Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorcha Faal ... She Get Some Of It Right Here?

Read the article.

I think the destruction of both of these planes had to do with navigation and onboard computer systems being fouled by rogue magnetic fields in this region of the ocean. Why do I think this? Because I have been tracking accounts going back seven years of this peculiar rift getting worse daily in this exact region where these planes are going down.

This is the canary in the coal mine for 2012.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

VAULT-OS : VNC Remoting For DOS!!!!

I have little DOS ICA clients running on my Sentry so they can remote from the server ... but would you believe it is possible to remote in from the server into DOS?!?!?!

Indeed. Very, very impressive program. Like Carbon Copy or PCAnywhere for DOS except it fits easily onto a floppy and is free open source.

This program is great to spy on the Sentry running POWERBASIC from the Windows NT Server without interfering with anything at all.

I am incorporating this into my paradigm now because it's so awesome. At present the Sentry is crashing if the connection is broken but I think there is a smooth way to get around that and recover without a reboot.

I was running my IPX as an interrupt driven program in upper memory but that won't work with both of these installed. I may put the IPX code down into the program or try to hook it to a multitasking loop so it can co-exist with Tiny Host.

The Kwa is Fragmenting Into Pieces

Nobody is watching Conan O'Brien. Who would watch him? Who is left, anyway?
Are there any two people with shared interests left in the nation formerly known as America who would tune in?

The Tonight Show was an institution where a homogeneous, european culture of people with common identity and context came together each night for fifty years and laughed together as one big family they didn't even realize they were in.

Kwanzania today is just a 3000 mile wide Balkans of invaders, most of whom are too simple for any humor more sophisticated than fart jokes and guys in bee suits running around hitting people with a bat. They wouldn't understand the Tonight Show ... or Steve Allen ... or Johnny Carson.

Sheeple brains trying to think in Britain, with mixed results. Watching these doomed idiots argue over the definition of "bad" is just like watching the band members shift deck chairs on the Titanic. Hey fellas ... it's a little late for all this. Honest. A little late. It is like Thelma and Louise soaring off the edge of the Grand Canyon in their cadillac and Thelma turns to Louise and asks "Was I supposed to brake back there?" It's a tad late for all that. Trust me. It might have been a tad late back in 1992 when I realized what was going on. As for the year 2009 ... it's just a waste of time to talk about any of this. I only do it for the humor value alone.

A ceramic jug dropped off a building is diverse when it hits the pavement. That's multiculturalism. It's "our strength," by being broken up, disintegrating and sold off for best offer to foreign nationals. See that? No? Well, just keep snoozing because it will all be over soon and you won't have to waste time trying to figure it out.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

'Kwa is finished #2

Forget about Kwanzania. It's done. It's over. It ain't coming back. The country of my birth is no more.

All that remains is for them to enter the deadly last war that all empires engage in to try to clutch back their power from the new hegemon. There is no room for two tigers on the same mountain.

WW3. Itz coming.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The 'Kwa Is Finished

Forget about a job.

Forget about food, too. If the cold doesn't get it all the fungus will.

The elites would like you to be a good lad, shove off and die in the woods somewhere like an ugly cow too old to give them milk any longer. As George Carlin put it so brilliantly ... they don't give a f*ck about you.

Don't you know that yet? Or do you still think "we" are all in this together? After all, the man on the televitz uses "we" all the time. Unfortunately, when it comes to time for some population culls it all boils down to "you," not "we." Sorry about that. The elites have their 'bots coming up now, you're obsolete technology and too messy to care and tend to anymore. They're locking up the barn on you. You aren't even worth the energy it takes to process you into Soylent Green.

As it turns out, it wasn't the planet the sheeple should have been worried about saving. The only thing going away any time soon turned out to be the sheeple themselves. The elites are just helping you on your way.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Almost Time To Weld The Hatch Door Shut From The Inside

Food was fun while it lasted ... but as Robert Felix pointed out, it will be the first canary in the coal mine when a new Ice Age is approaching.

Summer as a season was also a barrel of monkeys but that's done now

North Korea - China's nuclear armed mad dog

N.K. seems to think this won't end with a song by Smurfs and Rainbow Ponies

Missile shield leading right up to the doormat of World War III as Vault-Co predicted it would almost ten years ago today

Where the Kwanzans are going, there ain't no coming back from

"Operation Blackjack" ... this is really creepy stuff. Really weird. I don't even know what on Earth these guys are doing anymore.

What is it about the illuminati and ferris wheels near water? I dunno. They love it, they seem obsessed with this imagery.

June 22. Also mentioned by Joe Biden a while back as a date on which Obama would be challenged by a major world crisis. The illuminati must've discussed having Biden killed more than once. The guy can't keep a secret thirty seconds after he gets out of a confidential briefing.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Vault-Co Updates Will Be Sporadic From Hereon

Just too pressed for time.

The planet is freezing to death, crop failures are imminent, the world economy looks like a used condom and nuclear weapons are proliferating like gummy bears everywhere you look. There's a three way hybrid virus that just appeared, Obama is playing hard-to-get with Israel and Russia is being herded into WW3 by missile defense whether it wants to fight or not.

If you want to do yourself a favor, read this book.


UPDATE: I read him last week when he's still a "fringe crank." Look at what happened in the interim.

UPDATE: They're obsessed with that comet crap. No wonder scientific advances have ground to a halt, if these are the best minds in it nowadays.

In future, we will only be posting regularly with news about Vault-OS or updates on shelter construction. It's not that the world isn't falling apart, it is that we don't have the time anymore to document it for you on a day-to-day basis.

Remember, it wasn't really me that predicted almost all of these things. It was Robert Felix and I just provided the commentary and pointed out the implications with everything else that is going on. I advise you to read both of his books if you want to know what is really going on down here. Best money you ever spent.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

They're turning on one another!

This is such a good sign. It's like when the Nazis turned on each other and began volunteering to testify against each other.

Opie's virtual reality matrix nightmare - the whacky world of an unmarried childless aging lesbian feminist

Oprah has previously been inviolate. It was one solidified front of madness and nobody would laugh at the Emperor's New Clothes. Oprah has squealed her psychotic lunacy on the airwaves for over ten years and not a single word of criticism has ever been levied against her. She is without question no better than any Druid fury during the Celtic era in terms of her general irrationality and Dionysian insanity.

Winfrey's eerie psychic three-ring circus of horror

This is truly promising news in that it shows the mass media oligarchy is starting to disintegrate. Once they begin to eat their own it shows you how hungry they are getting and how badly their circulation has declined.

Oprah's whacky world of Zimbabwe-style medicine

Perhaps reality is going to come crashing in on the sheeple like a tidal wave, far too late to do them any good at all. They're going to suddenly awaken in a cold sweat and realize they live in a third world swamp in the middle of an apocalyptic currency collapse. That ought to be an interesting moment.

Most noteworthy of all ... this vicious pogrom by the media elite was given the green light the instant Oprah strayed into questioning the official story about 9-11 on her show. After years of protection and closed ranks, Oprah was shoved out into the cold faster than Rosie O'Donnell. She must've gone too far this time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I'm still nuts ... because I had the poor judgement to draw these conclusions a decade ago instead of just this year when it was so obvious that my dog could've started a doomer blog ... and these guys are still the respectable orthodoxy ... because they showed up when the conclusions were foregone and pretend with great confidence and assurance to be the farsighted ones.

Pandemic in a borderless world without quarantine is a certainty and soon.

Well, given that I am nuts - we have established that - will you listen to another one of my predictions?

Neurotic girly-men who have too many testicle-busting endocrinal disrupters in their water supply would like nothing better to put this very immediate situation into the far flung future a few decades hence so that they could continue to make believe it is business as usual.

Well, it isn't. They're just effeminate and scared of the natural consequences of their own ideas.

This isn't the crisis of 2020 or 2070 or 2100. Truth be told, the average human being is a coward who can't cope with much reality at all. They do this all the time because problems right now are like, icky and stuff.

This is the crisis of 2009. It may not be apocalyptic for another year. Or another couple of years.

Either way, nobody gets off this ride until somebody pushes the turbo mode button. There isn't going to be a rebound of the economy. The Fuhrer has no secret weapons. There is no miracle 11th hour save from these problems. They have built up and accumulated to the point where nature insists they will provide their own solutions since humans have done nothing but pick lint from their navels, watch spectator sports and utter beautiful platitudes. That means it will run it's course, just like a fever ... only this fever ends with Cobalt-60 laced doomsday weapons poisoning the atmosphere and ruining the topsoil indefinitely.

Plan accordingly and don't believe these idiots when they tell you that you will be able to shop peacefully until 2020 before you have to think seriously about it again. 'Tis a ruse ... but surely you have deduced that somewhat or you would not be here.