Tuesday, March 28, 2017

CD-OS : Implementing Diagnostics For The System In The Browser

It is no good if you design an architecture for the Internet-of-Things and have to go in person to inspect every device that has a problem. One of the problems with some previous installations of my server has been that it doesn't have enough diagnostics and maintenance utilities built-in (no matter what it runs on) to allow you to remotely browse to it and find out what is going on inside it. This iteration I am putting in all of the stuff that I identified from feedback should have been in there previously ... full diagnostics of all versions of software both client and server side, the browser, environment and operating system. I still have a ways to go but I am getting there. I have gone through several methods so far and my goal has been to avoid bloat. There are platform detection libraries for Javascript that run up to 100K, I am not using those. I have figured out a way with around 40 lines of Javascript to determine the browser, OS and versions across many different devices and platforms. This is just the start, I can think of a lot of other things that should go in here like server uptime statistics, etc.

The more information you can pull out through a browser window the less you need a standalone HUD for the server when it is running. You can think of the browser as the UI for the application no matter what you want to do - edit server pages, manage files, investigate logs, do the kinds of things that remote administrators of any system should be able to do. Ideally you could put this server on a postage stamp sized computer with no display, no keyboard and no dedicated user interface other than going over the wire into it's server via it's own provided web pages. There are more and more consumer network devices that function this way and it has influenced me a lot seeing how good that can work. Security for this kind of executive function is currently turned off but I will be implementing it shortly as an OAUTH style token with an expiration date that is drawn from a user table. It was working around 2012 but I turned it off while I experimented with other functionality.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Helping Restore Diversity In Coral Reef Biospheres

The Zircon reef-in-a-box changes World War II naval carriers into decorative environments for fish to frolic and hide in.

The Russians are also researching how to change dry land into coral reefs that glow at night. Ocean tourism will be the hottest entertainment venue of the 21st century.

Meanwhile America's F-35s are just spinning around in circles trying to find magnetic north. Only two years from now they will actually have guns that fire.

They can send the magnificent bazillion dollar Zumwalt in to replace the navy, a ship that converts itself into a submarine the second it hits the water. It does not re-emerge.

I will never forget the Navy fanbois who were telling me I was crazy in 2012 predicting the Zumwalt was going to be a train wreck at sea. They told me I didn't know anything about navy technology. I was predicting the death of the naval carrier in 2004 right here on the old Vault-Co site.

The Civilization Where Everybody Is An Expert On EVERYTHING

... but that doesn't explain why the West looks like an amateur whorehouse with chimpanzees answering the phones at the front desk.

I judge the worst fate that can befall men is to not even know they don't even know what they don't know ... and what little they think they know is wrong.

Bankers love these kids because they can be loaded up with debt like beasts of burden pulling an oxcart.

"The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject."
-- Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 121-180 A.D. and Stoic philosopher in MEDITATIONS

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Keep Winning Socialism

Big wins in Venezuela for the whole country.

Insanity is trying the same thing over and over again but expecting this time the results will be different. Also known as history.

They want to help the whole world the way they helped Venezuela. Imagine a big worldwide socialist government. You think you know what pain is now. The living would envy the dead under the New World Order. Life would be hell on earth - convenient for people who worship Lucifer.

"Treason Johnny" is what his fellow veterans call him. Enemy combatant inside the gates working for foreign interests.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Nobody Hates TED More Than I Do


I despise TED and all the poseurs who frequent it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

More Amazing Looks Inside Vivos

The wealthy intend to spend their time underground in great opulence.

If you've ever read "Swan Song" by Robert McCammon you'll know exactly what I expect to happen in these large communal shelters once supplies run low.

Survival is not something you should outsource. You can't because you have to contend with the fact that the guy you are paying money to might just decide to keep your cash and take your place. It's a very reasonable concern. The stranger you task with your safety also has to survive and it may be a decision made in a setting where money isn't a priority at all anymore. They've already got your money. These places operate on advances and deposits. They've also got complete power over you because they are running the place. Guarantee you that you will surrender your arms at the door of these joints. Think that is going to end well with the staff armed to the teeth? Chances are they will be hiring the dregs of ex-military and mercenaries from the private sector as employees like Colonel Macklin in "Swan Song." That's why I think these communal shelters are deathtraps when they are designed to house a bunch of strange people with no common context who come together at the last minute when it hits the fan.

Sweden schedules major review and renovation of existing shelter system, one of the best in the developed world.

The Swedish and Swiss both employ the elevated walkways in their designs. Very cool and helps to break up the monotony of the environment with interesting shifts in levels. If I could afford it I'd like to buy some metal gangway kits and do the same in my next shelter. I see them offered secondhand at auctions all the time for factories and warehouses that have been closed down. For example to bridge over a large storage connex in the shelter and come down into a corridor at the back for maintenance or access to another area. This way if the shelter was compromised you could drop that bridge and the intruder would have to figure out how to get over on that side while you lock'n'load or retreat to an emergency tunnel. I'd like to do a Vault-Co episode on YouTube one of these days showing what you might consider if you had a shelter breach to turn it into a death gauntlet for trespassers. Isolating the intrusion with successive doors so that even if a large enough invasion force was able to get in they'd have no idea where to find you once inside. They could spend hours hunting for you while you either retreat or lock them in and pump the place full of noxious gas.

Read "Swan Song" online at this link. I bet most Vivos shelters turn into Chapter 8 around 30 days after they drop the big one. Vivos managers will realize they should have installed CD-OS and they would not have ended up in that mess. When they are trying to find a replacement part for a controller connected to a SIEMENS industrial backup generator that nobody knows who manufactured and nobody knew was important until it failed, CD-OS users will be making due with millions of commonplace scavenged components around them which are found anywhere they care to look. You pop the hood on a car, you found a replacement and two spares.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The Oracle Says Grand Minimum

Every sign is there that this ain't no Maunder Minimum coming up.

Why do I say that? Some unfounded exaggeration? Wishful thinking? Stab in the dark? Nope. It's the result of more than 25 years of reading on this subject.

Even during the Little Ice Age, observations recorded of sunspot frequency described the Sun as "barely patched." This meant that looking through pinholes that monks and astronomers could see faint mottling on the Sun here and there. If the Sun had been as smooth as a baby's bottom they would have recorded it as such. Almost no such written descriptions can be found of the Sun as perfectly unblemished. Yet this was a period of extreme cold, famine, disease, war and migration.

If the Little Ice Age was this bad with very few sunspots, what can be expected in the next 20 years of a Sun that is increasingly so smooth it looks like something out of a cartoon? See where I get my crazy sandwich panel THE END IS NIGH vibe from?

There was a transformative moment in 2002 that changed this site from TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT into the VAULT-CO we all know and love today. It's the crux where I realized that a leaked real report compiled for President Bush about a coming Grand Minimum was spun by disinformation posthumously as some sort of "climate change" fallout by the Carbonazis. It suddenly hit me that the ruling classes were planning for a new Ice Age behind closed doors even as their useful tools in public were claiming the planet was "heating up." It is like that seminal moment in 1984 when Winston Smith holds two diametrically opposite press release stories in both hands at once and realizes nothing the government ever says is true. Hey, I thought ... I better beef up that silly blog of mine a little, this is really happening.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fasting Today For First Time In Months

It's Monday 2 pm in Australia and I have not had anything to eat yet.

Already starting to feel fantastic. Mind sharper, keener than any time in weeks. Things becoming crystal clear to me. Other than the mildly troubling impulses of hunger, everything else is already booting up after being dormant a while. Around noon I solved a programming problem I have been stuck on for a while. It just popped into my head.

I would give anything to see if I could fast for four days. I have this feeling it would work wonders for me. The last time I went four days without eating or barely eating was about 30 years ago.

By the way - KNEW IT! This is why the population is so magnesium deficient! Nobody could figure it out! That glyphosate crap is on EVERYTHING! (Update : Magnesium is critical to development of the nervous system! No wonder the kids are turning out so dumb! It's the damn food!)

Marx Ragnarok : Failure To Distribute Benefits To In-Group

Bolshevism is only successful where it can distribute ample economic and social benefits to it's adherents. People are attracted to marxist doctrines because they are weaklings and if at any time that gravy train begins to shut down there are precious few of them willing to endure much of anything once the cash spigot turns off.

If the media lauds you as one step below the angels for conducting yourself in an R-Type treasonous fashion against your own society then they need to have a job waiting for you in the wings when the natural organic backlash occurs. It is a sign of the flagging power of the left that they can no longer fund these "virtues." It is easy to see that plenty of people will go wherever the money is on tap and advocate anything that pays their bills. This guy was used as a tool and then discarded as having no further use. This cannibalism is becoming increasingly common on the left.

Mr. Kaepernick's candy ass wouldn't know anything about the black soldiers who fought and died for that flag he thinks he is too good to stand for. This special snowflake doesn't know what hard times feels like. He doesn't appreciate what he has because he's never not had it.

I Call Them Melonheads For A Reason

Oprah Winfrey has the largest skull circumference of any black woman in America and perhaps the Earth. She falls well into the circumference of the Boskonians who modern people insist must have been "aliens."

This should also help you to understand why I always say that these things are all in plain sight every day right in front of your nose.

You'll notice that there are huge variations in the application of intelligence. Oprah Winfrey concentrates her formidable mind entirely 100% on social engineering and accumulating power and cares almost nothing for the mechanisms by which all that electronic equipment in her television studio works. Of course. Instinctively, melonheads knows that they will rule and that the 'Thal will handle the technical aspects of advancing the civilization. This is why the eternal love-hate relationship exists between melonheads and Neanderthals. They need us but we don't need them. A Neanderthal who does his smart stuff and makes those things work is a good 'Thal. He knows his place and he knows it is helping them consolidate the means by which they rule. You could say that our civilization is pathological because increasingly 'Thals can't profit by meritocracy. As the society has gone into decline it is assumed that "all this stuff will just fix itself," no nerds need apply and ordinary people can take over that role - how hard could it be, they ask?. That is a society on it's way out because even journeyman economies are better at organizing the division of labor.

I want you to think hard about the class divisions of our society and ask yourself if they are really along racial or ethnic lines (a melonhead lie to distract the masses from the real class structures) or along other lines altogether. Think about it this way. If you're an amoral power craving tyrant with a brain above 1900cc in mass who is more than willing to adapt himself to whatever is politically correct this week and knows his place in the hierarchy I can't see you not succeeding. Your skin color or religious affiliation won't affect your automatic membership in that club. If you are a fundamentally virtuous savant with a high IQ and strong compulsion towards notions of fairness and mutual respect, don't hold your breath. They won't want you. Persona non grata. White, male and Christian you can forget it. Nothing is going to hurt you more than that intelligence and the reason is obvious and has been unchanged for the past 100,000 years. You might be competition.

Around 100,000 years ago a plague that looked like it was designed to target Neanderthals because of key markers in the way it invaded cells instead turned on and killed most of the other hominids on the planet. In other words, it backfired. Guarantee you somebody got sacked over that fiasco or worse.

Some have described Oprah's advantage as the successor to Donahue was her empathy - but I would suggest it was her animal cunning and subsequent cognitive advantage over the Irishman. She knew just what to say and how to say it for the most powerful theater on daytime television aimed directly at somewhat maudlin middle-aged white women who like to imagine themselves on the cusp of understanding something of how real life works. She targeted just these women with her every word.

The Wrath of Mighty Kek

There is no Kek, it's a ridiculous frog deity from Egypt. It's just hilarious to keep promoting the meme given the left's almost supernatural terror of Pepe, a badly drawn frog cartoon.

All these winnarz have forgotten about market forces. They're going to learn the hard way. Snowflakes are not leading the charmed lives they assumed were their natural desserts for so long. Real world memes are defenestrating them.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Tough Viewing But Recommended

You need a strong mind for this stuff. It's revolting. Don't let it depress you. It's another meme that if it is kept current and refreshed will eventually bring these people down.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Neodarwinism is a religion to comfort powerless people who do not have the nerve
to find themselves a decent God. At times it approaches the mania seen in
cargo cults or thuggee cabals where only the truly faithful can be
permitted to go on living, all others must die.

"Chamber of Horrors" Baby Disposal Sewer

I don't want you to think this is "bash on Catholics" week ... but they don't seem to be able to stay out of the news.

I know that all of the rank-and-file are not like this. I know that the people in the pews are good people (or want to be) and they cannot help being raised and indoctrinated in a given faith. I was raised and indoctrinated in this faith. I know that those people think that the Church they belong to is the Church of Christ. I know that is what they believe. It is what I was taught to believe.

I will tell you a historical fact that is demonstrably true going back almost a thousand years.

It is impossible to excavate any Catholic institution without finding piles of dead bodies of babies and children. It's a fact. I won't draw the conclusion for you but I am telling you this crap was going on in 800 A.D. when they demolished nunneries and small monasteries and found the nearby swamp to be waist deep in infant bones. It was going on in 1200 A.D. and 1400 A.D. and 1700 A.D. and 1800 A.D. - it is still going on to this day.

Any place you investigate after Catholics have been present there for any length of time you will find the bones of huge numbers of dead children who were discarded like so much trash without even being given a Christian burial. It's a fact. No agenda here, I'm just telling you the objective truth.

Matthew 7:15-20New King James Version (NKJV)

You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Far-out Crazy Fringe Nut Conspiracy Madness

... that the CDC admits in print is in fact completely true.

So remember, I was crazy for 27 years until yesterday afternoon when it turned out I wasn't, everybody else was.

If parents were given a tour of these labs and a raw look at these vats of toxic, rotting diseased animal flesh being brewed for vaccines to inject into their children there isn't a single mother or father on the planet who would ever permit one of those cranks to get within a mile of their child with a needle in his hand.

Mind you, for the past two decade these ingredients which are the primary medium of the vaccines were not even listed in the ingredients!!! If you didn't listen to lunatics like me you would have never known about them! According to the officials squirting this garbage into toddler's veins this was insane to even suggest such things. Has to make you pause to wonder just who the real nuts are.

In paperwork that Rob Schneider (the comedian) offered for public scrutiny it was revealed that CDC senior executives conceded in closed hearings that there were at least several hundred viruses and bacteria that were never identified - and that serum tests had found on many occasions these cultures were still alive when jabbed into the arteries of babies. Somebody is definitely a candidate for the booby hatch around here and if it's me I insist on being trucked there immediately. I'm seeing things and part of my hallucinations involve children targeted for injection with poisons. Please prescribe me a drum of crazy pills and throw in an ice cream scoop so I can pour them down my throat three times a day.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

... Because It Is Classic

Don't lie. You are not a survivalist if you have not dreamed about picking up a radio mike in a post-apocalyptic city and shouting this out. You know you want to. There's only one luxury accessory I ever want to buy before they drop the bomb and it is this one. Must-have postnuclear chic:

Remember, when you see the killer cockroaches you want to run towards the ramp of your watertight heavily armored three wheeled tank and away from the backseat of the car where all the mysteriously white skeletons picked clean are sitting. Think A.F.R.T.S.O.T. acronym .... "Away From Roaches Towards Safety Of Tank." ... and remember, the apocalypse isn't near until you see Tex proudly posting the new pictures of his Landmaster-style vehicle up here. It's going to happen someday soon.

My preference is the amphibian French VAB modified slightly and of course
with CD-OS running in the cabin connected to the shelter in
real-time tracking. Best Away vehicle in an affordable price range.

The Atomic Blood Tattoo Program

This is so weird and disturbing that you have to read it for yourself because otherwise you wouldn't believe this stuff could have been proposed seriously.

Once the man in the street got wind of it, of course they batted it down in the court of public opinion very rapidly and plans were scrapped. This was intended to be a kind of widespread practice alongside assembly line vaccines for kids in the 1950's. The average person has enough good sense to know something was seriously wrong with the notion of branding children with their blood type so they could provide or receive blood transfusions after they dropped the bomb.

I read an essay by some guy a while back, can't remember where, who suggested this was part of the disinfo campaign to put people off civil defense programs by associating them with horrors like these. Once you could create associations between civil defense and cattle brands for kids you could begin to terminate all civil defense programs for the public with little opposition. Of course civil defense is in reality all about protecting children from the horrors of war, not subjecting them to horrors in peacetime.

CIA Top Official Admits To Killing Strangers Based On Metadata Scores

Fuzzy logic computes who will live and die.

Donald Trump should disband both the NSA and CIA immediately and fire all staff. All of this is so far past the sanity markers it has gone right off the edge of the planet.

Put your complete childlike trust in anyone who presents themself as an authority figure, they are as pure as the driven snow and motivated by pure altruism similar to the angels themselves. The other angels, anyway.

Another fake case where they pretend to be conducting an investigation and yet never seem to follow up on any leads. There's a reason nobody gets arrested in these things, ever, despite a great show of busy behavior and hand wringing. Jimmy Savile was clearly connected to the highest levels of British government and you see how that all managed to blow over now. As predicted here on Vault-Co.

I better be careful, I am pushing up my metadata score.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Ever Wonder How Nukes Get Moved Around In America?

Thousands of Upcoming Nuclear Weapons Shipments During $1 Trillion Nuclear Arsenal Upgrade

An organization so secret it does not appear in official registers at all. Good to know they still worry about security for these things. I figured a guy shows up at the depot missing one they just shrug and tell him to be more careful next time.

Vatican Prepared To Canonise Another "Saint"

A brutal despot who assisted in the debauched rape, mass murder and enslavement of the native Indian population of California.

I was raised to adore the saints as a Catholic instead of the living Son of God who gave his life to die on the cross to attain the forgiveness of sins for all men, Jesus Christ. Lucifer never needed to start his own church - he already had the Vatican. I was taught nothing but lies and more lies when I was little by these people - the worst sort of blasphemous heresies and grotesque distortions of Scripture that could be imagined. If there were any doubts left they all dressed in black so they were color-coded to immediately identify which side they were fighting for.

The first fifty years of my life I had to spend unlearning every single thing I was ever taught. Hopefully I will have another fifty years to study what I wasn't taught, the important stuff. Another 500 years on top of that and I may actually be able to tell the difference between my own ass and a hole in the ground.

P.S. I just realised that the Vatican is the ultimate organization of R-Types, parasitic vampires ... built on the bones and substance of the ultimate organization of K-Types, The Byzantine Empire. They have now survived as long on vampirism as Byzantium did in it's unique capacity to increase the sum total of human happiness. It has been over a thousand years of bloodsucking and they are rumoured to still have gold in their basements they looted from Constantinople.

American Institutional Collapse

Brilliant post on an obscure blog says it all.

You can't have a civilization where everybody is faking it. It is impossible.

Found this off a Vault-Co reader's link. Two thumbs up, this guy nailed it in a few paragraphs. Civilizations are about trust and honesty in the long term in order to best organize the protection of women and children. Our civilization has failed in nearly every metric you could establish that would be needed for it to remain coherent. That's why it is coming apart at the seams.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Soft Kill Mulches 'Em Up, Hard Kill Finishes 'Em Off

Highest rate of vaccinations in the world has one of the highest rates of infant mortality

Think about this before you take your children to one of these butchers. They don't appear to be the least perturbed by this trend over the past twenty years. The United States has infant mortality rates that formerly were only seen in the third world.

This is really important to get out there because they are working on India now. Let the poor Indian people get the heads up before they start in on their kids with gusto.

Nothing but lies about Jack Wolfson. The CNN article linked to here is chock full of spelling and grammatical errors, looks like something from Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY. Do you trust people who read and write at a 2nd grade level to reassure you about "science?" Think about it. This Witch Trial ended all charges cleared after Dr. Wolfson brought reality into the court room as his defense.

All journalists are candidates for adult special needs programs. They are incredible morons.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

F-35 Only A Couple Years Away From Being Able To Shoot

No, really. You couldn't make this stuff up.

It could serve as an escort for the U.S.S. Zumwalt because it doesn't explode and sink when it tries to make a turn.

All this began the instant Admiral Hyman Rickover died. The military contractors can literally deliver anything with no oversight, no accountability and no worry about getting paid. Nothing but rubberstamp bureaucrats in the Defense Department giving a special gold star participation award to everybody for fear of hurting feelings. The United States went from super-science military to international joke in forty years.

Radioactive Wild Boars of Fukishima

Every time I play Fallout 3 it seems more probable than the previous playthrough.
Life survives after nuclear war. Some of it will survive unscathed. Other forms of life may appear as damaged, new or aberrant. Life will nevertheless continue.

On Vault-Co we concentrate on surviving unscathed.

Shock : Fake Hawkings Advocates World Tyranny

From Bruce Dern To Liberace. They don't even look similar.
Look at the nose, ears and length of the face.
The real Hawkings, also a fraud, died decades ago. Nobody lives to 70 with ALS. Period, it doesn't happen in the real world.

I liked the old Hawkings better when he just made up crap about black holes and dark matter to sell books filled with gibberish. I guess the new Hawkings has it in his contract where he shills for world government when needed. He also comes out with a statement promising we will all be doomed in a year if immediate government action is not taken on some trivial issue in focus that week. He's been doing that for ten years.

Neanderthals Just Chillin' With Aspirin and Penicillin

Primitive gorilla people accidentally discovered advanced medicine at least 50,000 years earlier than mankind, when mankind was a spear chucking life support system for a pair of testicles.

They probably discovered it in their 8 stage compression ovens when they were making fast-drying bitumen compounds into ergonomic grips on their weapons. Those gorillas got lucky more than once .... with their 3D perspective etchings and floor mosaics. Someday soon the orthodoxy is going to break down altogether and then the floodgates are going to open, you better believe it. The first order of business is to reassign credit for domestication of all animals followed by giving them props for every single major work of cave art in Europe starting with La Croix, which everybody knows is Neanderthal work by now anyhow.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

It Was Never The Heat You Needed To Worry About

This planet doesn't need protection from man. Man needs protection from it.

Cold is the natural climate of Earth. It is normally always much colder here. The Holocene is a brief summer flourish in the midst of an ageless cold wasteland.

If you wonder why the globalist opposition is going mad dog foaming at the mouth insane over the new President, just look at what the guy is doing. Curses, foiled again. They are twirling the ends of their handlebar mustaches and regrouping. Trump is messing up all of their plans.

Pesticides Are A RACKET! They are the SOFT KILL option.

Self-referential logic that justifies the use of pesticides because pesticides are already in use therefore if the insects are adapting we need to use more pesticide. Don't be ridiculous, we have no choice but to use pesticides because we already used them and they don't appear to be working so we will have to try more pesticides.

It is nothing but three card monty with chemistry instead of playing cards. Guess where the benefit lies? One of these chemicals is protecting you from a scourge of bugs that never comes. When it does come, natural organic growers always seem to stave it off with elements as harmless as charcoal and peppermint. Something is really wrong here.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nano PI Zero - Cheapest PC Yet!

Got the Nano PI Neo running my server! Excellent clone from China of the Raspberry PI Zero but much, much cheaper! This board is a really good candidate for building parallel supercomputers with distribution solvers. I actually have a BEOWULF supercluster (4 boards) running in MS-DOS 7.0 with it's own customized supercomputer BASIC language. The problem is I have not been able to think of an important task for it to solve other than image recognition so far. It is extremely good at that, able to circle 32 faces in a group photo in a few milliseconds. The store for this computer supplies acrylic stackers to build towers of them as distribution solvers.

Think about how cheap this tech is getting! It could soon be a reality that I could sell a complete case with screen and keyboard and my server code burned into ROMDISK so it always boots up! I could build the router itself into the case (running $4 nowadays) with 8 jacks for Cat-6 cabling, you could literally plug'n'play a shelter in a couple of minutes! If it fails for any reason, you could afford a couple spares as replacements and just switch the backup drive from one to the other to resume! That would really be my dream, shelters all over the world running CD-OS after the apocalypse and it becoming as ubiquitous as a PIP-Boy everywhere.

Hmmm ... you know, with the size of this little board, I could actually start to think about manufacturing one of these things for real as just another server (this one mobile) in the CD-OS network ... geolocation and mission omnipresence everywhere you go.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Instant Zero-Configuration Shelter Networking I.J.W. (It Just Works!)

Just one instance of my server running is a marvel. The real magic starts when other instances are linked up. You can see hosts available through the UDP autodiscovery in addition to simply typing in IP addresses and hailing others through my unique JSONP cross-domain calls. Once added, you can then PING that host to send it this station's manifest, which could consist of publish-subscribe provisions including transmitting things like diagrams and logs. If you choose to initiate this linkup every time the server starts, the remote server will participate in a rich messaging system pooling all data and control systems between stations where authorization exists.

Still working out some of the finer details in the publish-subscribe model but the really important thing is that it just works and is so simple it has very little reliance on hardware configuration of any kind. If your network is working and the server instance is plugged into it, chances are it will take about 5 seconds to connect the machine to all other participating CD-OS servers - as a persistent relationship from thereon which is reflected when the server starts up or initiates this connection as expected.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Stealth Technology - State of the Art in 1975

China VS. Zombie Pilots!
In 2017 it is a flying turkey that China could blow out of the air a thousand times a minute without using more than a few cents of electricity. The Air War in World War III will be a drone war.

The United States continues to project itself as the most advanced nation in the world from the 1970's. A lot has happened since then but America has not been keeping up. In a nation where the majority of the population reads and writes at a 2nd grade level you'd expect progress on any front to be in very short supply.

Socialism Keeps Winning

Only The State Can Organize The Means of Production

... otherwise people might starve without'em.

I can't believe it! Only last year the mass media was telling me what a marxist paradise it was down there. Everything free.

Kek Justice Strikes Down The Unrepentent

To anger Kek is to look into the abyss

Starbucks sits empty and it's stock is plunging. I have avoided them for years.

Self-Kevorkianism By Kek Justice - MAGA!

Target is on greased rails to disaster.

They asked for it. They ignored their customers and decided they would impose their own culture on them. Bad idea. They'll be lucky if they are not sold off at the end of this year.