Sunday, July 6, 2008

Obama : Obfuscating Effeminate Wafflin' He-She Tranny Gender Bender

This down-low brother doesn't have a leadership bone in his body. Sounds like Oprah on crack.

People like this don't know where they are going and the herd that follows them anywhere will quickly find itself going around in a circle. Those whom God would destroy he first makes ambiguous.

Obama is the leader that God sends you before he waxes your ass

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vault OS V0.1 : 16 Bit Real Mode GUI, IPX + TCP-IP

It isn't much to look at yet. This is built on top of the OpenGEM 5 distribution. I've got vector based image maps working, serial I2C access, crude IPX and TCP-IP support, a flat file database system, distributed data storage at any registered device, a very crude HTML browser working with no forms support. I modified the calendar, clock and calculator to run as customized desktop processes at startup. I am trying to get the 16 bit Metabase database compiled in (the ANSI C database) but it is slow going.

The screen driver can support 320x200 monochrome right up to 800x600 256 colors. It runs a modular system using packages in GEM so it can scale right down to an x86 device running on 200K or less if required by dropping packages from the distribution.
I believe this will be something amazing if I keep working on it.

Vault-OS Update 3-7-2008 : Universal DOS Network Access

This link is too important not to post.

It essentially guarantees network access for any DOS machine that will run MS-DOS 5.0 or better. One disk can setup any machine you can scrounge up to do networks including file sharing.

While you're at it, have a look at this, supposedly the most stable embedded UNIX style operating system in existence ... Minix 3. Read some of the papers by the author, it is designed to be faultproof and instantly bootable.

Ancient Cycle=Ice Age Toggle=Magnetic Reversal

Something really big is happening down there in the Earth's core. Something amazing.

Remember the days when this stuff was fringe nut fantasy? What happened? Vault-Co was just sitting in place and somehow we drifted right into the mainstream without budging at all. Ten years ago, magnetic reversals were the stuff of alien UFO blogs and new age prophecies. Vault-Co was one of the first sites to predict that 2012 would coincide with incredible changes to the Earth's magnetic field and a reversal that would herald a new ice age. Of course, in all fairness, we got these notions articulated with the help of Robert Felix at and his marvelous book.

When the magnetosphere inverts, the surface of this planet will cook with radiation. Anything topside will be grilled like they were basting on George Foreman's greaseless slow cooker. Gamma ray counts in the thousands in a single day for anybody topside. That's why you need a Vault and it needs to be in deep bedrock.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oprah Winfrey : Satan's Hand Mistress

(Youtube link, may require broadband)

Oprah. Just plain evil. I don't know how she could make it any clearer short of plastic surgery to give her horns and a tail.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Russians Preparing the Smackdown

The cruise missiles will blot out the sky. Anti-ballistic my arse. Hit this. Notice the judicious use of the word "swamp." That means black out the heavens so the sun don't shine no more with nuclear cruise missiles traveling just above the ground at many times the speed of sound.

Kwanzanian Baby Snatchers

The Kwanzany government is the enemy of the people who live in it. They are murderers, thieves, kidnappers, assassins, torturers and rapists. Every day they continue to exist is a black day in history. They are overdue to water the tree of liberty by about twenty years.

The Good Old Days When There Was Food

Worldwide hoarding by the wise drives prices ever higher

Nowhere to go but up, it's only the beginning

Western civilization's golden era is now officially at an end

The Great Kwanzanian ZOGBUX Krater

This is what the Amerikwan economy is going to look like come this fall.

Peter Schiff says in the article above that it's doomsday alright ... only not for the world economy, just for Amerikwa. 'Kwans are starting to sound like Carthaginians ... as they sensed the end approaching following their mass disarmament by Rome, most of them continued to tell themselves neurotic escapist fairy tales about how the world would stop turning if anything ever happened to Carthage, the economic center of the world at the time. A few months later, Carthage had been destroyed, it's helpless disarmed population exterminated and the earth salted so that nothing would grow there for a thousand years. If the Romans had gotten their way, we would have never even known that Carthage existed at all.

Dow Jones is plunging like a crack whore off the roof of a Brooklyn tenement

U.S. Dollar will soon be on parity with old chinese newspapers in exchange value

Zogbux goes the way of all fiat currency throughout history

The Resource Wars have arrived, only America has no military left and no money

I guess they'll just have to fall back on those nukes. Whooda thunkit?

Going to be mighty cold in Amerikwa this winter indeed

We know what the disease is ... now what does history tell us the doctors will prescribe?

War, war, war, war

War, war, war, war

Bankers dig out of depressions with warfare