Saturday, January 28, 2017

Awesome Mini-ITX Rig From Surplus Ammo Can

This was pretty cool. Could be waterproofed or made water resistant pretty easily. Cheap compared to many of the alternatives.

If you want to spend a lot more money you can get a pretty good looking case in a similar style here as a custom housing. I'd recommend the genuine surplus ammo can because it is tougher and comes with a rubber seal in the lid. I've picked these up for $10 or thereabouts. Mounting the screen in the face is a good idea if you mount it behind a piece of plexiglass on the inside.

It's convenient to just grab it by the handle on top and move it around without worrying a slight bump  or a jar is going to render it inoperable like a regular desktop computer. I like that idea if the computer is not intended to be mounted in place and could be relocated occasionally.

The Iceland Savonius VAWT : Definitive Post-Nuclear Model

Just about anybody could build one of these by cutting steel or PVC tubes at the right angles.

Throttling is just as important as low wind power because in order to reduce maintenance you don't want storms tearing it down every time you get a 300 mph wind up there.

I have not got around to it yet on my list of projects but building a housing for one of these has been on my TO-DO list for years. A cage designed to keep people from vandalising it topside. Will be building at least one of these to go on the roof for testing in 2017.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Shelter Business Booming

Never better, even the left starts to get it.

They instinctively know that if the NWO isn't getting it's way with the soft kill option they will move to the hard kill option. It is a sign of how crazy they are that nobody has to explain this to them.

Matrix moment - Mind Blown - Full Red Pill

Apparently the measles "virus" has never been identified, cultured, isolated or even given a nomenclature according to well tested descriptive features.

Is measles in fact a contagious bacterium? If so, the vaccination would not work ... ever. Even according to the theory offered by the pharmaceutical companies.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

CD-OS Networked Now On 9 Development Devices

I love this machine. It got bashed up, thrown into boxes,
stuffed into a bag, fell off countertop and accidentally
reversed polarity on the power supply and it has never
failed to boot up instantly and run like a champion.
I have the web server compiling on 9 targets as of last night. It compiles and runs on DOS-32, Desqview-X, Basic Linux, Windows NT Embedded, Win98SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP SP3, PC-BSD, HP-UNIX and Orange PI ARM Linux. With a bit of browser shuffling the web desktop looks the exact same on every platform including the most recent HTML5 features provided by Polyfills. All devices read and write to a Samba repository shared folder where the source code is maintained by FossilSCM. (MS Lan Manager provides this network share under DOS) When I tried this back in November it became obvious then that the desktop did not look correct under old browsers and older browsers are a big factor in the design of CD-OS. I want to support Mom'n'Pop amateurs who buy $1.00 thin clients off EBay that come with IE6 installed. (That's why they cost a dollar)

Carrying these server cabinets
 down into the current shelter was not easy.
In December I once again refactored the way my SPA (Single page application) works and replaced my existing display code with something much better called "Simone" to create the dynamic desktop. Then I overwrote the JQuery-UI bitmap based display library CSS with all vector images and used that new theme to alter the Simone appearance to get the Green VDT Fallout Pipboy lookalike I have now. It is absolutely fantastic. The UI in full screen mode looks like a real OS.

The "Simone" library has so many advanced merits I don't even know where to start, compared to the code I was using before. It is half the size of the desktop code I had hacked together before. One of the features that is really attractive is the capacity to change font sizes for all display items on-the-fly, which means it can be made readable on any device it is running on whatever the screen resolution. It can adapt to window size without all the overhead of glutted libraries like Bootstrap.

Screenshots coming in the next week, still doing some coding on the underlying framework. I had audio cues and media playback (HTML5 style) working on IE6 in a thin client and it was wonderful, seamlessly identical to the browser display in Firefox and Opera on Windows 7.

This is good for working side-by-side. I program and
compile on the left on Windows NT embedded and
then test the server with the Safari browser on
the right running on a G4 PowerPC. You could
not pick an odder couple and the browser should
display the same interface no matter what it is running on.
Been experimenting with the ESpeak voice synthesis library in Javascript to see if it can use the fallback polyfill even on ancient browsers! May have the option on server to load this library into a hidden IFrame and then call it for real-time voice synthesis on 20 year old browsers!!!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Fake News Photo Trickery - Seeing is Not Believing!

(What is this, the Soviet Union in 1950?!? The media LIES!!!!)

Serious Measles Epidemic In Those Who Got Vaccinated

The orthodox community has been hit particularly hard!

I am disappointed - the Talmud permits you to be injected with gentile manufactured blood and animal products? You can't eat pork but can be injected with cells cultured in porcine flesh? I don't think so. Those vaccines are filthier than any food proscribed by Torah! If animal wastes cultured in heavy metals are not "unclean" then what in God's name is?!?

Friday, January 20, 2017

Science Concedes Epigenetics is Determinative

This confirms much of my thinking in recent years on the role of epigenetic expression.

Wooden headed closeminded Darwinists believe that you cannot be molded after the moment of conception by other forces. This is patently wrong. The hard science says you can be altered dramatically during the first few years of life and substantially even well into your sixties!

If you strength train at any age you are altering your entire physiology and activating genes that are dormant in other people. Strength training is one of the largest natural producers of methylation to trigger protein synthesis of dormant genes. Athletes knew this fifty years ago before scientists figured it out.

Scientists have begun to understand that phenotypes can alter and even become heritable without the underlying genotype changing. I am convinced now in a radical revision of my previous ideas, one of the single most incredible phenotypal changes that men can undergo is to switch from warm weather frame ("Cro-Magnon") to cold weather frame ("Neanderthal") and still ultimately be men underneath all of that, no matter how dramatically altered they may be. Most amazing, it ends my certainty that Cro-Magnons were genetically engineered to kill Neanderthals. Or if they were, it was not much of a difficult change to trigger because the information was already there. It is possible that there is an enormous amount of information here I still don't understand fully and may never know. I feel that my new paradigm is closer to the truth than I have ever been and may be as close as I will ever get.

Different brain architecture for different hominids. All in the same gene pool.

Truth is more powerful than lies

It's about time.

Trump gets off on the right foot from day one.

Fake science gravy train has a major derailment.

No more gravy for frauds.

After twenty years of this drivel, a tiny ray of sunshine.

Cleaning out the bums and camp followers.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Unprosecuted, Untouchable, Unaccusable

Massive protection by police forces themselves and sometimes transportation for child sex slaves.

Belgium has the strictest gun laws in Europe, probably enacted by the same aristocrats discussed here. Pedophiles don't need to deal with mommies and daddies packing. It's their worst nightmare. Help pedophiles everywhere sleep safely at night knowing their victims and entire stratums of society are completely at their mercy.

Peds know that gun laws work - to protect psychotic criminals. Help turn mankind into helpless victims and make gun ownership illegal for anybody but the policemen. This way when they show up to pick up your toddler for the dog fighting sex orgies they won't have to worry about catching a bullet from an angry parent or guardian.

The problem with trusting in mans better angels is that even the most meagre knowledge of history proves beyond any fraction of a doubt that man has no better angels.

Epigenetics Makes Bunkum of Evolution

Admitting it has all happened before is admitting there is pre-encoded information in the nucleus of every living cell.

If all forms of genetic expression are varying forms that are pre-encoded as environmental reactions to stress with full adaptive responses as a part of that expression then it means three things :

  1. What was formerly labeled "junk" in the genome is the kernel of the operating system of life
  2. Evolution is completely unnecessary and irrational
  3. There is a Supreme Being who is smarter than mankind could possibly comprehend

Neodarwinism is so decadent, regressive and closeminded it has ceased to be relevant in this conversation.

This means a penguin is not a genetic dead end. It's still a bird - and given optimal conditions it could once again rapidly display the means of flight all over again. The "dinosaurs" were therapod variations of ovapoids (hollow bones, warm blooded, covered with feathers, lay eggs) who lost the power of flight and dwelled on the ground for countless hundreds of millions of years ... then once again regained the ability to fly. After all, a bird is a bird will always be a bird. Having trouble wrapping your mind around this? That's probably because the evidence is in stark opposition to the crap you were brainwashed to believe. Incredible as it sounds, the tyrant Lysenko in the Soviet Union was actually closer to the truth than most of the "scientists" in the West.

That's why no matter how crazy it sounds to ordinary people, I decided many years ago that nuclear war was a very common occurrence in history. Extraordinarily common, in fact. I decided that many of the "meteor craters" we see scattered around are more likely the result of mega-nuke detonation groundbursts designed to spread dirty fallout. Geologists find these layers of dust and can't explain why they are highly radioactive.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

CD-OS Progress

CD-OS doesn't look like it is running in the browser! It looks like a real operating system with floating windows, toolbars, taskbar and file explorer! Screenshots coming soon! It can set itself to full-screen on the browser and runs with some caveats on anything going back to IE6 !!! (The reason I do not put up screenshots now is that I am working on the theme designer and want a proper PIP-BOY green VDT terminal theme for my first shots of the new CD-OS!!)

This thing has come a long, long way in almost 20 years since I wrote the first version in Java with an AWT interface.

I have finally succeeded in writing cross-platform code for :

1. Launching a web browser as localhost ( on any operating system at startup from configuration option.
2. Launching all attached services (including ones that have been run cold, connected themselves and then registered themselves as autolaunch at next startup) in a separate minimized console process window of their own.
3. Terminating all attached services at server shutdown.

I have all kinds of IPC messaging working between the server and it's booted services, whether they are hardware controllers or speech annunciators or cron job utilities. It's kind of amazing to me to see this all happen as an automated process - server boots up, launches it's services, contacts them with a dialogue over the IPC particular to them and then begins transactions ... for example, feeding real time data from a weather station or from Modbus network.

At my client sites where I have installed different varieties of this architecture, I configured this manually in order to get it working ... but my goal was always to automate the entire thing end-to-end with as little configuration as possible for the server to auto-discover and run hardware and applications services of any kind.

I am getting onto the cron jobs tonight, I have a special JQuery control that allows you to author a cron job in a sophisticated fashion from the web interface and schedule it.

The biggest coolest service of them all would be a VOIP desk that is configured and controlled through the CD-OS server so that anybody could wire their shelter/retreat completely with free salvaged IP phones. I have found boxes of these things thrown out in the city and connected them with very little fuss. Combined with Power-Over-Ethernet this means a single network cable in a shelter or redoubt could carry all communications and control, voice traffic and power for lights, fans and just about anything else that runs on low voltage. They have extremely good EMF and EMP protection devices for these networks now that are designed to survive lightning strikes - which is the worst thing you will ever encounter as long as you keep your network insulated from any connections to the external grid.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

We can do this the easy way ... or the hard way.

Looks like the easy way is not an option any longer.

Resistance leads to the hardest of hard ways.

PACK YOUR RICE. The hard way is coming.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Scientists Working On Weaponizing Plague

In my Psy-Ops class in the Army they taught us that any research on weapons is always to be portrayed as research on a defense for those same weapons.

Rage virus zombifier is almost ready for public testing.

This way you always have the moral high ground. You are not digging up the Spanish Flu a hundred years later from the Arctic to cultivate it, rather you are trying to produce a vaccine for it. You are not culturing Bubonic Plague as a weapon, that would make you a bad guy. You are working on a defense for said plague.

If you build a seed vault in the frozen north you are not weaponizing famine, you are simply preparing against it. Everything must always be the opposite of the truth and said with conviction.

They couldn't figure out why I didn't want to do this for a living and re-enlist. It's because I enjoyed whatever sanity I had remaining.

Bifrost Bridge Opening For Ragnarok?

Unearthly pillars of light from high altitude crystals reaching ground level

Every single one of these mythologies started out as an oral record of something that really happened and it gradually became an embellished narrative.

Did the Vikings know about the signs in the heavens that preceded the arrival of another Ice Age?

If they did, they would have recorded them in fables and tales that kept the essence of the story, so that their children would not be taken unawares the next time.

The Winter of Winters approaches. We're not prophets at Vault-Co. We simply have eyes.

It is no accident that the arrival of the final cold always leads to apocalyptic war in the Viking sagas.

Turn PC Fans Into DC Generators Post-Apocalypse Simplicity!

The reason I am posting this is so YOU CAN CHECK OUT THE RECTIFIER HE IS USING.

I didn't know it was that simple to convert AC to DC!

The funny thing is that I understood instantly the principle of what he is doing and I never thought of it! I own $40 rectifier boards for AC-To-DC wind turbines and always wondered what I would do if one of them broke down in the aftermath. This is the sole reason I have always encouraged people to use pure DC turbines as generators because they will work without a rectifier and a simple shunt if they generate too much current. Now that I know this is possible it opens the possibility of using a lot of different kinds of fans that normally output AC and can be found in almost ANYTHING in a post-apocalyptic world.

If you don't mind the cosmetics of the situation, you can mount these in arrays and use micro-wind generation of electricity from what is literally ubiquitous junk found everywhere!

With motors balanced on these kinds of ball bearings you could use different kinds of motion to generate current. For example, putting them with blades under a downspout so whenever water pours through it the blade spins. During a rainstorm you could charge your batteries just from the flow of water down a gutter!

We will be getting into all this in 2017. Vault-Co is about to get really good. Those of you who have been reading for a while are going to be pleasantly surprised at the change in direction and content that is coming. I am very interested in these kinds of technologies that turn junk into generators without monolithic wind turbines and huge rectifier boards, etc. They may seem tame individually but once you have a dozen wired together and working you're starting to talk some serious juice coming out to power a shelter or retreat which is itself designed along low voltage philosophies.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ping Pong Pegasus Room

Must be the keys to the kingdom in there, this guy really triggered this special snowflake.

Somebody stumbled onto the biggest piece of the puzzle - where does it actually happen? Apparently in a secret building next door which almost nobody knows exists.

Something much bigger than Jimmy Savile going on here. Much bigger. Huge. "I-Love-Infants" in French is rated one of the most powerful people in Washington D.C. by the mainsteam media with no explanation whatsoever why that is.

Sounds to me like "baby lover" is on the verge of cracking up. This could be really good if he goes bananas and starts getting reckless. A lot of people probably won't let that happen knowing what kind of damage he could do.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Slide Off Truck Bed, Reside

I find these homes really attractive because of the price, modular nature and ease of delivery.

Trying to talk my wife into a blockhouse consisting of two levels of these arranged in a square with a courtyard in the middle. In the courtyard, of course, the entrance to the next shelter. The next shelter is currently under construction and will be four corrugated steel pipes with 12 foot diameter arranged in an "H" configuration. Across the top of the courtyard will be a meshed steel ceiling that admits light and bumble bees but little else. We could grow one garden in the middle and still have room for a swimming pool, cabana and outdoor deck. The top level would have a guardrail with steel plates on the outside so you could use it as an observation deck accessible by staircase from the inside. We might also have a deck on the inside accessible from the second floor.

I tell her we could do this entire thing for less than $100,000 total all on a concrete foundation and we'd have an earthly paradise inside of it but would be securely protected from the outside world in every way. The solar panels and wind generator could go on the roof.

She looks at me askance but she is coming around slowly.

Slow Kill First To Mush'em Up, Followed By Hard Kill To Finish'em Off

Leaving a pristine planet changed into a verdant garden where the elite can play with their puppies.

They figure there are only 7 billion people standing between them and the earthly utopia. Pass the corn on the cob.

Too Late To Switch Back To Gold. Way Too Late.

There isn't enough gold on Earth to pay off the fantasy fun fiction farthings of the Federal Debt.

You could pour gold into the banks of the illuminated day and night for a century but it still would not be able to pay off what they claim you owe them. You know how a loan shark keeps accumulating interest on your debt no matter what you borrowed from him originally? Like that except on a global scale.

Friday, January 6, 2017

I'm a nut though

Talking my nuttiness nuttily.

I got people at work coming up to me with "You know I think we're headed for World War III! With nukes and everything! I ain't kidding!"

You don't say.

Well, luckily we will all die instantly. I mean, instant. No pain at all. This is totally true. Nukulur weapons just destroy the whole world in a poof and you just vanish in a bright light. Everywhere. This is what people think. So no worries.