Sunday, May 25, 2008

When Post Apocalyptic Monsters Attack

Ordinary people don't know about the ancient animosity and conflict that has existed between men and canines for millions of years. They have been the number one obstacle to our expansion and there are probably more human beings killed by jackals or something similar thereof than any other cause in history outside of other human beings.

We beat these creatures by domesticating turncoats as our alarm systems, protectors and aide-de-camps. Without dogs bred to protect us from dogs, it is likely we would have never been safe down out of the trees. We owe them much of our survival.

I believe that one of the surprises waiting for the survivors of the Third World War will be that once they have surmounted shelter, hunger and thirst, they will find themselves at the mercy of packs of wild dogs running into the thousands in the post-apocalyptic environment. Dogs really are man's second best friend. His best friend is Colt .45, a buddy you should never leave home without.

The Vault Expands Itself

By the time it makes the mass media, it is starting to look like a mass exodus rather than a fringe social movement. We're talking millions of people with IQs higher than room temperature who have figured out something is not kosher and it is coming fast.

Greenland is the First To Go

Not good. Not an anomaly. The recurring start of a new cycle that is best called the end of the interglacial period. A return to normalcy, in fact.

Warmthinkery soon to be as popular as Rational Rose for software development.

Another bit of madness the strongest adherents are now denying any knowledge of.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Cultural Diversity Expands In Baby-Eater Central

(Very graphic links, warning this is what is happening in the real world)

Oprah Winfrey was telling you South Africa was on a golden path to utopia in 2001. It still suffered from afterglow under apartheid which it was just then shaking off to return to it's "normal" state. Oprah was convinced that the dying embers of European rule were in fact the beginnings of a grand new era of peace and prosperity at the hands of magnificent bonobo administrators.

Vault-Co told you it was headed down greased rails to classic Chimpbabwe hellworld.

What was odd about all of this? Oprah was as vague as the rest of the mass media. Other than beautiful platitudes and sentiments, you didn't hear much news out of Africa in the mainstream at all.

One of us was lying. One of us got it wrong. Was it Vault-Co or was it Oprah?

What was the difference in our paradigm that made it possible for Vault-Co to accurately foresee the future but proved Oprah utterly incorrect altogether?

Vault-Co continues to insist that simply reporting the news from reality for one month in the mass media would lead to armed revolution in the streets. True. That's the reason the media is so tightly controlled, to prevent any contact between the mushy confused brains of the Western population and the ugly world out there beyond the glass wall of the Propasphere.

Once isolated inside this sensory deprivation tank, all kinds of miracles of human mental engineering become possible ... gun control ... global warming ... carbon sequestration ... "free elections" .... "wars to make peace," ... etc ... the only stipulation is that no real news must ever be permitted to slip past the opaque barrier of baloney.

China,Russia : For Want Of A Nail, a Nation Was Lost

Nuclear "partnership" is a diplomatic synonym for "joint atomic waxing of capitalist ass."

While Amerikwa has been chasing towelhead goatherders in the Middle East, meanwhile back in the real world Russia and China have basically locked up the entire planet's resources and consolidated control of nearly every single important strategic element required to fight and win at the big stakes game of global thermonuclear warfare.

Would Modern People Know Totalitarianism If They Saw It?

I don't think they would.

I don't believe there is a third of the population who can spell "totalitarianism," much less know what it is. I think the majority of people living in the West don't even know what kind of government they live under ... even worse, I believe they no longer even care.

The most incredible thing about this event was just how little uproar there was about it, other than full support for whatever it is the "guffamint" decided arbitrarily to do. The media was on the sidelines cheerleading the whole thing and built up an even bigger set of vague smear stories than they did against David Koresh after they incinerated him and eighty people. The thing is, David Koresh was a bastard and some of the agitprop was likely true, except that still doesn't explain why the government attacked a civilian home with heavy armored vehicles and assault choppers. Whatever was wrong with Koresh, he had a twenty year history of cooporation with law enforcement.

Waco was a field trial and this recent experiment at the Zion Ranch was an attempt to extend the envelope that was already pushed out by Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Next up, the government will be conducting field executions of people with overdue library books. People who pass without signaling. People who play their music too loud on Sundays. Whatever fringe group you got, the government will use them as their excuse to see how much more they can get away with. Each time, the population is further desensitized to atrocities by the ruling elites.

So don't come crying to me when you feel that rifle barrel in your back shoving you into the boxcar. You waited too long to start caring and it was too late by the time you did.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The End Cycle

Something common characterizes the Book of Genesis, the ancient Vedantic writings, the Indo-Aryan tales of the Mahabharata, the end of days and the great war of "fire mushrooms," even the Norse tales of Ragnarok.

We always find the last straw that finally unleashed God's wrath was the attempt by mankind to corrupt the original seed of man, made in the image of God, by mixing it with demons and beasts to produce abominations.

God produced the Flood to counter the genetic miscreants produced by the union of Nephilim and human women. The Mahabarata says that Vishnu struck down the world of man because he was intent on mixing his seed with that of beasts. The Vedantic writings say that men were seeking to merge their descendant lines with that of evil spirits and imps from the netherworld into something which would be unable to attain the divine.

In all these writings there is the same consistent theme found each and every time - man is a special and unique creation who is a child of God and when he grew so wicked he sought to pervert his genetic inheritance, the creator moved to close the curtain on that era. God intervenes to prevent human beings from moving themselves so far from his original design they can no longer be considered human and therefore beyond salvation.

In all these ancient books, such efforts by the children of evil are cut short when heaven ends the cycle of life with a great and terrible Ragnarok.

You can laugh all you want at these ancient writings, except that these very same books say in the last days men always scoff at wisdom and reject the lessons of history. So they predicted that as well. Most of the ancient texts seem to know in advance what human beings will do when the end approaches better than most men themselves do.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Last Days of the United States

Where these people are going, they won't be coming back from.

Fools see empires die in one final war and they assume that this war is the reason a civilization was destroyed. They never see that the groundwork is laid over many decades and the final stroke is merely a mercy killing ... the real entropic heat death of the United States occurred about twenty years ago. The Roman empire when it was first sacked and burned in 410 A.D. after nearly 800 years was already so decadent and degenerate the inhabitants hardly had time to figure out what was happening before they were beheaded by barbarians entering through gates.

One thing I have gathered from the Roman parallels is that the people who live in a declining society don't just lose the means to solve their problems, rather they lose entirely the ability to even recognize problems exist. Romans didn't think anything of marrying two women to a swan or men to their horses. They had lost the power to discern anything, be it good or evil. They had lost the ability to even discern that they had lost their discernment. They had lost the perspective necessary to even understand why discernment is critical to human survival.

The nuclear war that is approaching is not the cause, it's merely a final infection that will never heal. It is like blaming pneumonia for the deaths of AIDs patients, when in fact it could have easily been something else once the patient's immune system is compromised to that degree.

This parallels the Roman experience, where the loss of control over surrounding territories made them easily accessible to the enemies of Rome for staging areas from which they could attack and finally destroy the empire for good. The Roman "military" had largely ceased to exist and the gathering forces against the Romans were often led by ex-mercenaries who were coming to collect on debts they believed were owed to them.

Thomas Chittum's "Civil War II" was one of the powerful fringe books I read in the late 90's that changed me into the fast-digging paranoid tunnel dweller I am today. It can be downloaded for free from TimeBomb2000 at the moment. This book, in addition to J.R. Nyquist's "Origins of the Fourth World War" and Robert Kaplan's "The Coming Anarchy" was like getting liquid nitrogen fired at my reptilian brain stem in terms of the earth-shaking changes in perception I experienced after reading them. I was never the same.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Whole Mess of Rainbow Stew Cooking Up On The Stove For The Globalist Paradise

Everybody but Amerikwa knows itz coming.

China knows itz coming.

It looks like even Amerikwa is starting to realize itz coming, but the problem is they can't get anything done anymore in the land of dumbth.

Remember when Vault-Co kept telling you the next war would not just be a nuclear war ... it would be a war waged with neutron bombs and cobalt jackets?

If Vault-Co is just a deluded petty ranteur, why in the hell is everybody buying up Cobalt-60, making it one of the hottest resource commodities in the world? It is hardly used in medical science any more.

Two weeks under the stairs and hose down the car? Did you think that story they tell the peasants was ever true? You will need to think a little longer term than that.

Itz coming. Amerikwa will lead the way.

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