Sunday, April 30, 2017

KFOR CONELRAD Signal Lost. Only Our Transmitter Remains.

KFOR Falls To Enemy Occupation Forces, Station Goes Dark

It's just Texas Arcane left now.

I was interviewed in 1975 by KFOR radio in Lincoln, Nebraska as the sole graduate of the last round of civil defense education at City Hall. Out of a class of more than 20 students, only four remained at the end of the term. Out of the four set to graduate and be certified, I alone showed up on the Saturday to receive my diploma and be inducted into the civil defense corps, which would formally cease to exist as a funded institution by the end of the year. I had come every week on Thursday riding the bus into Lincoln and quickly distinguished myself as the best student in the class by a very wide margin. I started to call myself "Texas Arcane" because the CDV-715 had a sticker on the back announcing it had been manufactured in "Texarkana, Texas." The radio jockey at KFOR asked me, "So Cleve, we hear you are a very bright young man. Apparently you have an entire portfolio of sketches of civil defense equipment you have designed. When are you planning to release some of your ideas?" I told him on the air, "Since I am the last civil defense officer in the Kennedy program, I plan when I report for duty to bring some really impressive new advances to the corps." That was 42 years ago. Still working on my premier product.

North Korea Couldn't Operate a Port-A-Potty Without Instructions

Fail and more fail. This is the great dragon that is going to start WW3. These clowns could not organise a bowel movement.

If all the world has to worry about is North Korea they have no worries. They sure don't have a crisis on their hands. North Korea - like all communist/socialist countries - is a failure.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Looking But Not Seeing. Hearing But Not Understanding.

You see these people every day. They loaned you the money to buy a house and they are the ones you mail your income to each month just to pay the interest on your credit cards. They print your money on paper and take your tax revenues.

My theory about the melonheads is not far out conjecture. It's seeing what is right in front of your eyes. They have not gone anywhere. I can turn on my television and see them instantly lecturing and telling everyone what to think and what they are permitted to think about.

They were the rulers in Atlantis. Their families have ruled the planet for untold millennia. They were at Malta. They are the pharaonic class and I don't just mean in Egypt. They are the ones who hold the sceptres and sit on the thrones. The Sumerians had specific codes of behaviour telling you not to meet their gaze, to stand aside when you see them or their wives approaching on the street and that if one of them decided to kill you, he would be required to pay a small sum to your relatives for their loss. They do not answer to you. They barely answer to one another. They are lawless but they impose the law on others. They judge you. You do not judge them.

Nothing unusual about this guy. Been telling us what to
think on any subject for 25 years. It's all good. No need to panic.
Most importantly, they are not aliens. They are men like you but with bigger brains and cruel character. Once they towered over you in height but recently they have had to come down in stature so they can pass for one of you when they need to in order to avoid rebellions. They are those who wish not to be named. They are them that build pyramids and monoliths and grand structures. They have a secret language, a secret set of hand gestures, a different cosmology and a different view of reality. They are not you. You think they are and that is why you are always their victims.

They think their temporary loss of control over the nations is just an aberration and they have been working for millennia to set things aright again. The cattle back into their barns where they belong.

The slaves in ancient Sumeria must have figured it out at some point ... and when they did, the rulers fled with the clothes on their backs and into the diaspora.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Easy Anthropology For The Beginner

Remember, if they are suspected of being ugly, they are Neanderthals. If they are clearly taller, more muscular and better looking than humans, they are "Denisovans."

If they look like fully modern humans, that rules out them being Neanderthals. Easy rule of thumb to remember ...

Good looking people ≠ Neanderthals. Simple scientamagism. It's a factoid.

Priming The Rubes For The Fake Alien Attack

I've always thought this will be one of their big tricks they've got waiting in the wings.

Originally called "Project Blue Beam" in FOIA documents released in the 90's. A fake alien attack could be used to mobilize the population quickly for an unpopular war. They'd be on the ground in the latest third world country fighting before they realized there were no aliens. You're laughing and you don't know, the government discussed this seriously. A lot of people might suggest they are already doing it with ISIS in the Middle East.

I think if there were ever a serious chance of a lot of them going to jail, suddenly the planet would be under alien attack. The technology exists today to fake a lot of big things in front of people. If done at night you can really make it look like a football field sized UFO is hovering over a city. Scattered reports of them on the ground with some guys running around with rubber masks on, add some air raid sirens and the panic would be apocalyptic worldwide. It wouldn't take much and would be an enormously effective diversion. People would do whatever the government told them to do. You know it's true, I've been in minor events like this and you would not believe how quickly the average person completely loses it. Their critical faculty, barely functioning in the best of times, shuts down completely once they are scared.

"I'm a nationalist and a globalist"

We're done here, take down the campaign posters and throw that MAGA cap in the trash.

Anyhoo, he still isn't Hillary at least. That was fun while it lasted. You know it was one hell of a scam when it even caught people like me up in it. It was a brief distraction with plenty of lulz watching this Manchurian candidate demolish the other globalist puppets who were ringers this time around.

What I want to know is ... how deep can a barrel of rice be before you risk spoilage from the weight of the contents on the rice underneath it? Is the 55 gal. blue a good idea with the rice touching the sides? What about the risk of offgassing toxic plastic fumes into the rice over ten years? Is it better to always pack the rice in sealed mylar bags then put those into the drum?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Glaciation In The Sierras

Thanks to the modern media, the humans are forced to choose between their five senses and natural intuition and what the televitzing device is telling them.

They invariably decide the televitz is telling the truth and the real world is lying to them.

A glacier is nothing but old snow covered by a new snowfall each year before it melts.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Donald Trump Stopped Making Any Sense At All

Content to put out an arrest warrant for Assange.

I just don't think that Donald is real anymore. At all. About anything.

I thought I was too cynical to believe Trump possible. I should have stuck with the cynicism.

Hillary would have been worse. She had a lot planned immediately after she got it. The FEMA boxcars would be packed by this summer.

That civil defense program was wasted on Sweden. Very shortly, they will have no need of it because they will no longer exist. Don't you wish you could get that trillion dollars worth of shelter equipment to use in your own refuge? What a waste of money. The Swedish got overrun while they were sleeping. It's Greater Somali Land now. Maybe the Somalis will find a use for it because clearly the Swedish people didn't care much about it.

Obviously Trump's handlers were engineering his message to be what people desperately needed to hear. As soon as he was in office, it all went right out the window, business as usual.

Don't be demoralized, Vault Dwellers. It's what they want. Keep packing it, you got time to get it together.

Taxpayers get bupkis, the government isn't spending that money on their security.

Right after my game comes out I am getting CD-OS out in open source. It still needs a lot of work but I will have to wait until after I get Grimoire released.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Tenth generation crazy factor is beyond 9000.

Now for Tyrone to have the last word.

An Early Taste of Reversal?

If this was an appetizer, imagine the main course.

Something like the Carrington Event of 1859 happening today.

I don't claim to understand everything in the Earth and heavens. Those who do are lying.

I do know that the history of the fossil layer combined with a Sun gone as smooth as an orange balloon is a sure sign that something is coming.

Woman Ignores Doctors, Lives To Be 117

I knew she must have had a secret!

No vaccines. How on earth did she make it as long as she did?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Buchanan : Too Little, Too Late

Buchanan has seen his ideas victorious and the nation destroyed

Buchanan's mild vision for reform was too radical as recently as 20 years ago when it could have mattered.

Nations die at the 10th generation. Perhaps Byzantium was the exception but the modern West is no Byzantium.

Depopulate, Decimate, Exterminate

It's no fun unless it is in plain view.

It lets them off the hook as well. They figure, if we announce our plans in plain view and carry them out in plain view, don't people deserve to be exterminated if they are too dumb to see what is done right in front of them? Doesn't that give us the right to end them? If they were worth preserving they'd at least notice their own destruction underway. This is the way they see it and in their psychotic frame of reference they feel that all will be forgiven having revealed everything in advance. They feel they will be blameless when the deed is done because of it.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Safe Enough For Michael J. Fox To Drink A Case A Day

Ain't affected him none! Beside, Coke picked up the tab for ALL his medical bills in exchange for his contractual silence on the matter!

I can't believe I used to drink this crap like it was water. WHAT in the HELL was I thinking?

Donald Rumsfeld overrode the FDA and approved this garbage on his personal signature.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

ABM System Is A Paper Tiger

Couldn't shoot down 1/3 of missiles under highly controlled test conditions rigged for it to succeed.

40 billion here, 40 billion there ... pretty soon you're talking about some serious money.

Laser Weapons That Can Blind Whole Populations

Bad, bad tech coming for World War Three.

Damnation Alley meets Day of the Triffids. The fiction pales beside the reality.

Even Low Earth Orbit Must Be Impossible

Good video by Eric Dubay. I have watched this around 40 times and cross-referenced every claim in it with observations made elsewhere. I should have seen all this long ago but it wasn't until around 2012 I began to seriously think about it.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Right Off The Deep End

For safety purposes, the red states are the ones with a trillion rounds of ammunition, deadeye shots with iron sights, ex-military veterans and enough stored food to survive a civil war for a couple decades.

The blue states would all be dead in a week if Starbucks ran out of mint cappuccino. These guys might be bringing a badminton racket to a bear fight. Do they even know what they are talking about? This is a good way to lose permanently. No more rallies at all for a couple thousand years.

Krazy Krapture Krank Kosmology

An exposition on "rapture" theology over at

There's no indication in the Bible that believers will be raptured before tribulations. This is an American teaching that is basically a crass commercial marketing technique that has emerged from televangelism. Americans can't take pain and are scared of the world, ergo God will see to it they don't suffer. This is what they need to believe, not scriptural.

God causes it to rain both on the just and the unjust. No exceptions. Your own observations should have told you this. God is not a get-out-of-jail ticket in this life. Christ is a get-out-of-jail ticket in the life to come. Christians are urged to sell their garment and buy a sword. This means stand ready to fight for yourself and your loved ones and to endure. Survivalists are acting on the Word of God.

It is painful to see what televangelists have done to the gospels. They have perverted them almost beyond measure. I was just watching Kenneth Copeland trying to convince his flock to pursue unity with the catholics at the Vatican. Some of this stuff is unbelievable.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Details of the Norway Seed Vault

They forgot to store biotic soil, healthy bees and other necessities of agriculture directly threatened by genetic engineering.

It's the seed vault in your own home that is going to keep you alive. This one is for the Rothschilds and their family.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Civilisations Exist To Organize The Protection of Women and Children

If your women are serving in combat you need to get yourself a new civilisation.

Conscription for women. You couldn't make this stuff up.

Dystopian nightmare. Men are different for the sole purpose of protecting women and children from all of this. This will mostly capture minority women, your elites won't let their daughters serve any more than they do their sons.

I'd like to see a law putting all the children of warmongers on frontline duty of any war they start.

Dr. Phil's Pedogate Banned From Broadcast, Reruns, YouTube

Why? Why would you ban this?

Trump isn't making any busts on this and there is no end of busts that could be made purely on the information that people have now. You could arrest a thousand people a day for a year and sentence them all to life in prison and barely make a dent in this problem.

Still waiting on that Jimmy Savile investigation to yield some real results. Notice how that just blew over? Prince Charles was best friends with Jimmy Savile for 20 years. Bet you Charles has never even been asked.

I recommend reading "Young Goodman Brown" to prepare yourself for the real world when you are younger. There's the place that others pretend the world is - then there is the real place.

Underground Shelter Business Exploding Across The World

They're making plans. Unfortunately, none of these plans involve you. They're paying for them with your tax revenues. You will never see a penny of it spent on civil defense for your family, I assure you.

Texas proprietor says he is considering going to 24/7 manufacturing and hiring triple his current staff.

Vivos is exploding, one of the fastest growing businesses in the world, now moving into private market to manufacture individual shelters.

During the coming year, right here on Vault-Co, we're going to create a plan for a survival system environment that is better than anything these multimillionaires can come up with. They don't have enough money to buy a system that is as good as the one we are going to give away free. The reason they prey on us is that ultimately, we are the problem solving class. That's why money flows from our tax revenues to them. They consume our surplus both spiritually, intellectually and economically. This is why I am confident that what we are going to offer shortly will be much better. It will be for everybody on any budget, not just these self-styled "important" people who believe they have the "Darwinian" right to survive over others.

Think twice before you bury a shipping container without considerable reinforcement. I'm considering a cache site for a shipping container not far from my property but I would have it heavily reinforced even though it won't be designed for people. These things will collapse easily when earth shifts even a little.

Working on the Greenlight for Grimoire required me to postpone further work on CD-OS but I will soon have the time to give it a really good polish before posting it for open source. Not long after that we will add some modules to it that will be so incredible Batman will pay re-possessors to just come through his cave and scrap everything, sell his supercomputers off for bulk weight. He will decide there is no point in trying to compete with our system and just switch to CD-OS permanently.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Vault-Co About To Clock 3 Million Hits

Correct. The original Vault-Co had 4 million before it was reset.

This is just a random blog run by some retard blithering Aspie that proves community care systems simply do not work. Somehow over the past ten years without any promotion, advertising or advocacy we managed to rack up 7 million hits from visitors.

At some point I think around the time I began to extrapolate on my Melonhead theory, two weird things happened. We started to get a lot of visitors from "City of London" IP Addresses and Langley, Virginia. Shortly thereafter Google basically stopped permitting any 'bot to scan this site and took all results for it off of their search engine. They allowed others to talk about us but no matter what you did you could not get the link to the Vault-Co domain to come up in Google. I think it was the week I suggested that all the melonhead ruling classes were originally descended from the surviving families of Atlantis. Apparently that kind of crazy will cause Google to remove you physically from their search engine forever. I think I had photographs of famous world leaders showing all of them clearly had at least 400-1000cc more brain mass that ordinary people don't have. It was also around this time somebody hacked the site and tried to blame it on Turks. I never believed it.

In the past, people like me were kept in homes, assigned various fingerpainting therapies to keep them happy and only allowed day passes to go visit the zoo with managed supervision. Today because of the internet your old fashioned village idiots can go global with a minimum of effort.

Amerikwan Engineering To The Moon : Check it Out

NASA labels this one as taken on the Lunar Surface after
touchdown. Suck on that realism haters.

This craft flew to the moon at 250,000 miles an hour and then sat down on a dust surface finer than talcum powder impacting at just under 20 miles an hour without leaving a mark underneath it or any sort of blast imprint from the superheated jet thruster that slowed it down. All the gold pads it is supported on have no disturbance whatsoever beneath the feet.

If you look closely you can see that none of the curtain rods, corrugated cardboard or scotch tape that holds it together is even ruffled. When they were ready to leave, the astronauts then took off in the upper assembly despite it appearing just barely big enough to hold a beanbag and docked in orbit with the craft overhead.

I almost forgot to mention - in the next mission they brought a beach buggy in this same craft which is much taller than the entire construction and rode around in it kicking up dust into the air which floats behind them and then planted a flag they left fluttering in the wind.

The biggest drawback in these missions is that all the astronauts reported seeing none of the 80 trillion stars overhead at magnitude 7 which should have been so bright outside the atmosphere they were dangerous to look at directly. Instead they saw only inky blackness and that is all that ever shows in any of the photos.

Well worth the umpta-gigazillion dollars they spent on this program and it's good to know the taxpayers got their money's worth. I'd hate to think they shot all this on a big soundstage and pocketed all the 99.999999999999% money saved for hookers, cheap liquor and italian sports cars. That would really be a depressing image of mankind.

This space program had more convincing special effects at a fraction of the cost.

Everything I know today about scienmagistics I learned by watching these two out-of-work porn industry actors fight ghosts and vampires with their giant gorilla friend. I began to understand as a young child that applied scienmagistics can solve any problem with flashing lights and steam cannons if accompanied by occasional clown horns. As you can see, quality television programming for kids was extremely important to my generation. All programs featured people who had been dead for forty years laughing at the jokes to tell you what was supposed to be funny. Remember, the same society that produced this incredible intellectual food for young engineers is the same one that claimed they had effortlessly sent men to the moon. The rest of the world kept waiting for Stanley Kubrick to confess he helped shoot the moon program but I was always watching Sid & Marty Krofft. These guys never went over budget.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Trumps Reverses All Campaign Pledges On All Topics, Moves Hard Neocon

The new President Cohn will keep the government State banks flush and protected from reality.

America has gone from a corporate bank run government to a full scale oligarchy with regional heads appointed by banking firms as de facto executive of the United States.

Trump has betrayed every single campaign promise he made and it is April.

Don't be angry at me. I have been 100% skeptical for 16 years on Vault-Co but just once I wanted to believe one of these bastards might be telling the truth 5% of the time. I was wrong. This guy is one of the biggest shills of them all. Trump is a warmongering tool.

That candidacy was the mother of all false flag operations. It even got me.

They wanted to install Hillary as a potential Queen of the World and a U.N. operative in the executive office. Trump was their second choice.

Thanks NSA : Hackers Acquire Government Tools To Bring Down Planet

You build a loophole for the government it is only a matter of time before hackers get'em all.

The abuse of power that the government was extending itself against the rule of law in the Constitution has now been extended to the entire planet. That's because lawlessness begets lawlessness. You allow one psycho to get his foot in the door they will all be in the henhouse in no time.

Trump Goes Full Retard On Foreign Policy

He has broken 3/4 of his pledges in the campaign to steer the U.S. away from Neocon World Empire

The guy fell for everything. He's too gullible. He's bought whatever they are selling and the intel they are shovelling at him is pure hooey. A wiser man would have kept his impulses in check and simply waited for some analysis. This guy heard one buzzer and jumped right out the window. Trump is not paying attention. He's carrying out the same course of action Hillary would have followed except he is simply reacting mindlessly to reach the same result. It is amazing how little money they had to spend to convince Trump there was an emergency happening. There was nothing happening. Part of wise governance is ignoring the overexcitable buffoons with agendas screeching at you. Do you know what masculine means? It means keeping your cool at all times. Trump blew it instantly.

The really disturbing thing is how much of his base believes his actions are legitimate. The truth is, they wouldn't know one way or the other. Lights on but nobody is really home. Tenth generation lunatics. Every 200 years, those whom the "gods" would destroy they first drive mad. If the nation goes crazy, can any one man prevent their self-destruction? Nope. That's why nations last around 200 years.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Zombie March Towards A Century Of Cobalt-60

The evil in the world arises not from the presence of the bad but in the absence of the good.

In order to prepare the U.S. for it's historical close it had to be attacked at every single level : culturally, spiritually, emotionally, physically. They had to be mulched and chewed until their bones were powder and their backbone was bubble gum. It is almost flattery that so much effort had to be put into degrading them to this level before they were ripe for harvest. The greatest nation that we know of had to fall a long ways to make it vulnerable enough to set up for this fate.

Australia as always just a bone to throw to the dogs

P.S. I went to NBC school in the Army for six weeks. I am aware this does not make me an expert. Needless to say, when I saw these photos of the "Syrian gas attack" I burst out laughing. The people who staged these know nothing whatsoever about Sarin gas. Nothing. They should have at least consulted someone who did. Do you know what one of the biggest threats is after a Sarin gas attack? Offgassing, in which heat from the sun begins to release the thickest chemical concentrations of the gas. This offgassing can actually be deadlier than the initial gas attack itself. Nobody goes around with nothing but a gas mask on in this environment. No gloves, no decon suit, no MOPP boots. That's not something that takes place in the real world. That would be the last "contact high" anybody ever gets.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Shill or 4-D Chess? Not certain.

Trump says despite the Neocons starting a parade to that effect, we won't be invading Syria

Mixed signals on purpose or by accident? You don't know with this guy.

Is he only pretending to be in opposition to Neocon empire or genuinely contradicting them?

Trump is either the mother of all false flags or he's running master game on these guys. It is nearly impossible to tell at the moment.

I was a soldier and I know when all this bluster boils over it results in the murder of mostly unarmed women and children, the #1 casualties in modern warfare. So I support any resolution to solve these problems by any means other than violence because I know firsthand that is all a big lie. These cowards talk about courage and resolve and then they each take turns bombing civilians just going about their business. This never works out the way they say it will. That's why the Founding Fathers said the best foreign policy is minding your own business and staying out of ventures abroad to fight monsters which exist only in the imagination.

Reamed By My Occipital Lobes Again

If you could see my career in IT in terms of output versus input, you'd be enraged and come to the conclusion I am a complete pussy, born loser and somehow doomed to be exploited.

Honestly, after thirty years I'd have to begrudgingly admit there is something to that accusation. Things seem rigged against me.

If you don't have the internal compulsion to obey the rules and fulfill your verbal contracts with others that I do then you'd never experience the things I experience all the time. I mean, it's a compulsion. Like automatic behavior associated with drug addiction or gambling. You could scream "Hey, they ain't paid you! Don't be stupid and give them anything else until they have paid you! What are you, some kind of f*cking retard?!?" I always feel like I need to be spotless in terms of any reason they might be able to dream up as an excuse not to pay me what they owe me. So I go out to site and install my completed product on an empty belly, borrowing money from gas for our savings account and eating $1.95 hotdogs at Cost-Co because it is all I have left in my pocket. With more than $xx,xxx dollars outstanding in unpaid invoices for my work. With people at the site asking me why I look so run down and complementing me on the amazing quality of the application I have just installed. Me trying to look cheerful and engaged when I explain to them how to use it. With the boss on the phone with my employer, telling him how good this looks and organizing payment. Remember, I think, they are always right, no matter how much it seems like they are wrong. I am always wrong and being too petty worrying about my paycheck. They will get to it when they feel like it. Not when I need it.

Always the little voice in my head telling me about reciprocation. The other party will deal straight with me if I am straight with them. Except that was true about 300,000 years ago in tribes with less than 100 people. In the modern era with Homo Sapiens it's a recipe to get cheated in every interaction.

It happens so many times in life it's like a merry-go-round where you just sit on the same horse and go around and around forever. You jump off, you say that's it, won't get me on that horse again. Next thing you know you are riding the starvation carousel again and doing some of your best work as a software developer. It happens again and again and again. I am always the guy right in the middle with his hands on the keyboard watching the money float all around me. I always seem to be the only guy who isn't getting paid here. It's thirty years of me with my head down seemingly the only guy in this entire foodchain who is going hungry.

Pretending to have integrity and honesty as opposed to actually being honest and having integrity is about a million times superior. There's no point in asking why humans are so phoney - the fact is, people who are completely full of sh*t make out much, much better in life than people like me.

I promised a client I would deliver functionality by the end of March. They have not paid me in six weeks. They have just been ignoring my invoices. I didn't want them to claim I am not professional, was not capable of doing the work or delayed my delivery schedule. So I completed it, all features present, installed it on site and left it running.

Still not paid a dime.

It's easy to tell me I am either stupid or confused. It's easy. I need to know how I can make this crap change because it always ends the same way.

Eventually they will pay. Nobody will find out this multimillion dollar corporation was shivving some Asperger's Syndrome developer they paid to do the work of ten people and deliver something they needed at a fraction of the original estimate. That's delivered. As installed on site and running for the customer, no complaints and no maintenance calls. These guys will maintain their reputation and nobody will know what utter bastards they are or what sort of contempt they show people who are foolish enough to work with them.

Now the customer is asking for additional features. I know these guys are going to bring it up the next time I call to ask what is happening with the outstanding balance of my invoices. They will twist it into a requirement somehow of me getting paid. This is also the reason these guys never sign off on a specification - they don't want to get tied down to any accountability.

It's easy to say I'm a fool but seriously it's a living hell. I don't understand why life always has to be this ordeal. I write the software, you pay me, it's simple.

If it weren't for the internet I'd never know that all people with "Asperger's Syndrome" have nearly identical lives and experiences. People also tell them it must be something they are doing wrong. Same people, same experiences, same learned helplessness, same negative feedback from every situation in life.

The fact is, a Neanderthal born in the modern era would in all likelihood be torn to pieces by human beings for most of his/her life from childhood right through adult years. It's not the exception, it's the rule. I remember this all the time, I think to myself that life isn't fair, there are no guarantees to anyone of anything. I think, don't indulge in self-pity, get on to it and forget about your last bad experience. I also remind myself, before you ever go to bitch to God about him making you this way ... remember it could be much worse. You could have been born like one of them. Now that would truly be a living hell.

P.S. I sent all my invoices to their parent company, which had hired them to do this job with their own staff in-house. The parent company had allotted sufficient budget to hire three coders to do this over a year. They apparently had gone 9 months and done nothing, so they hired me with 90 days to go. (Common occurrence, happens all the time) The parent company had no idea these assholes had done nothing for almost a year then subcontracted the work to a solitary coder without informing them. They paid all the money outstanding in one hour after I did this, it was in our account today after coming back from the city. It was not worth it, the raw agony and anxiety of working with six weeks hard no pay was not worth it but at least we did get finally paid after resorting to these tactics. Bastards. A little bird who works there told me the parent company will now be coming after them for their advance since they broke the terms of their agreement by subcontracting the work out. Not my concern.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Everything You Have Ever Been Told About Neanderthals That You Didn't Read On Vault-Co Is An Absolute Boldfaced Lie

I've known about this for twenty years and this is the first time I've ever posted about it on my blog.

The Basque country has one of the lowest crimes rates, the highest standard of living and the most advanced innovation and science in all of Europe.

Second only to Luxembourg which is really a collaboration of several different nations rather than one.

Wonder why you never heard about this your entire life? It's simple. Homo Sapiens doesn't want his own race to ever find out what they did 40,000 years ago on the Iberian Peninsula. There is some evidence he has been mad as a hatter ever since. If he ever discovered the real truth about what he is and where he really came from, he'd probably lay down to die. All his illusions about himself would pop like soap bubbles. The whole of it is a horror story and it ends with cannibalism.

So probably all of you have heard about the RH negative factor in the blood increasing a person's chances of being psychopathic and a murderer and all that other rubbish. Not a word of that is backed up by any scientific evidence of any kind. It's just established through repetition, like any urban legends.

You've probably been saturated with all kinds of nutty "Nordic" fantasy mythology from Teutonic tales and other stuff mostly originating with Nazi propaganda and occultism.

Here's the thing.

None of it is true. The Basque have :
  1. Highest concentration of RH negative blood types in all of Europe
  2. The lowest crime rate of any nation in all of Europe
  3. The highest average IQs of any country other than Switzerland
  4. Highest standard of living and average income, lowest working hours
  5. The greatest concentration of blue-eyed people
  6. Highest measured upper and lower body strength in men other than Iceland and Norway
  7. Highest measured bone density in men other than Iceland and Norway
  8. Greatest number of root original words in all the romance languages
  9. Greatest number of classical musicians in all of Europe
  10. Rated consistently to be the most beautiful, proportioned and symmetric of all European peoples
  11. Greatest number of males who defy the golden rule for waist-shoulder ratio with chimney builds
  12. Lowest rates of mental illness, bipolar and OCD conditions on the entire planet

Either those "crude gorilla people" changed dramatically after their attempted genocide - or else they never existed at all! Maybe what you have been told about the Neanderthals was a complete crock of baloney!

P.S. Because it is a huge secret you may never hear in plain language what RH negative blood actually means! It means a man with no rhesus monkey proteins in his blood! It means somebody who is not part primate but in fact HAS NO MONKEY GENES MIXED INTO HIM! You will hear a thousand different explanations for how this could have happened and even the very best scenarios at the end of the day still entail one basic concession ... Homo Sapiens is part Rhesus monkey! Never forget it! Saps wonders why he is so messed up! Slapped together in a melonhead laboratory by a Jerry Lewis looking character, it's no shock. Whoever the guy was he must have just been tossing random junk in there like mystery casserole. A dab of this, a jot of that ought ta do it.

Trump an Unstable Hothead Unfit For Leadership

The reason the Melonheads never change tactics is that Homo Sapiens never changes.
The same tricks work on them for centuries and centuries with the same rubes falling for the exact same ploys
that worked last time without even a new wrinkle needed.
He needed to keep a cool head until the intelligence came in. Instead he allowed neocons to goad him into a strike on the Syrian airbase.

There is no evidence of any kind, zero, nothing, none that Assad staged a chemical attack on civilians. He might as well be accused of witchcraft.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon is about over with Trump. He's too easily led by the nose. If Hillary was in office right now she'd be doing even more, so this guy continues to be the lesser of two evils.

The media are craven little cowards who would cheer on anything where somebody gets killed. None of these spiritual dwarves ever wore a uniform, served under a command or fired a shot in anger. All of them rearguard tough guys who would be the first to dive beneath the bar stool if you tried to draft them and they'd cry for an exception. They just want to watch anything where people get blown up or killed, preferably civilians. As long as it isn't them or any of their immediate kin. Worse than animals.

These things are coordinated many days in advance and disseminated widely to all participants.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Told you! Animal Ventriloquism = Higher Native Intelligence

I knew this kid in grade school who did not attend public school with us. His parents had him tested at a young age and found he was a prodigy. Unlike my poor, single parent mother they had the financial resources to homeschool him. We struck up a conversation while buying comic books on Saturday at 7-11 and quickly became good friends. I used to rush over to his house just to use his pinball machine and read his huge comic collection. He had electronic games like Simon and Football with a bunch of accelerated learning toys. We had excellent conversations about everything.

One afternoon his dog walked in and he began speaking for it. It was so perfectly synchronized to the dog's actions it really seemed like the dog was speaking. I was astonished. I thought only I did this with pets and sometimes even inanimate objects. Cats were opaque to me, I could not guess what they were thinking the way I could with dogs. It is like I could not sync that telepathic protocol with cats. This kid was practically making the dog's lips move. It is like this kid remoted into his dog's brain and was seeing through it's eyes. This is how I felt when I did it. It is a solitary hunting skill you would expect of a race of men who often hunt alone for their families. Up until that moment, I had never encountered another child or adult who could do it. I have never encountered anyone since then who could do it the way I do. My children often try and I think they get it sometimes but they have seen me do it their whole lives.

These are Neanderthal genes. It could not be more obvious. Animal ventriloquism is a unique phenomenon seen in prodigy children. Sometimes they grow out of it, others like me never do.

I really liked that kid. He was one of my best friends. His parents divorced and he moved away. Not long after that I seemed to lose the knack of making "friends" and never got it back.

In terms of evolutionary fitness, forming these kinds of bonds with one's dogs could be a critical survival skill during the last Grand Minimum Ice Age. Your dogs would see through your eyes and they see through yours. When you are vigilant, your dogs are vigilant and the reverse is true. Your dogs sense what you want them to do and they sense what you are going to do.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Simple Chelation Mechanism for Aluminium!

I wondered if somebody was going to happen along with something like this.

I am going to follow this up immediately. I think the majority of the West has a combination of fluoride and aluminium poisoning they picked up from the water and environment. Might be good to invest in a silicon water beverage company right now. They don't tell you that the boomers all drank from aluminium soda cans for forty years. It's like it never happened.

Sounds like this stuff way outperforms things like Chinese Kale in triple blind experiments.

Wait, not done yet! A big day for natural health sciences! Probiotics beat all those toxic crazy pills big-time in research.

Twilight Zone "The Shelter"

Finally found a good copy of it online.

It is truly brilliant. It squeezes a lot of reality into just 40 minutes.

"The Shelter" - Rod Serling's Cold War Classic

Having the same neighbours most likely to ridicule him the first to turn on him and demand entry was a stroke of inspiration. The climax where they work together to get in is so close to the reality it is raw footage from the apocalypse. I experienced similar things during tornado season in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Think about your current setup and ask yourself how vulnerable you'd be to just this situation. This is why your shelter strategy is :

  1. Invisibility - should not be obvious to neighbours it is there.
  2. Fortified - if it can be breached by three guys in a few minutes it's not strong enough.
  3. Overengineered - for all requirements, multiple x 3.
  4. Overstocked - aim for ten years of food, water and power at minimum. It's your base of operations. Fifty years is better.
  5. Redundant - have backups for everything and backups for those backups. 3 spares for everything and always be prepared to go manual when necessary.
  6. Flexible - be able to turn a given space into a bunk, kitchen or workshop when needed.