Penman has Asperger’s syndrome, a mild version of autism that limits the ability to communicate.

With Sapiens, you get the psychoanalysis for free. Anybody smarter than a Sapiens is suffering from some form of retardation. Rather than clearly being direct, straightforward and focused on information, instead Sapiens says that such people have mild brain damage. Saps is a large tribe animal, mainly devoted to quantity and appearances. Quality comes from other hominid races. Quantity is about theatrics and performance. Quality is about the facts and reality. According to Saps, only retarded people can concentrate on the actual subject at hand. Superior means not being able to remember exactly what the topic was you were talking about ten seconds after you have begun speaking.